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Albany RR300®

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The Albany RR300 is the most versatile high speed door on the market. This single product can be easily customized for a range of interior applications – high traffic areas, clean and hygienic spaces, high pressure zones and much more. Select from a variety of fabrics, window panel options and top roll cover materials to create the perfect, fast-opening door for your facility.

Optimize Limited Space

The Albany RR300 isolates distinct areas while improving the overall flow of business. This high performance door opens automatically and quickly at 80” per second, avoiding damage from forklift operators, and dirt and grime from bins and pallets. When the door is closed, a tight seal is formed around the entire perimeter of the door, helping to keep out debris and maintain separate temperatures where necessary.

The affordable Albany RR300 serves as the ideal barrier between separate spaces, with innovative features that outperform and outlast interior sectional doors or simple strip curtains. Easy, touchfree operation keeps traffic moving freely and helps to create a trouble-free work environment. Impressive safety features protect workers and products. The simple design, with minimal parts, and low-profile side frames, ensures gentle, quiet operations – and allows the Albany RR300 to be installed almost anywhere