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Security Grille Doors

Grilles designed for store fronts, shopping malls, and entranceways that require security with an open appearance.

Grille curtains are available in either aluminum or stainless steel to compliment any design aesthetic.

Alpine doors have been proven for use on thousands of installations for business and industry.


  • Ideal for Store Fronts and Shopping Malls
  • Provides Security While Maintaining an Open Appearance
  • Grille Curtains Are Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Constructed with Quality, Long Lasting Materials

The curtain is constructed with quality, long lasting materials. Available grille patterns include either the standard brick pattern or an optional straight pattern. Can be either manually or motor operated. The Mall-Dawn® includes a 24 gauge galvanized or paint-primed hood. Call the factory for additional locking options.

9" Straight Grille

Tubular Aluminum

Aluminum "F" Guide

9 inch straight grille Tubular aluminium

Cornell Iron Works, Inc. manufactures a variety of rolling service doors for service window openings, and includes models UL labeled for smoke and fire protection.

Cornell rolling service doors are designed to secure a variety of service window openings, such as those in cafeterias, stadiums and arenas; educational, hospitality and healthcare facilities; parks and other public spaces; and pharmacies, parts counters, display kiosks and concession stands. An assortment of models is available to suit different opening sizes and applications.

Cornell rolling service doors are offered standard in 22, 20 and 18 gauge galvanized steel. Stainless steel, 24 gauge steel and aluminum construction is also available. Doors are available with motor, chain, hand-crank or push-up operation according to project application. Construction of 20 cycles per day is standard; high cycle, fast acting and specific wind load construction designs are offered. Accessories available with all Cornell Rolling Service Doors include a choice of 3 different locking mechanisms; optional windows or curtain slats; bottom bar designs for sloping or irregular sills; removable mullions; selection of 200 powder coat colors; and a variety of weathering options.

  • Service Door - 2 models (Model ESD10 and Model ESD11) to accommodate different space and cost requirements
  • ScreenGard™ Door - Includes perforated 20 gauge steel slats to achieve visibility and ventilation
  • Graphics Door - Includes aesthetics, advertising or instructional graphics to 10' (3 m) on curtains or hoods
  • Matadoor® - Includes a breakaway curtain bottom section to prevent damage from accidents involving forklifts or other vehicles

Features, Advantages

  • Built to meet exact opening requirements
  • Models available with push-up, hand crank or motor operation
  • Compact curtain storage
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Wide variety of accessories and options available

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9 inch straight grille Tubular aluminium



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