Our showroom is something new this year. Ten years ago your choices were colors white, almond, Sandstone and brown and metal or wood. Well how times have changed you have several materials like wood, faux wood, fiberglass look like wood, metal to look like wood. Glass doors use to have four frame colors now you have over 4,000 color choices. Carriage style doors not only have one color but can get multi colored doors. While our showroom is not large by any stretch we are told by all manufacture reps that have over 500 garage door dealers in the United States and we are in the top 10 they have seen.

Glass Garage doors you can see the basic frame colors and the different types of glass inserts you can put in the doors.

Glass door Samples - Houston Overhead Doors

Faux Wood Doors –You can see the three different types of colors and the quality of the faux wood.

Faux wood doors - Houston Overhead Doors

Metal Doors to look like wood you can see the three different colors along with the four different styles.

Metal two tone - Houston Overhead doors

Carriage Style doors you can see the different types of styles along with some of the two tones.

Two Tone Metal Doors - Houston Overhead Doors  

Full doors –

We do have a couple full doors and will be adding more monthly.

Various doors - Houston Overhead doors  

If you walk out of here not feeling confident in your selection we may have installed your exact door you wanted and may be able to provide an address for you to drive by.

Our goal is to provide the best information we can for you and make sure you are confident in the garage door you pick. We understand that the garage door is going on your largest investment and we treat it that way.

We will work on getting the best samples we can for you.