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3 Reasons Springs Break and You Need the Help of a Houston Garage Door Repair Company

3 Reasons Springs Break and You Need the Help of a Houston Garage Door Repair Company

March 15, 2015

Did you know that the torsion springs installed by a Houston garage door repair company are the most important part of your garage door? The springs are essential to helping you open and close the garage door with ease. If one of the springs should break, you’d have to lift the entire weight of the garage door yourself and push it above your head – and that is a lot of work! There are a number of reasons why the torsion springs on a garage door might break, resulting in your need to call a Houston garage door repair company like Houston Overhead Garage Doors. The following is a look at the three most common reasons why garage door springs break. The Extreme Wear and Tear of Intense Use Garage door springs are built to last, but they are not built to last forever. The average manufacturer of a garage door spring builds the spring to last approximately 10,000 complete cycles (opening and closing of the door). Most garage door repair technicians see torsion springs that break simply because of wear and tear. The intense pressure they are put under day in and day out causes the springs to wear out and eventually lose their elasticity. When this happens, the springs snap and break, which causes you to be unable to open or close your garage door. The Spring Becomes Rusty Most of the time, rust buildup on a garage door spring will not break or snap the spring, but it can lead to other factors that cause the spring to break. Rust will weaken the spring. A weaken spring will eventually snap in half and break when it is put into use. Trying to Save Money by Not Using the Right Amount of Springs A properly installed garage door will have two separate torsion springs. There will be a spring on the left hand side and a spring on the right hand side. The use of two springs not only evens out the opening and closing of the garage door, but it prevents one spring from having to do all the work. Some homeowners try to save money when it comes to installing their garage door. They save money by only having one torsion spring installed. While this type of installation might work for smaller garages with roll up doors in Houston, it does not work for the average garage door used by most homeowners. Using the right amount of springs on a garage door will not only save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to purchase new springs constantly, but it helps prevent damage to the garage door. The use of one spring can cause the garage door to come crashing down unexpectedly, which can break or crack the door. Torsion springs can and will break. Our Houston garage door repair technicians at Houston Overhead Garage Doors can fix and repair any broken torsion spring for you and offer you tips on how to possibly prevent them from breaking in the future.


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