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3 Ways an Automatic Garage Door Opener Can Improve the Safety of Your Home

3 Ways an Automatic Garage Door Opener Can Improve the Safety of Your Home

March 23, 2015

An automatic garage door opener is not just a luxury gadget; it is a safety feature that can protect not only your home and personal belongings but you and your loved ones. The following is a look at how this helpful home gadget can help improve the safety of your home. Syncs Up with Lights to Brighten Dark Spaces No one likes to come home to a dark home. These automatic door openers can be programmed to sync up with the lights in your garage. When you arrive home and open the garage, the lights will automatically turn on and you are not left in the dark. If the door opener system that you choose does not have this feature, you may be able to use motion sensor lights. The lights can be placed in a way that will detect the motion of the garage door opening up. The detection of the motion will cause the lights to light up and create the bright space you need so you feel safer coming home at night. Securely Closes the Door if You Forget to Close It Sometimes you can be so busy and distracted that you forget the little things – like closing the garage door when you leave. Some garage door opener systems have a timer that will close the door after a certain period of time. This feature protects your personal belongings and your home, as it makes sure the garage is securely closed at all times. There are some door opening systems that do not come with a timer that you can program. However, there is a remote closure option. These door opening systems run on Wi-Fi. If you should forget to close the garage, all you have to do is use the system’s app and shut the door remotely via an Internet connection. Prevents the Garage Door from Closing Unexpectedly Garage doors that open manually can unexpectedly close without notice. If a child or car should be under it, the expected closing of the door could be disastrous. It could result in severe injury to a child or damage to a car. Automatic door opening systems can prevent the garage from closing unexpectedly. These systems have sensors that are installed at certain levels along the door. If the system detects movement or the presence of an object in the way, it will stop the door from closing and reopen the door. This prevents the garage door from smashing to the ground and causing bodily injury or damage to personal belongings. It might seem like having an automatic garage door opener installed is just a luxury, but it can prove helpful and even improve the safety of your home. Houston Overhead Garage Doors can help you find and install automatic opening systems on all types of garage doors, including wood garage doors in Houston.


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