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3 Ways Commercial Garage Doors Keep Food Safe

3 Ways Commercial Garage Doors Keep Food Safe

January 20, 2015

As part of the cold chain, temperature control and reducing the opportunity for air exchange should sit foremost on the mind. If temperatures rise, food borne pathogens spread quickly. Stop unnecessary air exchanges by recognizing these 3 potential hazards. Unsafe transport containers The Center for Disease Control (CDC) oversees the policies and procedures for safe food handling in the United States. A CDC study finds that one in six Americans become ill from a food borne pathogen every year. Outbreaks of food borne illnesses, investigations find, often begin on the farm where food handlers do not wash their hands and the infected product goes in an open crate then to cold transport. The product warms in the crate and begins dripping water infected with the bacteria on the floor. This moisture then moves to other product and continues to spread. The spread of bacteria in under-cooled storage can cause epidemic scale illness. Air exchanges in cold storage can cause bacteria to grow and stopping this starts with the commercial garage doors separating cold from warm. Inconsistent temperature monitoring Outbreaks of salmonella and other food borne pathogens caused by products stored in temperatures above the FDAs guidelines should never happen. Maintaining constant temperatures inside cold storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Systems for temperature monitoring can record hourly temperatures and sound alarms to warn when the room reaches a preset temperature or workers can physically check the temperatures several times a day. When the temperature rises, check the inspection logs for patterns like the opening and closing of doors for shipping or receiving when the fluctuations happened. If the temperatures continue to rise, inspect the overhead garage doors for damage like loose seals or slides coming out of their tracks. Immediately call for garage door repair and we will have the temperatures back to normal quickly. Overhead door air leaks Air exchanges caused by old, slow overhead doors need replaced. Modern, high-speed doors keep air exchanges to the minimum and save on energy costs, too. Food service inspectors who find unsanitary conditions in cold storage facilities can fine or close Houston businesses. Cold storage rooms with separate sections for products that need stored in different temperatures and high speed commercial garage doors keep food the public eats safe from harmful bacteria. Our company installs FasTrax Series High Performance Doors. FasTrax doors are the fastest in the industry (100” per second) and fit almost any space. We can match these high performance doors to almost any interior and reduce air exchange significantly. Replace old, slow commercial garage doors with these fast, easy to maintain high-speed doors.


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