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The Benefits and Beauty of Wood Garage Doors Houston

The Benefits and Beauty of Wood Garage Doors Houston

December 07, 2012

Written by: Matt Davis

Curb appeal usually refers to the overall attractiveness of your home to a potential buyer. Normally used by real estate agents to influence a sale, it is actually more important to you as an owner who cares about appearances. The façade of your home reflects your understanding of how architectural features affect design. Your choice to use Wood Garage Doors in Houston can add a sophisticated quality to the overall appearance of your home. A garage door usually occupies a large percentage of the front view of a home, adding to the importance of selecting one that is safe as well as visually appealing. Wood Garage Doors Houston remains a popular choice of today’s discerning Houston homeowners, who appreciate its durability and unique beauty. Adaptability to Architectural Design Wood garage doors have an advantage in meeting your preferences for shape, size and specifications. A custom designer can work with you to find what you like. Accommodations are available to fit dimensions that are larger than average or floors that are sloped. The adaptability of custom-built garage doors ensures that they complement your architectural style. Wood garage doors in Houston are especially suited for homes that use natural materials on the façade. The visual accent of wood doors with an exterior finish of stone, brick, cedar or board siding is pleasing to the eye. Colonial homes can use wood doors to enhance the architecture of ornately designed structures. Practicality and Longevity The alternatives to wood are doors that are made of steel, aluminum, vinyl or a composite of different materials. Wood performs in a far superior manner to other materials. Cracks and dents do not appear on a wood door from ordinary use. Your children can bounce a ball off the door without damaging it in any way. A car bumper that rolls gently into a wood door does not leave a dent or a scratch. Any panel or portion of a door is replaceable, and you do not have to replace the entire door. Using Renewable Resources As an environmentally conscious homeowner, you need not have concerns about depleting the nation’s forests. The Department of Agriculture projects that forests today are the equivalent of about 70 percent of their size in 1630. Active forestry management practices now replace trees to maintain wood as a sustainable resource. Layered Doors Offer Choices Price is often a factor when you select a garage door, but you have other factors to consider as well. The most popular design has a single layer that is either a solid piece or a framework that holds panels. Insulation is included in a door that has two layers, providing some soundproofing and energy efficiency. Three-layer doors use wood for the exterior and interior with a layer of insulation in between. The number of layers included in the construction process affects the price significantly. Wood serves as a natural sound barrier and insulator, and enhancements make it even more effective. Finishes for Lasting Beauty You have options for painting or sealing wood doors that protect the wood and extend its life. Inexpensive woods like pine, spruce and fir may need a coating of paint, but cedar or redwood are attractive with clear stains that reveal their grain. The care that you give to maintaining your garage door can enhance its appearance for many years.


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