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Garage Door Repair in Houston Doesn’t Have to be a Panic

Garage Door Repair in Houston Doesn’t Have to be a Panic

July 21, 2014

Overhead garage door repair can be extremely frustrating, especially when the repair is needed right away as a result of a sudden break, and everything inside needs to be protected from intrusion. Garage doors are highly mechanized systems today with newer designs being released each year. Even the simplest designs that are installed in residential homes require a technical knowledge and understanding of how the parts fit together. These are not projects someone can simply fix with a basic plumber’s wrench and a set of sockets. Just the tension springs alone that allow a basic garage door system to work and hold the weight of the door have to be adjusted with specialized tools. Further, each of the parts has a sequence of assembly and connection. Repairs often require the disassembly of some parts to get to the problem component. Without knowing how to re-assemble the deconstructed pieces, a home amateur job could end up making the repair a lot worse, still leaving the facility with a broken garage door as well. It’s not worth the potential headache. And garage doors on their own without a counter-weight are not easy to move with a basic push-pull effort. Even homeowner garage doors are extremely heavy and dangerous to operate without the counter-weight mechanism in place and operating correctly. The speed at which an overhead door can come down on its tracks is immediate, potentially hurting someone in the wrong place and the wrong time. So facility and bay garage door repair is a necessity, especially in a commercial environment where worker safety is an employer requirement. As a result, Houston garage door repair can and should be handled by one of the region’s most experienced companies and their technicians on garage door work, Houston Overhead Door. Their combined technician experience spans decades of know-how, especially with the mechanical assembly of garage door systems, from basic residential doors to the highly-modernized commercial door systems using hydraulics and similar power generation for heavy door movement. There’s probably not a door system in Houston that the company’s staff have not seen or worked on in some form or manner. So if you suddenly find your facility or building in need of a garage door repair because a panel has come off its hinges, a spring break occurred, or the door opening and lifting system has suddenly jammed up, connecting with Houston Overhead Door is probably the fastest way to get everything back to status quo as quickly as possible. This can be particularly critical if you have valuable equipment or assets exposed to an open garage bay as a result of the problem. So don’t wait.


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