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Where to Go for Fire Rated Doors Houston

Where to Go for Fire Rated Doors Houston

June 07, 2010

When you need fire rated doors Houston, where do you go? While there are many companies that offer these types of doors, none of them have the experience and the training of the technicians at Houston Overhead Garage Doors. We know that many businesses are required by law to have fire rated doors. Fire rated doors will help to contain a fire or keep it from spreading to specific rooms for a specified amount of time. They act as a safety net against smoke and flames when your business experiences a fire. The doors are rated depending on the amount of time that it will take for each door to catch fire when flames are evident. Some fire rated doors offer a 20 minute window while others can be as long as 180 minutes. That gives you three hours to ensure that everyone in your business is safely outside. Fire rated doors are also specifically designed to close automatically whenever a fire does break out and reaches a specific temperature. In short, these doors can help to ensure that people inside your business are safe. You will have the opportunity to get your employees safely out of harm’s way before fire reaches them. At Houston Overhead Garage Doors, our service technicians are trained to install fire rated doors. They are kept current on the latest technology involving these doors and can quickly and easily install your doors, providing the safety that you need for your business and your employees. To read more about fire rated doors Houston, visit us at: Bookmark and Share


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