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Why an Overhead Door Makes Sense for Commercial Garage Doors

Why an Overhead Door Makes Sense for Commercial Garage Doors

June 12, 2013

Overhead doors are specially designed doors that roll on vertical tracks, allowing the door to slide up and out of the way when opened. Overhead commercial garage doors are used to provide a combination of space-saving convenience and ease of operation. How Do Overhead Doors Work? Overhead doors are made from a series of horizontally aligned panels connected by hinges. This panel configuration enables the door to bend while rolling up or down. The sides of the door panels are fitted with small rollers that rest in tracks. The door is raised and lowered by sliding along the tracks. Overhead doors can be opened manually by lifting a handle, pulling a chain or operating a rolling crank device. Automatic openers may also be installed that operate when a fixed button is pressed or via remote controller. In order to close the door in the event of a power outage, all automatic doors are also equipped with a manual override system. Overhead garage doors made from thin, narrow panels can be rolled into a coil, but the most common method of operation is for the door panels to roll into a position parallel to the ceiling along extensions of the tracks. Overhead commercial garage doors are usually used on openings larger than a standard doorway but can be installed on any size door opening. Although the process is more complicated than on standard doors, exterior overhead doors can be fitted with locks and security alarms to prevent unauthorized entry and protect property. What Are the Advantages of Overhead Doors? Overhead doors offer the ability to easily open a wide doorway to allow movement of standard vehicles, large trucks, heavy equipment and personnel without wasting valuable space inside the building. Exterior space around the building is also saved by using an overhead door rather than a large door that opens to the outside, where it may block windows, other doors, company signs and advertising materials. Overhead doors cannot blow shut in heavy winds. The multiple options for operating an overhead garage door make them easy for anyone to open and close. Can Overhead Doors Be Customized? Each overhead door is custom manufactured to fit the intended opening. Overhead garage doors can be finished to match the exterior of any building and come in a range of styles from utilitarian to architectural. The door panels are manufactured from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood. Glass windows can be added to create an open effect. Decorative hinges, handles or signage can also be added. Depending upon the application, overhead garage doors can be fully insulated and many are made from recycled materials. Is an Overhead Door Right for My Business? Overhead doors are a great choice for businesses. Automobile repair shops, warehouses, shipping and receiving hubs, factories, retail stores and many other types of business can benefit from the installation of convenient overhead doors. Overhead garage doors make receiving large deliveries easy and can facilitate access to a building into which vehicles drive. Warehouse and shipping businesses can get small and large equipment in and out of a building easily using overhead doors. On the surface, overhead garage doors may not sound like an attractive design option, but with so many different styles, colors and finishes, an overhead door is available that can promote easy access to any building while simultaneously complementing any construction style.  


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