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Preventing Garage Fires And Using Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors

Preventing Garage Fires And Using Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors

October 28, 2014

Commercial businesses everywhere want to have the best commercial garage doors for their buildings to keep their warehouses and factories secure while obtaining local deliveries and moving merchandise on shelves. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time in the garage. Spilled gasoline from forklifts and other equipment, oil from dripping machinery, electrical projects and boilers for business operations can cause a fire in a moment’s time. Prevent dangerous garage fires so your operations are not affected by engaging in smart garage practices and investing in fire-rated equipment. Here are a few fire protection tips offered by us here at Houston Overhead Door.

Service Machinery And Equipment Regularly

Spilled gasoline, oil and other chemicals from machinery can be prevented by servicing the equipment and stopping leaks. Have a regular maintenance schedule available for your equipment and vehicles as all repairs should be performed by a professional. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent the chance of a spark lighting the fluid.

Place Flammable Liquids In Recommended Containers In A Safe Area

Never place flammable liquids and other products in containers that are not recommended for them. The liquids may deteriorate the material used to make the container, creating leaks that can catch fire. Only place these liquids in required flame-resistant containers that are properly labeled to indicate what type of fluid is inside them. Also, store containers at a secure location in the garage. Never place flammable liquids near commercial garage doors where the liquid could catch fire and prevent people from exiting out of the building. Most flammable materials should be stored in a dry, cool location away from heat sources.

Ensure Workers Can Exit Through Garage Doors In Case Of Fire

Over 6,000 fires happen in home garages yearly. This figure doesn’t mean that fires can’t happen in a commercial garage which could lead to serious injury or death of workers. If there is an emergency caused by fire, you want to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your building and keep it contained in the garage. You can purchase a garage door opener and fire-rated commercial garage doors that allow for workers to exit safely as well as contain the fire until the fire department arrives. The opener should have several fail-safe motor operations as well as a manual system. The garage door and opener should be reliable, easy to install and easy to service to keep it functioning properly when you need it the most.

Keep Your Commercial Garage Secure From Fire

The best way to reduce the likelihood of fires is to engage in prevention methods to reduce the chances of a fire occurring. Minimizing dangers and risks in the commercial garage will ensure that operations run optimally and the rest of your buildings are safe. So look into the right garage door and opener solutions to reduce fires and injuries happening at your commercial business.


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