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Six Reasons to Avoid Delaying Garage Door Repair

Six Reasons to Avoid Delaying Garage Door Repair

July 06, 2016

A broken garage door isn’t something a homeowner wants to deal with. Even if you don’t have the time to repair your garage door, it is imperative to do so as quickly as possible. Not only does a broken garage door present a safety risk, it is a security risk, too. It may also result in you facing fines from code enforcement officials and your homeowners’ association (HOA) because its appearance. The only way you can avoid these issues is to have the garage door repair completed right away.

1. Safety Risks

Your safety and your family’s safety is a top priority. A broken garage door can pose a safety threat to your family. It can even be unsafe for visitors to your home, which poses a liability issue that could lead to a personal injury or premises liability claim. Think about how dangerous a problem with one of the garage door springs could be. The springs on a garage door are under tension. If one of them is damaged and breaks, it could lead to serious injuries. Only a trained professional should adjust or replace the springs on the garage door, according to the International Door Association. Another example concerns the hinges on the garage door. If they are broken or weak, it could lead to the garage door coming off of its tracks, which could result in it falling and striking someone. Even minor issues with your garage door could lead to safety issues. A minor issue can weaken the garage door and the track in a way that makes the door unstable. An unstable garage door could injure a person or damage property. Can you imagine having to pay medical bills because of an injury or having to fix your vehicle because of damage caused by an unstable garage door? By simply fixing your garage door once a problem occurs, you are choosing the more cost-effective option.

2. Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Fines

If your home is in an area with a HOA, you don’t want to pay the fines it imposes on you because of a broken garage door. You might be able to skate past the fines and warnings if the part of the garage door that is broken isn’t visible from the exterior of your home, but there is a chance that the issue might be noticeable.

3. Code Enforcement

Most municipalities have ordinances that govern various aspects of homes in the area. Generally, homes can’t appear dilapidated. A broken garage door that is obvious from the exterior of your home might catch the eye of a code enforcement official and could result in a citation or fine. In some areas, you have a specific amount of time to fix the issue before you end up with more fines and citations. It is much better option to fix the issue before the municipality gets involved.
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4. Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of a home is something most people take pride in. If you have a well manicured yard and nice landscaping, you don’t want a broken garage door to become the focal point of your home. Even if the garage door is only slightly off, it can still take away from the overall appearance of your home. If any of your neighbors are selling their home or if you are considering putting it on the market, curb appeal is a huge factor. A home that looks unkempt could mean that your neighbors, or you, don’t get the price you’re looking for when you decide to sell. Don’t let your garage door be the reason for lowered property values in the area.

5. Convenience

Let’s face it — you count on your garage door to be fully functional. The convenience of being able to open the door remotely or even manually is a huge bonus. Wrestling with a garage door that isn’t working properly can take time away from other things that are more productive. Think about what might happen if you spend too much time fighting with a broken garage door and end up getting to work late.

6. Security

A garage door is an extra layer of home security. If you come home late at night, being able to open and close the garage door quickly can help you to remain safe as you enter the house. If the garage door is unable to be closed and locked in a normal manner, the items that you have inside of the garage are left vulnerable to theft. Simply getting the garage door fixed right away could mean you don’t have to replace items like bicycles and lawn care equipment that you keep in your garage. When you are trying to find a company to complete your garage door repair job, hire one that has experience. The garage door repair should be handled professionally and swiftly so you can get back to your daily activities without delay.
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