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How to Know When You Need Garage Door Repair

How to Know When You Need Garage Door Repair

November 13, 2018

Your overhead garage door is critical, allowing you to access your garage, park your vehicles and protect your property and belongings. Learn the warning signs indicating your garage door will require maintenance soon to ensure it continues working.

Signs You Need Overhead Garage Door Repair

While several signs indicate you require immediate garage door repair, others can be much more subtle. Keep an eye out for these signals that your overhead doors could require maintenance:

1. Abnormal Noise

Garage doors make noise when moving, but popping, rumbling, grinding, banging and grating are unusual. Issues could include a problem with the torsion springs, doors dragging against the track or misaligned doors.

2. Slow Movement

If your garage door opens or closes slower than before, there is likely an issue causing it to behave that way. Parts, such as the hinges, tracks or rollers, may be due for lubrication. The problem could also be related to the door’s age or how it is programmed.

3. Inability to Open or Close

Overhead doors that don’t open or close could be experiencing one of many problems. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Broken or disengaged cables
  • Malfunctioning garage door opener
  • Garage door off the tracks
  • Damaged torsion springs

Whether your door is stuck open or closed or moves part way and then reverses, the inconvenience is often caused by one of these issues.

4. Damaged or Broken Panels

Garage door panels that break or start to rot can cause the door to stop working properly. Damage often occurs due to general wear and tear, but extreme weather and sunlight can also play a role. Whether you bumped into the overhead door with your car or discovered decay, you’ll want to schedule repairs quickly.

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