Do you need a fire-rated garage door for your business? You almost certainly do, and if your company is in the Houston area, you can find all the fire-rated garage doors you need at Halo Overhead Doors, including fire-rated rolling doors that are high speed and made of steel. We have an incredible selection of Clopay® fire-rated doors for you to choose from for the security of your business.

Do I Need a Fire-Rated Garage Door?

To answer that question, it’s important to understand what a fire-rated garage door is. A fire-rated garage door is a commercial door that has been UL-listed as resistant to a fire breach for several hours. These doors are designed to close in the event of a fire to localize the fire and smoke and prevent it from spreading.

You will definitely want overhead fire-rated doors in your commercial facility for many reasons. First and foremost, your local or state commercial building ordinances may require it. If you do not have sufficient fire safety measures in place to keep your business up to code, your company may be shut down, and fire-rated doors may be a part of those measures.

Equally as important is the safety of you, your staff and your company’s assets. Fire can spread through a business quickly and cause a tremendous amount of damage before local emergency personnel even know there has been an incident. Adequately installed fire doors as part of a professional floor design will cut off the fire from the people and valuable property that may be inside the building, allowing everyone to escape safely and protecting your property and inventory from harm until help arrives.

While some managers balk at the idea of laying out money for the expense of a fire door, they pay for themselves — and then some — if you do have a fire.

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Halo Overhead Doors is proud to offer a full line of fire-rated Clopay® doors for businesses in the Houston area. These doors provide the same high levels of style and quality as you are accustomed to in Clopay® doors, with the added protection of secure fire resistance.

That includes commercial rolling steel fire-rated counter doors that are UL, FM and ULC labeled with up to 3 hours of constant fire protection. Having a fire-resistant roll down door that slams down at the first sign of a fire, preventing any of that fire from getting into your stock, can be an invaluable addition to your business.

Your business deserves quality and protection, and at Halo Overhead Doors, we’re honored to provide it. Whether you’ve ordered garage doors from us before or you’re new to the Halo Overhead Doors family, we’ll treat your business and garage door needs with the same high level of dedication and customer service that has made us a leader in garage door services in Houston for more than 25 years. For a free estimate on Clopay® fire-rated doors from Halo, give us a call at (713) 224-3667 or contact us today.