There’s something about a wooden garage door that makes them unlike any other. There’s a reason there are faux wood finishes, wood composites and other ways products try to capture the look and feel of wood. A wood garage door has an authentic air to it, a natural feeling no other material can match. To serve your needs and your love of the look and feel of wood, Halo Overhead Doors has many wood-based offerings for garage doors for you to choose from.

Wood vs. Faux Wood

What do we mean when we talk about a faux wood door? How is it different from a wood door?

Faux wood doors are steel doors, but with wood features. These are doors that have a steel core but may have wood cladding and overlays. The result is that the outer shell of the door is primarily wood, with a wood look and feel, but the inside is steel, and your door has the durability and toughness that implies. A real wood door is a natural wood through and through.

Wood and Faux Wood Clopay® Doors

Wood and faux wood doors in the Clopay® line that we at Halo Overhead Doors offer include:

  • CLASSIC™ Wood Collection:

     These are wood, raised-panel doors in the style of Clopay’s CLASSIC™ steel doors. They come in handcrafted hemlock, redwood and cedar, and the natural wood truly brings out the raised panel design.

  • CANYON RIDGE® Collection:

     If the idea of getting the best of both worlds when it comes to a garage door with a faux wood door appeals to you, we present to you the Clopay CANYON RIDGE Collection. These are insulated carriage house doors that have all the strength, durability and energy-efficiency of a modern steel door with Intellicore® polystyrene insulation while featuring faux wood composite cladding and overlays. The effect is a garage door that fits in seamlessly with any vintage home that has maintenance requirements and durability more in line with a steel door.

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Whether it’s a faux wood door you’re after, or you want to go all the way with a natural wood door, Halo Overhead Doors can help. If you’re looking for a garage door in or around Houston, come down to our enormous showroom to look at and feel samples of some of the many quality Clopay wood and faux wood doors we can offer you. To find out more right now, call us at (281) 783-3338 or get in touch with us online.