Having reliable, hurricane-resistant garage doors in Texas is a top priority when investing in a new product. You want to ensure that your doors can withstand demanding weather conditions and protect valuable assets you have inside.

What Is the Texas WindCode?

The Texas WindCode measures the wind resistance capabilities of a structure based on numeric ratings. After hurricanes devastated homes and commercial facilities in past decades, building codes became more strict to ensure increased safety even under severe winds. Many modern building codes require structures to meet specific standards to withstand hurricane-level winds and other harsh weather conditions.

Hurricane-resistant garage doors meet these standards with new structural techniques without supports and beams to withstand heavy winds. Innovations have led to new door systems requiring a secure, wind-resistant lock to hold the doors closed until after the storm.

To ensure reliability in severe weather, trusted manufacturer Clopay® uses rigorous testing to ensure garage door weather locks can withstand hurricane winds. The testing process includes positive pressure, such as wind blowing against the door, and negative pressure, which is the sucking pressure that pulls against your door during a storm.

Why Is the WindCode Important?

In the Houston area, commercial and residential properties face the risk of severe weather events. Having proper protection is critical to protect assets, homes and business facilities. High-speed winds can create positive and negative pressure against your garage door, which can pull it out without adequate reinforcement. If this situation occurs, the entire building could be compromised, as increased pressure and strain on the roof and walls could cause them to give way.

WindCode ratings have rigorous operating standards to help protect properties from these risks. With increased reinforcement and secure locks, these doors can withstand extreme wind speeds and severe weather while safeguarding the rest of the building.

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At Halo Overhead Door, we put your safety first, and we’re committed to providing trusted solutions for your garage doors. We offer an extensive selection of hurricane impact glass garage doors for our Houston clients to help you stay safe in wide-ranging weather conditions. With an intuitive locking mechanism, our hurricane-proof garage doors offer a convenient and secure way to protect your Houston property.

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