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Genie Garage Door Openers in Houston

Manual garage doors are a hassle of the past, but today’s homeowner often takes a reliable, functional garage door and opener for granted — That’s why you need high quality, innovative garage door opener products when your opener machine no longer makes the cut. By choosing the right opener, your home will become more efficient, convenient and safe. 

At Halo Overhead Doors, we offer a huge selection of premium Genie garage door openers for homeowners throughout the greater Houston area. Nothing can compare to the simplicity, security and modern performance you’ll experience with a new Genie door opener from Halo Overhead Doors. 

Reliable Garage Door Openers

Halo Overhead Doors offers the widest selection of Genie garage door openers for your garage. Genie has an unrivaled reputation for quality and dependability when it comes to new garage door opener installations, so when you’re needing to replace your machine, Genie is your best option. While you could choose a basic machine, with the latest belt, chain, or screw drive Genie models, you make a solid decision to promote the comfort, ease and security of your home. 

With a new Genie garage door opener from Halo Overhead Doors, you’ll find a variety of features and upgrades to suit your household’s lifestyle and needs, including:

  • Battery backup capabilities
  • Intellicode door security with rolling opener codes
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Aladdin Connect for continuous smartphone monitoring and control 
  • HomeLink and Car2U compatibility

Along with our large inventory of opener products, we offer complete installation service to ensure your door is operating and running smoothly and safely for years to come. Our trained and experienced team offers efficient and comprehensive Genie installation solutions. For every project, we use the highest quality tools for proper installation and work with you throughout the process to answer any questions you may have about your new system 

High-Power Garage Door Openers

Last time you opened your garage door, was it slower than usual and accompanied by loud rattling sounds? Older or poor quality garage door openers may reliably lift and lower your door, but you should still consider upgrading your opener machine to the latest models offered by Genie. In addition to featuring a wide variety of modern convenience benefits, the latest Genie garage door openers are built for high-power, long-term functionality. 

All of the Genie garage door openers available at Halo Overhead Doors are constructed with the highest quality, ultra-powerful DC motors boasting high power and incredibly quiet operations. With these durable, dependable and powerful door openers, you’ll see why Genie sets the standard for optimal garage door performance. 

When You Need Quality Genie Garage Door Openers, Contact Halo Overhead Doors

At Halo Overhead Doors, we’re dedicated to providing Houston-area residents with personalized, helpful experience, superior products and complete garage door opener installation services. We work closely with all of our local customers and offer guidance and recommendations to find the appropriate Genie opener products to fit your household’s daily needs, budget and long-term expectations. To learn more about our Genie residential garage door openers,  call us today at 713-224-3667 or fill out our online contact form to request a free opener installation quote.

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