A Guide to Overhead Door Repair in Houston

Overhead Door Repair in Houston

If you need commercial overhead door service or repair and your business is in the Houston area, Halo Overhead Doors is ready to serve youWe sell, install, replace and repair everything from commercial sectional overhead doors to counter shutters, security grilles, roll-up sheet doors, fire doors and more. We are a family-owned overhead door company with a history dating back over 25 years. Our team has the knowledge and experience to handle all your commercial overhead door service needs.

Common Commercial Overhead Door Repairs

If your overhead door is experiencing failure, or you’re noticing jerky movement, stalling or unusual noises, it’s time to take a closer look. Here are five of the most common commercial garage door repairs you might need.
Common Commercial Overhead Door Repair
  • Damaged rollers: The rollers are wheels attached to each panel of the garage door to help it glide along the tracks. They are usually metal or nylon. Plastic and nylon rollers may wear down with time, making them smaller and more likely to pop off the track. Metal rollers are subject to rust. Damaged rollers will need replacement.
  • Broken torsion spring: Some garages have a torsion spring, which you’ll find horizontally above the door. The spring uses tension to lift the door up and down. They usually last 10,000 cycles, with each cycle being one up-and-down movement. Torsion springs can also rust, especially in humid conditions. A broken torsion spring can be dangerous if not repaired quickly, so call us immediately if you notice problems with the torsion spring.
  • Damaged cables: Your garage will operate using either torsion or extension springs. If you have a torsion spring, a broken cable means the door will not move. If you have extension springs, which are on the horizontal part of the track, the cables are an added safety feature. If you have a torsion-spring garage, listen for squeaks and look for shaking, which can indicate damage. If you have extension springs, inspect the cable for fraying, rust or pinching. If you find damaged cables, have them replaced.
  • Misalignment: Your garage door travels up and down by moving along the metal tracks on either side. If the tracks become misaligned, dented or bent, the door may not be able to move up and down. If you catch the problem early, you can usually have the tracks straightened out by a professional. If it goes unfixed, you may end up replacing the entire door.
  • Panel damage: The panels of the overhead door can become damaged after heavy impacts. If only one or two panels have become damaged, you can have them replaced. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the entire door.

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance Tips

If your door doesn’t need repairs, preventive maintenance can extend its lifespan. Protect your doors and help them continue to function by inspecting the door and performing regular upkeep. You may be able to avoid an extensive commercial overhead door repair down the line.

  • Clean the tracks: Ensure the metal tracks are free of rust, grime and debris to keep your rollers gliding smoothly. Clean out any dirt with a dry cloth. While you’re cleaning it, check that the vertical track is plumb using a level. You may be able to fix minor dents. Call a professional if you see any major misalignment in the tracks.
  • Lubricate moving parts: Lubricate metal rollers, hinges and springs every two to six months. Spray all metal parts with a silicone-based lubricant, and wipe off any excess liquid. You can also check for metal filings, which can indicate an issue.
  • Inspect pulleys and cables: While you shouldn’t touch your cables yourself, you can inspect them for broken strands. Also, check that pulleys are functioning correctly.
  • Tighten loose bolts: Repetitive up-and-down movement can loosen your garage door’s bolts over time. Check the track brackets for any loose bolts, as well as the bolts holding the opener unit in place. You can tighten any loose bolts with a socket wrench.
  • Test the balance: While you may not notice right away, an unbalanced door forces your opener to work harder and eventually causes damage. To test the counterbalance, disengage the door from the opener while it is closed. Lift the door halfway open. The door should stay open on its own when it’s partially or fully open. Any issues can mean a problem with the springs.
  • Get regular tune-ups: Professional garage door maintenance from Halo Overhead Doors can take care of your entire inspection. We can’t guarantee that our maintenance programs will mean you never have to call us for garage door repair. Still, we can take steps to extend the life of your commercial overhead door and pinpoint small problems before they become major, time-consuming, expensive ones.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors We Repair in Houston

If you’re starting a business or setting up a new facility and need reliable commercial overhead door installation or repair, you need Halo Overhead Doors. We have experts specially trained in repairing and maintaining all kinds of commercial doors, including roll-up sheet doors, overhead sectional doors, full-view architectural doors and more.

Here is a complete list of commercial garage doors we can repair or replace:

  • Rolling steel doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Security grille doors
  • Warehouse doors
  • Counter shutter doors
  • Storage unit doors
  • Fire doors

Commercial Overhead Door FAQ

Commercial overhead doors have different specifications and maintenance needs than residential garage doors. Here are some of the more common questions we get from commercial garage door owners.

What Are the Standard Overhead Door Sizes?

Commercial garage doors are typically wider than standard residential garage doors. Clopay’s commercial garage doors are available in two-inch increments, from 4′ 2″ to 36′ 2″ wide. You can find doors as short as four feet and as high as 26 feet. The smaller sizes usually serve as counter shutters or storage unit doors. You’ll need larger doors for commercial vehicles or machinery.

If you need a custom-sized garage door, reach out to us to discuss options.

How Often Should You Do Maintenance on Commercial Overhead Doors?

At a minimum, you should inspect your garage door once annually. If the overhead doors cycle one or two times a day, performing maintenance once a year should be enough.
How Often Should You Do Maintenance on Commercial Overhead Doors
You should increase the frequency of inspections to once a quarter if you use the overhead doors more oftenIf your doors are prone to wear from impacts with machinery, you may also want to have them inspected once a quarterIf you’re in a high-risk area, your doors may be subject to tampering, which can warrant quarterly inspections, too.
You can also perform some preventive maintenance, such as lubricating the rollers and hinges, once a month.

How Do You Measure Overhead Doors?

If you’re looking to replace or install an overhead garage door, you’ll need to measure the size of the rough opening. For a finished doorway, the size of the opening will be equal to the size of the door you need. You’ll also need to ensure you have room for the hardware and for the door in its open position. 

There are four steps for measuring a commercial garage door.

  1. Measure the height and width of the opening, in feet and inches.
  2. Measure the sideroom for the vertical track. You need at least 3-3/4 inches on either side.
  3. Measure the headroom, which is the vertical wall space between the top of the door and ceiling.  For an extension spring, you’ll need at least 10 inches. For torsion springs, you’ll need 12 inches.
  4. Measure the backroom. Your ceiling needs enough clearance to fit the door, plus 18 inches.
If you don’t have enough headroom or backroom, you can use an alternative configuration so your garage door can operate properly. Contact Halo Overhead Doors to discuss your options.

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