When it comes to modern garage doors, the key word is glass. Many of today’s modern garage doors, ones that are well-suited for contemporary and mid-century modern homes, are characterized by their large, attractive glass panels. These are robust, damage-resistant glass panels that are customizable to give you the perfect modern look for your home and style, whether you’re looking for full-view garage doors or ones that are more obscure.

Halo Overhead Doors can provide you with all the custom glass options you want on beautiful Clopay® garage doors in the Houston area. If the idea of a modern glass garage door sounds interesting to you, read on.

Glass Garage Doors: Privacy vs. Transparency

A typical modern garage door will have multiple rows of glass windows in an aluminum or other steel frame. The question is what kind of glass to put in those windows. You will have to make a choice somewhere on the spectrum of transparency to privacy. How much light do you want to allow into or out of your garage, and how comfortable are you with people outside being able to see into your garage?

Your choice can take you all the way from a clear glass — allowing others to see in but giving you the full benefit of the sun during the day and indoor garage lights guiding you home at night — to utterly obscure glass that allows no one to see in but allows little light in, as well. Some take the privacy notion to the next level and replace the glass entirely, with wood paneling, for example.

The AVANTE® Collection

When it comes to modern glass garage doors, the AVANTE® Collection is the jewel of the Clopay® inventory. Everything about this glass garage door says modern, from its sturdy, attractive aluminum frame to its large, inviting glass panels.

You can choose several different colors to make your door’s aluminum frame stand out, ranging from Clear Aluminum or Standard White to Bronze, Chocolate, Black and even an Ultra-Grain cherry wood finish. Your biggest decision, however, will be what kind of glass you want to use to fill those panels. Remember, you are thinking about privacy vs. transparency, and can choose everything from clear or tinted glass to mirrored, obscure, frosted or even laminate glass.

Some opt for acrylic or polygal panels instead of traditional glass, and those who want the full privacy option can choose anodized aluminum panels or Ultra-Grain cherry wood panels instead.

Halo Overhead Doors Has the Glass Garage Doors You’re Looking for in the Houston Area

Halo Overhead Doors is ready to help you design your perfect Clopay® glass door. We love to help our local garage door owners customize the ideal modern door to fit their needs. If you can see a modern glass garage door on your home, let us help you make it a reality. Give us a call at (281) 783-3338 or contact us online for a free estimate now.