Do you have a Spanish-style home in the Houston area? If you do — or if you just like the look of Spanish-style garage doors, also known as Mediterranean style garage doors — you’re in luck. Halo Overhead Doors has a variety of fantastic Mediterranean garage door styles to choose from. These are Clopay® doors that have a reputation for durability, quality and style, and we’re sure one of them could be just what you’re looking for in a new garage door.

What Is a Mediterranean Style Garage Type?

So what exactly does a Mediterranean-style garage door mean? If your home has a villa or Spanish-style, then Mediterranean-style or Spanish-style garage doors will go nicely with it. These are garage doors with 16th-century Mediterranean architectural features that bring to mind Italian villas, Spanish castles and simpler times.

If you like the look of this type of door but don’t have a traditional Spanish-style home, you may still find one that suits you. Feel free to use the Clopay® Door Imagination System to visualize how a Mediterranean-style garage door will look on your home.

Quality Clopay® garage doors in the Mediterranean style you’ll find at Halo Overhead Doors include:

  • The CANYON RIDGE® Collection:

     The beautiful thing about the CANYON RIDGE® Collection of doors is that they have an elegant look created by faux wood composite cladding and overlays that fits perfectly with Spanish-style décor. Meanwhile, it’s hiding an Intellicore® insulated steel base that’s energy-efficient, impact-resistant, durable and low-maintenance. The CANYON RIDGE® Collection LIMITED EDITION Series is a carriage house-style door with a genuine swing-out door appearance but is, in reality, a convenient modern door with standard overhead operation.

Canyon Ridge® Carriage House (5-Layer) garage doors

  • RESERVE WOOD® Collection:

     Composite doors are genuinely fantastic, but for some, only natural wood will do. A classic home deserves a traditional door, and the Clopay® RESERVE WOOD® Collection of authentic carriage house-style doors provide just that. A handcrafted, insulated door with four or five-layer construction offers strength, beauty and energy-efficiency, with eight carriage house designs and your choice of rich, beautiful, quality woods, including Cedar, Redwood, Fir and Meranti. Choose paint or stain-grade wood, with seven popular stains available along with a variety of design options to customize your door.

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These are some of the most beautiful doors manufactured by a company that specializes in beautiful doors. We’d love for you to come down to our enormous showroom and take a look at some of these classic doors up close for yourself so you can get an accurate feel for how incredibly they can complete the décor of your home.

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