If you’re looking for a new garage door, the first thing you have to know is the different types of garage doors. There are many styles to choose from, and most homeowners will decide based on the kind of home they have, their style, the characteristics prevalent in their neighborhood or a combination of these.

Halo Overhead Doors offers a wide range of garage door styles to choose from, including:

  • Wood Doors:

     For the most authentic possible garage door, many people prefer a wood door. Wood doors are sturdy, display beautiful craftsmanship and for some are the only choice for an older style, like a classic vintage home or a farmhouse. Wood doors in the Clopay® lineup at Halo Overhead Doors include the RESERVE WOOD® Collection LIMITED EDITION Series.

  • Steel Doors:

     More traditional and modern homes often feature steel doors. Steel doors have the benefit of being extremely durable and very low-maintenance. They can be painted a variety of colors to give them a distinctive, attractive look and help them match your home décor. For those who want the classic look and feel of a wood door with the benefit of steel, we offer many Clopay doors that feature composite steel core and wood cladding arrangements, or doors with ULTRA-GRAIN® finish for an authentic wood look and feel.

  • Mediterranean-Style Doors:

     Mediterranean-style doors feature elements of 16th-century Mediterranean architecture and are the perfect complement to a Spanish-style home or villa. Clopay doors that fit into this style category include the CANYON RIDGE® Collection LIMITED EDITION Series.

  • Carriage House Style Doors:

     Vintage homes and carriage house-style doors are a perfect fit. These garage doors bring back the pre-automobile days of the 19th century, where horse-drawn carriages were stored rather than automobiles. These doors have the appearance of a swing-out garage door set-up but in actuality feature modern, convenient overhead operation. Clopay carriage house styles include doors from the GRAND HARBOR® Collection.

  • Modern/Contemporary Doors:

     Modern or contemporary doors are characterized by simplicity, and often feature a significant amount of glass, in a variety of windows that may be placed in less traditional arrangements, such as down the side or even in all the panels. They go best with modern and mid-century homes. An example of a Clopay modern door we sell at Halo Overhead Doors is the MODERN STEEL™ Collection.

  • Glass Doors:

     Glass doors are types of modern doors in which the glass is the predominating element. Featuring glass panels that are usually set in an aluminum or steel frame, you can choose different types of glass depending on the level of light you want to allow to pass through and the amount of privacy you want. The most famous example of a Clopay modern glass door is the AVANTE® Collection.

  • Insulated Doors:

     Insulated doors have a layer of insulating foam in them to prevent heat transfer and provide you with energy savings. These doors are also more impact-resistant and quieter. One of the many collections of Clopay doors that are insulated is the COACHMAN® Collection.

  • Fire-Rated Doors:

     Fire-rated doors are UL-Listed doors that drop down or swing shut in case of a fire to provide hours of fire resistance to allow people to escape safely or protect valuables until the fire department can arrive. Ask us about our selection of Clopay fire-rated doors.

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