Are you ready for a modern garage door? If you are in the market for a new garage door, you may be thinking, “well, naturally, I want a modern garage door.” However, this is not necessarily the case. A modern garage door, also called a contemporary garage door, refers to a particular style of door, not how high-tech or in style the door is. We have many stylish, state-of-the-art Clopay® garage doors at Halo Overhead Doors that are not modern garage doors.

That being said, many people do prefer the modern style of garage door, and you may be one of them.

All About Modern Garage Doors

So, what makes a modern garage door? Most modern garage doors are primarily characterized by simplicity and efficiency. They offer clean lines without a lot of complicated or ornate design work. Another thing that distinguishes modern garage doors from more traditional doors is their use of windows and glass.

Modern garage doors do not always have a lot of glass, but they frequently do. And when they do, that glass usually does not take the form of a simple row or two of windows across the top, but instead windows along the sides, in seemingly random locations, or even taking up the vast majority of the door in huge glass panels.

Avante® garage doors

Composition of Modern Residential Garage Doors

Modern garage doors will usually have a metal frame, often aluminum, and the window panels may be made of glass, acrylic or a similar substance. Remember that since the windows make up so much of the door, they need to be quite durable. Modern garage door window glass also can be customized according to how much light you wish to let in vs. how much privacy you want. You can have clear glass, frosted glass, obscure glass or even mirrored glass.

Modern Garage Door Styles – The AVANTE® Collection

At Halo Overhead Doors, one of the options we’re proud to offer is the AVANTE Collection door, Clopay’s most famous modern door. It has all the features of a great modern door in abundance, a sturdy, attractive aluminum frame and large panels, usually made of glass or acrylic and taking up most of the door.

In addition to a variety of coatings for your aluminum frame, Avante design options include clear glass, bronze-tinted glass, mirrored glass, white laminate glass, frosted glass and more. Consult one of our sales representatives to review all your AVANTE options.

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Modern garage doors are usually best suited to mid-century modern and contemporary types of homes, but you can customize your modern garage door to match a wide range of decors. We have AVANTE Collection doors and other modern-style Clopay doors ready to deliver and install for you right now.

If you think a modern garage door might be for you, feel free to contact us online right now for a free estimate or give us a call at 713-224-3667 to learn more.