One of the most popular styles of doors residential garage owners consider today is the carriage house door. What is a carriage house garage door, and do you want or need one for your home?

What Are Carriage House Style Garage Doors?

Carriage house-style doors are ones that bring to mind an earlier, simpler time, hundreds of years ago, before cars even existed. These are the doors that adorned barns and garages that housed actual horse-drawn carriages, and sometimes even the horses themselves.

These carriage house doors were designed to swing out, and so modern carriage house-style doors have the appearance of swing out doors, often even equipped with the handles you would pull to open doors that swing out. However, today’s carriage house-style doors feature traditional overhead operation for maximum convenience.

This type of door is often a perfect fit for an older style, vintage-type home, but the many different styles of carriage house door can make them appropriate for a wide range of home designs.

Styles of Clopay® Carriage House/Barn Garage Doors We Offer

The many Clopay carriage house-style garage doors you can choose from at Halo Overhead Doors include:

  • RESERVE WOOD® Collection:

     For a truly authentic vintage garage door, consider a Clopay RESERVE WOOD Collection door, handcrafted in a carriage house style from real, natural wood, just as the original carriage house doors would have been.

  • COACHMAN® Collection:

     For an incredibly authentic carriage house-style look and feel with the convenience and durability of a modern steel door, try a door from the COACHMAN Collection. These doors feature a composite design with a core of insulated steel encased in wood cladding to give it the authentic wood appearance of a traditional carriage house garage door.

Coachman® garage doors

  • GRAND HARBOR® Collection:

     If you like the idea of the COACHMAN but are looking for a slightly simpler style, you may prefer the GRAND HARBOR Collection, another composite steel carriage house door with wood cladding that comes with or without insulation.

  • GALLERY® Collection:

     If you prefer the grooved panel look in a carriage house-style door, you’ll love the GALLERY Collection, a steel grooved panel carriage house door with optional insulation. Available in short or long panels, with multiple layers and a variety of glass options, this is one of our most versatile carriage house-style doors.

Contact Halo Overhead Door for Carriage House Style Garage Doors

No matter what type of Clopay carriage house-style door you like, Halo Overhead Doors can provide it. We have been selling and installing Clopay carriage house-style doors for residents in and around the Houston area for decades, and are happy to offer our services to you now.

If you’re interested in a carriage house-style door or would like more information about whether a carriage house garage door would be a good match for your home, please give us a call today at (713) 224-3667 or stop by our massive showroom on Bourgeois Road in Houston at your earliest opportunity. For a free estimate on carriage house doors, you can also contact us online right now.