Garage Door Repair in Houston

When you have a broken garage door, you need prompt repair. However, you shouldn’t settle for subpar service when you get your door fixed. Regardless of the type of repair you need, don’t schedule an appointment until you’ve answered several questions. The answers to these will help you find the best garage door service in Houston. As with any investment in your home, you need to put as much care into choosing who you have repair it as you did when selecting the garage door in the first place.

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Your Garage Door Repair FAQs Answered

  1. How Long Does a Garage Door Last?
  2. How Often Should You Grease a Garage Door?
  3. Do You Know Who Is Fixing Your Garage Door?
  4. Does the Company Have Experience With Garage Door Repair in the Houston Area?
  5. Does the Company Use Quality Materials?
  6. What Brands of Suppliers Does the Company Use?
  7. What Warranties and Guarantees Does the Company Offer?
  8. How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?
  9. How Much Should Garage Door Repair Cost?

Your Garage Door Repair FAQs Answered

Your Repair FAQs Answered

While minor repairs like changing the batteries in the remote to a garage door opener are safe for anyone to do, others, such as replacing a garage door spring, require professional skills and tools. If you’re not sure of whether you can fix the problem, consult with an expert. Some repairs can be dangerous. Anyone without proper qualifications should not conduct these repairs. 

How do you find someone who knows how to repair a garage door and has the right qualifications? We’ve compiled questions and answers to help you find top-notch garage door repair in Houston. Knowing what to expect when hiring a repair company will help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. How Long Does a Garage Door Last?

The question of the lifespan of a garage door depends on too many factors to give a simple answer. Well-cared-for garage doors may remain functional for 50 years. When neglected, the lifespan can plummet to only 10 to 15 years. The key to keeping your garage door working as long as possible is appropriately maintaining it. However, even the best-kept doors will need replacement. Here are some signs that let you know your garage door is nearing the end of its life:

  • Severe sagging: Near the end of their lives, wooden doors tend to sag.
  • Needs frequent repairs: When you spend more in repair costs than you would replace the door, it’s time for a new garage door.
  • Energy inefficient: You may consider an upgrade if you want a door to insulate your home better.
  • No longer aesthetically pleasing: Many people want a visual upgrade to their garages that will increase the value of their homes.

These reasons for replacing your garage door are not the only ones. If you think you may need a new door soon, consider replacement instead of repair. However, if you only need repairs, you can keep your repaired door lasting longer through proper maintenance, such as lubrication.

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2. How Often Should You Grease a Garage Door?

How Often Should You Grease a Garage Door?

Among the easiest of garage door repair tips that you can do yourself is greasing the moving parts. Regular lubrication keeps the door moving smoothly while preventing the excessive wear that can occur without enough oil on the parts.

The term greasing a garage door is not accurate. You don’t want to use grease because it can become gummy and trap dirt. Liquid engine oil works well to lubricate the moving parts of your door. You don’t need a lot of lubrication. Just a drop on each roller, on the bearings and hinges. Examine the spring and only lubricate it if it appears dry.

Check your door’s operation and lubrication at least every other month, preferably monthly. By conducting regular examinations of the system and lubricating it, you can prevent problems caused by neglect. If any severe issues develop, you will spot them early before your garage door becomes inoperable.

If you prefer professional service, consult with our experts. We suggest annual or semi-annual garage door maintenance. Our experts know what to look for and how to identify problems in their earliest stages. Additionally, if they do find something, you can schedule repairs. Our experts will even give you garage door maintenance tips for when you conduct your own monthly inspections of the garage door. These checks make your door last longer and operate more smoothly. 

3. Do You Know Who Is Fixing Your Garage Door?

When you choose a garage door maintenance company, do you really know who is fixing your door? Do your research into any contractors you think about hiring for your home or business. First, look over reviews of the company carefully. A business with 100 percent positive reviews may only have one or two evaluations. Likewise, a low mark could indicate a few negative reviews out of a small total. People who post reviews online are more inclined to report negative interactions with a company than positive ones. Keep this in mind as you read reviews.

In addition to reviews, request references from other customers the company has worked for. If you need commercial garage door repair in Texas, references are especially important to get a clear picture of how well the company works. Ask if those former customers would have the company fix their garage doors again. If not, dig deeper to find out why.

Require any company you work with to act professionally. How did the company handle complaints and negative reviews? Does the company have expert, knowledgeable people on the phone? Don’t just request professionalism — demand it. Professional behavior reflects on a strong work ethic and a desire to use quality products. Careless attitudes on the job could cost you in poor work on the repairs or late contractors arriving at the scene.

Long-term thinking is essential when you have contractors repair a part of your home designed to last for decades. If the service has a warranty with it, will the company still be around years later if you need to have warranty coverage? Companies that only have been in business for a few months may not last in the market for years. If you have a choice, pick a company with decades of experience in garage doors.

4. Does the Company Have Experience With Garage Door Repair in the Houston Area?

Houston has distinctive features other markets do not have. The weather gets much hotter in the summer and milder in the winter than further north. You won’t have to worry about your garage door freezing, but you may need to worry about your door not protecting your garage enough from the heat. The heat and humidity in the Houston area will affect any moving parts that operate in the elements in ways drier or colder climates won’t. You need a company that understands the harsh environment and how it can affect your garage door.

In addition to knowing about the area’s weather, contractors need to know how to get around the massive Houston metropolitan area. If your contractors don’t know the difference between Spring and Spring Valley, they could lose their way finding your home, putting your project behind. We’ve been providing repairs and garage doors to Houston residents since 1991. We are experts on garage doors as well as our Houston home.

5. Does the Company Use Quality Materials?

Look over the quality of materials the company uses in its repairs and replacements. Some companies may mark up prices on subpar materials. We never will do that. We always use high-end materials because they work with the high-end garage doors that we specialize in.

If you’re not sure about the materials a company uses, ask. Be sure to inquire about brand names. If you have a high-end garage door, you need it fixed with similarly well-built parts and methods. Quality parts will last longer compared to cheaper components. Always ask about the materials used before hiring a contractor for your repairs.

6. What Brands or Suppliers Does the Company Use?

Quality of the materials is one part, but you also need to know about the suppliers and brands a company uses. The more brands a company works with, the broader range of doors it can repair. Additionally, you will have a higher number of options. For instance, at Halo Overhead Doors, we work with Clopay and most other major garage door brands. Thanks to the wide selection of brands and suppliers, we can offer a more extensive range of designs, more colors and more materials than other companies.

Not all companies will offer the ability to work on specialty doors such as those made from glass or wood or roll-up doors. We can because our experts have familiarity with all the products we sell, whether they need to recommend a new door or repair an existing one. With more brands, you get better flexibility in your choices when you need to pick new parts or doors. Greater flexibility gives us at Halo another way to offer you better service.

7. What Warranties and Guarantees Does the Company Offer?

Warranties are essential for repair work and components. Carefully review the contractors’ warranties. Extended warranties are worthless unless the company will still be in business to honor them. Coupling quality warranties with business longevity ensures you get protection from the guarantee that you can rely on when you need it.

Pay careful attention to the warranties from a company and read through the details. If you don’t understand something, have a neutral party help you unravel the information. Unclear guarantees create loopholes for companies to slip through. Our warranties are easy to understand and cover repairs, springs, installation and more. If you have any concerns about what our warranties cover, feel free to ask. We strive to be open about our warranties because we’re honest with our work and what our guarantees protect.

8. How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door?

Service may only require careful inspection of your garage door once a month. Check for safe operation and proper lubrication. Verify the door only needs the force a child could exert to move it up or down. Test the safety reverse by setting a 2-by-4 board on its edge. The entry must reverse after lightly touching the board. This direction change ensures if a child, vehicle, pet or anything else gets under the door, the door won’t crush it. If anything you evaluate during the inspection does not operate as expected, it could be time for professional efforts.

If you notice problems during the monthly inspection of your garage door, contact a professional for service. Serious problems can include any of the following:

  • Frayed garage door cable: Leave cable repairs to the professionals.
  • Strange sounds: Creaks, squeaks, whirring, grinding and other loud operation sounds require expert evaluation before repairing.
  • Cracked garage door panels: Professional contractors will have the materials needed to replace your broken panels.
  • Missing glass: Unless you have experience installing window glass, don’t try to replace garage door glass on your own.
  • Misaligned doors: Leave moving the heavy doors into place to the experts.
  • Spring problems: Depending on the type of door you have, springs could hold high amounts of tension that become dangerous to repair alone.
  • Garage door off track: Like a misaligned door, let professionals get your garage door back on track.

In some instances, you may save money by purchasing a new garage door. Depending on the age of your existing door and how many repairs it needs, a replacement may be the prudent choice to avoid long-term repair costs.

9. How Much Should Garage Door Repair in Houston Cost?

It’s difficult to estimate how much you should pay for garage door repairs. The total depends on how extensive the damage to the door is. If you need basic service to conduct regular upkeep of the door, this garage door maintenance cost will be less than if you require realignment or to fix off-track doors. If feasible, get garage door repair estimates from multiple companies, but be sure to look beyond just the quote numbers. Your home is worth more than selecting the lowest cost option.

Don’t look at the raw numbers for repairs. Look at the company’s history, warranties, references and how much the repairs will affect your home’s value. If you have high-end garage doors, you may spend more to repair the components due to the premium parts used. However, your repairs may occur less frequently because the doors may last longer.

Instead of worrying about the cost to get your garage door repaired, concern yourself with the value you get from the service. Comparing price quotes with value-based thinking will make it easier to help you find a company that will give you long-term quality for your garage door service.

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Garage Door Repairs And Maintenance

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