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Garage Door Repair: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Garage Door Repair: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

You rely on the garage door to do its job without fail, but when was the last time you thought about how it operates or what it needs?

Chances are you only think about your garage door when something goes wrong, and that is certainly understandable, but it’s important to think carefully about garage door maintenance. A little prevention could save you a lot of money down the road.

Here are some of the most common garage door issues – and what you can do to resolve them.

Garage Door Spring Problems

The springs are arguably the hardest working and most important part of your garage door and its operation. Those springs take a lot of abuse, and the amount of force they are subjected to is simply enormous.

Every time you push the button on your garage door opener, those springs literally spring into action, lifting the garage door in its track in a smooth and safe manner. Depending on the size and model of your garage door, those relatively small springs could be lifting hundreds of pounds – and doing it several times a day.

Over time, those springs begin to stretch, and when the stretching becomes too pronounced, they could fail rather quickly. If your garage door refuses to operate, checking the springs should be your first course of action. If the springs do need to be replaced, a garage door repair company can help you select the right replacements. Replacing the worn springs with newer and more heavy-duty ones could help your garage door operate more efficiently.

Garage Door Sensor Issues

Your garage door is designed to operate safely, and manufacturers take their protection duties very seriously. Every garage door manufacturer incorporates a series of sensors, all designed to stop the garage door from closing if a child, pet or object is in the way.

Sometimes those sensors detect obstructions where none exist, and when that happens, the door may not close the whole way. Sometimes the garage door will begin to close, only to rise up again.

When that happens, you should check the sensor carefully for signs of damage. Sometimes a simple cleaning is all the sensor needs – dust and debris can accumulate and block the sensitive sensor eye.

In some cases, the sensor can get knocked out of place, especially if you have been moving items around the garage. Check the sensor housing to make sure it is still in its track – and reposition it if necessary. If the garage door still refuses to close, a call to your local garage door repairman can set things right.

Garage Door Cable Replacement

The cables that support your garage door are exposed to enormous forces, and the heavier the door, the faster the damage can accumulate. When your garage door is not operating as smoothly as it used to, a worn cable could be to blame.

If you suspect an issue with your garage door cables, it is important to contact a certified repair person as quickly as possible. If the cable were to fail, the garage door could fall, causing damage to the structure, and possibly your family members.

Garage Door Rollers

The rollers play a critical part in the operation of your garage door as well, and it is important to look for signs of wear. If the rollers are not operating properly, you may notice that the garage door opens and closes more slowly than it once did.

Once again, worn rollers can create problems, including potential damage to the door’s structure.

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How to Know When You Need Garage Door Repair

Your overhead garage door is critical, allowing you to access your garage, park your vehicles and protect your property and belongings. Learn the warning signs indicating your garage door will require maintenance soon to ensure it continues working.

Signs You Need Overhead Garage Door Repair

While several signs indicate you require immediate garage door repair, others can be much more subtle. Keep an eye out for these signals that your overhead doors could require maintenance:

1. Abnormal Noise

Garage doors make noise when moving, but popping, rumbling, grinding, banging and grating are unusual. Issues could include a problem with the torsion springs, doors dragging against the track or misaligned doors.

2. Slow Movement

If your garage door opens or closes slower than before, there is likely an issue causing it to behave that way. Parts, such as the hinges, tracks or rollers, may be due for lubrication. The problem could also be related to the door’s age or how it is programmed.

3. Inability to Open or Close

Overhead doors that don’t open or close could be experiencing one of many problems. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Broken or disengaged cables
  • Malfunctioning garage door opener
  • Garage door off the tracks
  • Damaged torsion springs

Whether your door is stuck open or closed or moves part way and then reverses, the inconvenience is often caused by one of these issues.

4. Damaged or Broken Panels

Garage door panels that break or start to rot can cause the door to stop working properly. Damage often occurs due to general wear and tear, but extreme weather and sunlight can also play a role. Whether you bumped into the overhead door with your car or discovered decay, you’ll want to schedule repairs quickly.

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Can You Replace Just the Bottom of a Garage Door?

Your garage door is one of the most important features of your home. A quality garage door protects your vehicle, tools, and other personal belongings from theft and environmental threats. The first sign that your garage door may require repair is when damage occurs to the bottom panels. Fortunately, it is possible to replace the bottom panels to help preserve the entire door’s integrity and longevity.

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When It’s Okay to Just Replace a Panel or Section

Each type of door and the damage it has incurred is unique and needs to be diagnosed on a case-by-case basis. Some forms of damage will require complete door replacements, while others may be fine with either a repair or a replacement. You may be able to repair or replace your panels if you have:

  • New panels that have available replacements
  • Minor dents or dings on the door
  • Slight scratches or scuffs in the paint

The bottom panels of your garage door may require repair or replacement, but promptly scheduling a panel replacement will ensure your garage door does not accrue any further damage. 

How to Replace a Panel

Learning about the panel replacement process will give you insight into the timeline of this service and how detrimental panel replacement is. The steps to efficiently replace a garage door panel include:

  1. Unplugging the garage door power chord
  2. Measuring the garage door’s height, width and depth
  3. Attaching the hoists to the garage door and the track
  4. Finding something sturdy to balance the door on
  5. Using an impact wrench and vise grip to remove panel hardware
  6. Positioning the new panels
  7. Using a vise grip to attach the panels to the tracks
  8. Ensuring your new panel is attached

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Hiring a Halo Overhead Doors Expert to Replace a Panel

At Halo Overhead Doors, we understand that you want to solve your garage door problems immediately. However, we caution anyone wanting to attempt to repair a panel without a professional. Benefits to hiring an expert for the replacement process include:

  • Your insurance may require it
  • DIY repairs risk causing more damage to the door
  • Professionals offer warranties

If you need a panel or section replacement for your garage door, trust the experts at Halo Overhead Doors to provide you with the most reliable and highest-quality door repair service. 

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Garage Door

Going to work, taking the kids to school or running to the store starts and ends the same way — opening and closing your garage door. If something keeps it from working properly, your entire routine suffers. By performing regular maintenance, you can ensure every day is as productive as the last.

4 Benefits of Regular Garage Door Maintenance 

The average life span of a modern garage door is anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Regular garage door maintenance helps you get the most value from your system with the longest serviceable life possible. Consider these benefits of investing in regular maintenance:

1. Preventing Major Mechanical Issues

By servicing your garage door regularly, you can limit the number of mechanical issues that occur — and catch existing ones before they worsen. A garage door expert can identify areas needing cleaning or replacement to limit future damage.

2. Ensuring Safety and Security

Operational issues — like failing to open or close your garage door — compromise your family’s safety and security. If your garage door stops working as it should, your home could be more vulnerable to intruders. Your system also withstands immense tension in the springs to lift and release the door. Without regular maintenance, this system could wear out and the springs may break, making your door unsafe and inoperable.

3. Improving Your Home’s Appearance

Your garage door is an essential part of your home’s curb appeal, and if it doesn’t look well-maintained, neither will the rest of your property. Dents and large scratches are unsightly. Plus, if your garage door is stuck in an unnatural position or off the track, it can detract from your home’s beauty. Curb appeal is an important factor to many homeowners, and your broken garage door can impact surrounding homes if it is in poor condition.

4. Limiting Expenses

Regular garage door maintenance can prevent you from spending money on major repairs and potentially a garage door replacement. Choosing a trusted garage door maintenance company like Halo Overhead Doors gives you access to affordable maintenance options that will help you save money in the long run. 

Contact Halo Overhead Doors for Garage Door Maintenance

At Halo Overhead Doors, we strive to provide the best garage door maintenance, replacement and repair services. With decades of experience, we can help ensure your garage door’s safety and keep it performing at its best. Learn more about our maintenance services today!

5 Reasons to Hire a Houston Garage Door Repair Professional

Garage doors are useful components to have in many businesses. These large doors make it possible to receive large deliveries. They also make it possible to secure vehicles indoors when they aren’t in use at night or after hours. When these garage doors are fully functional, you won’t think twice about them being there or using them, but if something happens and the garage door stops functioning properly, getting the problem fixed will be a top priority. You might be tempted to try to fix the issue on your own; however, you should first consider these five reasons and hire a Houston garage door repair professional to get the repair done.

Warranty Concerns and Compliance 

Depending on when the garage door was installed, it might still be under warranty. In order to keep the warranty valid, you shouldn’t try to repair any components on your own. Almost all warranties have a clause in them that would void the warranty if certain components are accessed by an individual. There isn’t a way that you can get around this type of clause in the warranty, so it is best to not and skirt around the issue. Hiring a garage door repair professional ensures that all the components of the garage door will be repaired in a manner that keeps the warranty valid. You will have a receipt as proof that the work was done by a qualified professional.

Knowledge of Door Components and Function

Garage door repair professionals have specialized training that helps them troubleshoot problems with these doors. As they go through their troubleshooting method, they can determine the possible problems. This requires the components, its individual purpose, and the way it works. By going through this troubleshooting process, the repair professional can usually determine the issue and decide how to address it in short order. Many who attempt a do-it-yourself repair don’t have the knowledge so the troubleshooting process ends up being more like a guessing game. This takes more time and can lead to you replacing components that don’t need to be changed. This means that you could spend more money than necessary for repairs.

Garage Door Repairman Ease of Obtaining Parts and Proper Tools

A big part of a proper garage door repair job is having the correct tools and parts. Instead of trying to use makeshift tools or having to find and wait on proper components to come in, you can simply hire a garage door repair professional who will have the proper tools. In many cases, the professional will have access to the components that are needed to repair the door. This is especially true if the components that need to be replaced are some of the more commonly replaced components like springs, sensors, tracks, and cables. Even if the components needed to fix the garage door must be ordered, the repair professional might have resources available that help them to get the component in as quickly as possible. This minimizes the amount of time that you are without a fully functional garage door for your business.

Insurance Considerations

It might be surprising to learn that a garage door repair can affect your insurance coverage. If the repairs aren’t done by a qualified professional, your insurance might not approve claims that result from the garage door or its components malfunctioning. For example, if the overhead control mechanism falls because it wasn’t properly bolted to the ceiling or track, your insurance company might not cover the damages that are caused by the falling component. Another example would be if an electrical component catches on fire because it wasn’t properly installed. This could mean that your business burns down, but the insurance might not cover it if the repair that caused the fire was a do-it-yourself job. While you are thinking about that, you should also think about ensuring the repairs that are done are in compliance with the Electrical Codes that apply to work being done in Houston. Even if you are outside of the city, Texas Electrical Codes compliance is also a factor. When electrical projects aren’t completed in compliance with this code, you can run afoul of the law.

Focus on Your Business

Finally, hiring a Houston garage door repair professional frees up your time so you can focus on running your business. The last thing that you need is for your business to suffer because you are trying to deal with troubleshooting and monitoring the repair of the malfunctioning garage door. This ensures that employees, contractors, and others who have access to the garage door remain safe while the repair is being done since the repair person will know how to secure the garage door during the repair process. That means that you have less of a chance of having to deal with an on-the-job injury because your employees got hurt while trying to do the job of a garage door repair professional.


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7 tips for finding top notch garage door repair

Trying to find the best possible garage door repair shop in your area? Then you need to know these seven tips for making that happen—what to ask, what to look for, what to check, what to expect. With these tips on your side, you can weed out the worst of the worst and sift to find the best of the best—because no one should accept sub-par contractors working on their home or business.  1) Ask questions When you talk to the company you’re considering for your garage door repair company, you need to ask lots of questions. Try to get a firm grasp of how well they understand their business, how easy they’ll be to work with, how confident they are in giving timelines and estimates. The more research you’ve done on the matter beforehand, the more you’ll be able to get out of this process; if you can stump them with some basic question, that’s a red flag. You don’t want someone who’s just going through the motions working on your home. 2) Check references Any contractor worth working with should have a long list of references willing to say a few nice words about the work they’ve done. This goes double if you’re dealing with a business which does commercial garage door work—they should be able to get a few of those businesses to offer a reference, and direct you to a variety of familiar examples of their work in the area. You should also look for naysayers and complaints as best you can, but understand that if you’re looking online, complaints are going to be thicker on the ground than praise, even for a good business; people generally don’t bother seeking out places to say good things about a business, only places to voice grievances. So eye praise and condemnation with a critical eye. 3) Look into material quality It can help immensely to ask a few question about where the company gets its materials; what brands it works with, what suppliers, etc. You may not get as many answers as you like, depending on how transparent the business wants to be, but you should at least get some inkling of whether they’re working with cheap goods and claiming a huge margin or using premium items you’d most want used on your home. This is all dependent on your research into garage door equipment brands and the like, of course, so make sure you put a little attention into the matter to make the effort of pursuing this direction worthwhile. 4) Inspect their warranties and guarantees Good companies make big, bold, consumer-friendly promises because they act as a marketing tool and increase sales and profit margins. Bad companies don’t make those claims, despite all of the advantages they offer, because they’ll end up bankrupt within a year dealing with all the returns, replacements, repairs, and setbacks uncompensated. This makes warranties and guarantees one of the single strongest ways to assess any contractor in any industry. Just make sure the promises say what they seem to say, lest you end up with a ‘great’ warranty full of loopholes and outs for the repair company to slip through. Attention to detail will save you lots of money and headaches here. 5) Choose flexibility When selecting a contractor for your garage door repair, you might want to keep an eye out for businesses that offer more options; more materials, more designs, more brands, more colors. Flexibility and options indicate not only a general versatility more likely to help you end up with the perfect repair or replacement for your garage door, it also lets you confirm that the people working at the place know what they’re doing; they haven’t learned the rough basics of installing a small number of options and used that to build their business. If a company offers a very limited selection of options, and doesn’t want to work with you to get a more perfect, customized fit for your needs and wants, then you probably want to move on. Even the simplest of jobs needs a little flex in it, to give the perfect complete product. 6) Demand professionalism Professionalism on its surface may not have much to do with the quality of the work produced, but do you really want to work with a company staffed by employees that show up to your house late, use rough language in front of your family, leave messes behind, and only put in the bare minimum of effort? Keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs that a company simply doesn’t care about putting out a professional image. In most cases, this sort of startling lack of professionalism will be tied to an equivalent lack of competence and confidence; you’re not going to miss out on some hidden masters of garage door repair because you held their behavior to a decent standard. 7) Think long-term Is the company you’re looking at going to be around the next time you need garage door repair? It might be far better to work with companies that aren’t on the way out, so to speak—not only will a dying company be less capable and less able to keep up with repairs in the future, they might also vanish without a trace leaving you holding an essentially worthless warranty. Look over a company’s history before working with them. If they’ve been around for a decade or two, they’re probably not going anywhere in the near future. History means a lot for this sort of work—so value it appropriately. With these seven factors in mind, you should be far more likely to come out ahead with a superior garage door repair service. After all, you’re talking about a fairly important part of your home or business; it won’t to have a lesser company handle it, when you could have a great one do it.


10 Tips for Finding a Contractor to Install Garage Doors in Houston


10 Tips for Finding a Contractor to Install Garage Doors in Houston

Wondering how to gauge contractors, as you look for someone to repair, replace, or install new garage doors in your Houston home or business? Picking the right people for the job can be quite important—whether you’re a business with highly specific needs and a fine attention to detail, or a residential customer looking for fine aesthetics at a reasonable price, you want to know you’re working with the best company in town.

Fortunately, spotting a good garage door contractor is easy, if you know what to look for. Consider these 10 points as you research and contact contractors, so you end up with the best possible choice for your home:

#1 Easy to contact.

It shouldn’t be a hassle to get in contact with a garage door provider under most circumstances—if it is, you’ll want to consider whether you’re willing to work with someone you might not be able to get in contact with if something goes wrong and you need repairs, a change, etc. Imagine a stuck garage door, your vehicles inside, and you can’t get a peep out of your contractor. Work with someone communicative, and you’ll avoid this scenario entirely.

#2 Knowledgeable.

If you get the impression that a few days of research on the internet made you as or more knowledgeable about your options as the contractor you’re talking to, you might want to move on. A good garage door provider will be able to offer up options and ideas to match your needs with minimal effort. They’ll understand your concerns when you raise them, and allay them with concise, informative answers. You shouldn’t be worried that you might know more about the whole process than the person you’re hiring to do it.

#3 Plenty of options.

A narrow offering of garage door types, and/or a selection with few or no optional frills to consider, is a bad sign—the best garage door providers can match your needs with the perfect solution. They shouldn’t be trying to fit their square peg into the round hole of your problem; doing so is a sign of either lack of expertise, or laziness, and you don’t want to work with either. Find a company that doesn’t shy away from offering as much as it possibly can, and stick with it.

#4 Free quotes.

A top-notch garage door installation company isn’t going to make its money off quotes—it’s going to make its money doing the work. So shy away from any contractor who isn’t willing to provide you with a free quote; no quote or a paid quote is a big warning sign saying ‘move on’. There’s plenty of options in the garage door universe, but unusual, budget-destroying difficulties aren’t common. Which means that if they’re not giving you a quote, it’s because they don’t want you doing a bit of comparison shopping after they leave.

#5 Testimonials.

Anyone who does good work on people’s homes or businesses should have a long, long list of testimonials to provide new prospects. You’re not going to see many garage door installers with zero history in the industry—even if the company is new, the workers won’t be, and they’ll be able to offer testimonials to their skills from previous jobs. If you see not a single peep from satisfied customers in marketing materials, if the contractor isn’t happily providing links to their reviews on Angie’s List, Google Plus, and other sites, move on.

#6 Flexibility.

Good contractors work with you to get you the garage door you need when you need it, as best they can. A lack of flexibility only makes life easier for the contractor, when the best contractors aim to make life easiest for the customer. That’s not to say the ideal garage door installer can be infinitely flexible with scheduling, because of course they can’t—but you shouldn’t be majorly inconvenienced, because they’re only willing to show up at a very particular time on a very particular day.

#7 Professionalism.

When you talk to a contractor, you should get a sense of professionalism, of attention to detail. And you should run for the hills if you see signs of unprofessional bearing; if you’re considering hiring someone to fix, replace, or install a garage door, they shouldn’t show up late, slovenly, and rude. At that point, it doesn’t matter if they’re the da Vinci of garage doors, they’re not worth the hassle of putting up with. Move on to someone who knows how to present themselves to their customers.

#8 Strong guarantees.

The best workers know they can stand by their work without fear—don’t work with a contractor who seems most intent on a) shielding themselves from liability and b) getting your money and getting out of there. Strong guarantees from a contractor are an excellent sign, as it logically follows that a business offering strong guarantees doesn’t expect to be caught out by those guarantees on a regular basis—it would destroy their bottom line, to make such bold promises, then fail to meet them regularly.

These aren’t the only traits that add up to making a particular contractor a good or bad choice, but they’re definitely a good place to start your evaluation. Make sure to do your homework, pay attention to the details, and you’re certain to find someone to handle your garage door needs with minimal hassle.

Avoiding a Garage Door Repair Scam: 4 Tips to Help You Avoid a Scam


For years, there have been investigative reports on TV that go to great lengths to expose scams in the contractor and repair services industry. At Quality Overhead Door, we want to make sure we do our part to educate our customers of the past, present and future on how to avoid a garage door scam with their next maintenance or service repair.

Below are four tips for helping you avoid getting scammed on your next garage door repair, plus insights on our policies for making sure you don’t get taken advantage of. You’ll also find helpful ideas and online resources to make the process of avoiding a scam as easy as possible.

1) Receive proper bids or work estimates before you have your garage door project started.

A garage door repair that is properly priced may cost over $100, but should not reach into the $1000’s. When you call a local contractor to make an appointment, ask them for a general idea of the cost prior to them coming to visit. Just because someone is standing at your door does not mean you have to hire them to work on your repair — although you may have to pay a visit fee.

Keep in mind these tips during the bid and estimate phase before a repair company starts to work on your project:

  • Ask them for a written estimate of your project to review and approve. Don’t feel bad about calling another contractor for a second estimate if you think the bid is too high.
  • Never pay a repair technician until the service has been done. Reputable companies will typically request payment once the service appointment is complete.
  • Do not pay upfront for the full amount of the project. If there are any sales tactics used by the technician you think are high-pressure, or if they force you to buy additional time and services not included in their estimate, say no or cancel the service appointment.

2) Review the online ratings of your repair technicians.

Many watchdog reporters suggest checking the Better Business Bureau ratings of a repair technician before approving them to work in your home. There are also many other online review websites available today for reviewing contractors that would work on your garage doors.

In addition to the BBB, we also suggest turning to review sources like:

  • Angie’s List
  • HomeAdvisor
  • Google
  • Thumbtack
  • Yelp

Be sure to get a variety of consumer feedback on the performance of the company you are looking to hire. Many of these websites also provide you with alternative service providers if you find your contractor has bad reviews.

3) Make sure the company you hire has a local business address.

If you are hiring a repair company online from a site like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack, make sure you verify the physical address of the company you have hired. If the company you have hired is truly a local service provider — and not just a third-party referral service for independent contractors — they will likely have a verified business location close to your community. This information can be verified through a series of Google searches or by using a service like Google Maps to find the location of your service provider.

Most reputable companies have a showroom and will welcome you to visit – this will assure you that you are working with a real business and not simply a company using a PO Box in your town.

4) Watch the repair person performing the work.

You do not need to be a handyperson to know if a repair is being done properly, or to see if something is broken by a repair person during installation. Keeping a set of ears and eyes on a repair person during a service call will increase the likelihood they do an honest repair in an efficient timeframe.

What Makes Quality Overhead Door the Right Choice

When we come to your home or business for an install, maintenance or repair call, the only people you should expect on site are our own experienced, Toledo-based staff that has been hired long term by our company.

With longevity in the marketplace — serving Toledo and the surrounding areas for over 30 years — we stand by our work and stand behind the expertise of our team to do the job right. Because of that commitment to you as our customer, we hire no freelancers or independent contractors to work on your doors.

10 Tips for Finding a Contractor to Install Garage Doors in Houston

Wondering how to gauge contractors, as you look for someone to repair, replace, or install new garage doors in your Houston home or business? Picking the right people for the job can be quite important—whether you’re a business with highly specific needs and a fine attention to detail, or a residential customer looking for fine aesthetics at a reasonable price, you want to know you’re working with the best company in town. Fortunately, spotting a good garage door contractor is easy, if you know what to look for. Consider these 10 points as you research and contact contractors, so you end up with the best possible choice for your home: #1  Easy to contact. It shouldn’t be a hassle to get in contact with a garage door provider under most circumstances—if it is, you’ll want to consider whether you’re willing to work with someone you might not be able to get in contact with if something goes wrong and you need repairs, a change, etc. Imagine a stuck garage door, your vehicles inside, and you can’t get a peep out of your contractor. Work with someone communicative, and you’ll avoid this scenario entirely. #2  Knowledgeable. If you get the impression that a few days of research on the internet made you as or more knowledgeable about your options as the contractor you’re talking to, you might want to move on. A good garage door provider will be able to offer up options and ideas to match your needs with minimal effort. They’ll understand your concerns when you raise them, and allay them with concise, informative answers. You shouldn’t be worried that you might know more about the whole process than the person you’re hiring to do it. #3  Plenty of options. A narrow offering of garage door types, and/or a selection with few or no optional frills to consider, is a bad sign—the best garage door providers can match your needs with the perfect solution. They shouldn’t be trying to fit their square peg into the round hole of your problem; doing so is a sign of either lack of expertise, or laziness, and you don’t want to work with either. Find a company that doesn’t shy away from offering as much as it possibly can, and stick with it. #4  Free quotes. A top-notch garage door installation company isn’t going to make its money off quotes—it’s going to make its money doing the work. So shy away from any contractor who isn’t willing to provide you with a free quote; no quote or a paid quote is a big warning sign saying ‘move on’. There’s plenty of options in the garage door universe, but unusual, budget-destroying difficulties aren’t common. Which means that if they’re not giving you a quote, it’s because they don’t want you doing a bit of comparison shopping after they leave. #5 Testimonials. Anyone who does good work on people’s homes or businesses should have a long, long list of testimonials to provide new prospects. You’re not going to see many garage door installers with zero history in the industry—even if the company is new, the workers won’t be, and they’ll be able to offer testimonials to their skills from previous jobs. If you see not a single peep from satisfied customers in marketing materials, if the contractor isn’t happily providing links to their reviews on Angie’s List, Google Plus, and other sites, move on. #6 Flexibility. Good contractors work with you to get you the garage door you need when you need it, as best they can. A lack of flexibility only makes life easier for the contractor, when the best contractors aim to make life easiest for the customer. That’s not to say the ideal garage door installer can be infinitely flexible with scheduling, because of course they can’t—but you shouldn’t be majorly inconvenienced, because they’re only willing to show up at a very particular time on a very particular day. #7 Professionalism. When you talk to a contractor, you should get a sense of professionalism, of attention to detail. And you should run for the hills if you see signs of unprofessional bearing; if you’re considering hiring someone to fix, replace, or install a garage door, they shouldn’t show up late, slovenly, and rude. At that point, it doesn’t matter if they’re the da Vinci of garage doors, they’re not worth the hassle of putting up with. Move on to someone who knows how to present themselves to their customers. #8 Strong guarantees. The best workers know they can stand by their work without fear—don’t work with a contractor who seems most intent on a) shielding themselves from liability and b) getting your money and getting out of there. Strong guarantees from a contractor are an excellent sign, as it logically follows that a business offering strong guarantees doesn’t expect to be caught out by those guarantees on a regular basis—it would destroy their bottom line, to make such bold promises, then fail to meet them regularly. These aren’t the only traits that add up to making a particular contractor a good or bad choice, but they’re definitely a good place to start your evaluation. Make sure to do your homework, pay attention to the details, and you’re certain to find someone to handle your garage door needs with minimal hassle. — Source:

Tips For Choosing A Garage Door From Your Houston Garage Door Repair Specialist

When it comes to building a custom home or replacing an existing garage door the amount of options you have can seem endless. There are many different styles to choose from, materials the door might be built with, and a large variety of accessories to go along with it. Luckily for you Houston Overhead Door has you covered. Choosing the right door will depend on how you want the garage door to look and the purpose you’d like it to serve. While some garage doors only cover your garage, ours serve many purposes. Our steel doors increase energy efficiency, our wood doors add character to the outside of your home, and our glass/aluminum doors can be used on the interior and exterior of your home. Here are the different options you’ll have when trying to find a new garage door system. Steel Garage Doors •   Premium Series – In the premium series you’ll find galvanized, pre-painted steel doors. These doors utilize polystyrene or polyurethane foam to create and insulated barrier. This allows the doors to excel in delivering exceptional energy efficiency, strength, and durability. In the premium series, the doors come in two thickness options, two insulation options, and eight factory finish paint color choices. •   Value Plus Series – The garage door options included in the Value Plus series are made of heavy-duty steel. To increase their energy efficiency, they are also paired with polystyrene while remaining no more than 2 inches thick. This allows them to stay appealing to the eye and maintain a quieter operation. The Value Plus series doors come in two thickness options and six factory paint color choices. •   Value Series – The Value series doors are made of a single-layer, heavy duty steel meant to be attractive yet affordable. This option was named Consumers Digest “Best Buy” in 2008. This type comes in five factory paint color choices. •   Carriage Collections – The Carriage garage doors we carry come in two options the Coachman Collection or the Gallery Collection. With both options you get a durable, low-maintenance, insulated steel garage door. The design of the Coachman Collection can be changed to complement a wide variety of architectural styles with over 100 unique style combinations to choose from. The Gallery Collection has a more charming vintage style and each door comes in five factory finish paint color choices or an Ultra-Grain stained wood look. Wood Garage Doors •   Reserve Collection – In the Reserve Collection you’ll find garage doors made of natural wood with a hand crafted two, four, or five layer construction. The doors in this series come in custom, semi-custom, or limited edition options. They are meant to be charming and full of character while still providing energy efficiency and protection from the elements. •   Classic Line – The Classic Line focuses on simple forms of beauty with its natural handcrafted wooden garage doors. The doors in this series come in three different model types: all focusing on protecting your home while keeping it warm and inviting. Glass/Aluminum Garage Doors •   Avante Collection – The garage doors included in the Avante Collection will modernize any home. You can install an Avante style garage door on the outside of your home to protect it from the elements, on the inside as an interior loft partition, or as a patio door that can be raised when you have guests over for an industrial look. The appeal of the Avante Collection is wide and the options are vast. There are thirteen different window options to choose from. Each option has different degrees of light transmission to increase privacy and protection. The Avante Collection doors come in seven standard frame colors. This includes the Ultra-Grain wood prints, which are great for a home surrounded by trees. 2 to 1 Conversions Along with great new garage door options we also offer a 2 to 1 garage door conversion service. This allows you to take your home that may have 2 garage doors, with a pillar in between, and combine them down to one easy to open and close door. This not only increases ease of use, but it also increases energy efficiency. By having one door instead of two you’ll decrease cost of repair and replacement in the future. This is great if you are looking to update the look of your home with a new garage door. You can choose a style from any of our series to put on your home. Different Types of Openers Once you’ve chosen the perfect garage door for you you’ll have to decide on the type of opener you’d like to use. Believe it or not, there are many different types depending on what you’re looking for. •   Belt – With a belt drive garage door opener you’ll get a quiet and smooth operation. The belt drive is as tough as a steel-belted tire so you won’t have to worry about durability. This option will provide you with the quietest and most reliable operation. •   Chain – A chain drive garage door opener will provide rugged and reliable performance. While it won’t be the quietest garage door opener it will be smooth and steady for years to come. •   Screw – A screw drive garage door opener will provide you with a smooth-running performance. It’s known to hold up in even the most extreme temperatures. Best of all, the drive system is completely maintenance-free. This makes the care and keeping of this system a breeze. Price Our garage doors come in a wide variety of price ranges. It all depends on how customized you want your garage door to look. We’re sure to have something that will fit your budget. Take a peek at the different options and see which garage door will work best for you. Once you have an idea of what you might want, give us a call or send us and email. We’d love to hear from you! Sources:

10 Tips for Choosing a Houston Garage Door Repair Company

Trying to figure out which Houston garage door repair company to take your problem to? It can be difficult to determine whether a particular company has the right combination of expertise, customer service, and affordability that adds up to a great experience—or the combination of carelessness and apathy which adds up to problems down the line. Here are 10 signs to look for in determining whether a Houston garage door repair company deserves your business: 1. Confident answering questions. A reliable Houston garage door repair company shouldn’t hesitate to give you useful, professional answers to your questions. They shouldn’t seem unsure of themselves when giving you advice or letting you know what to expect—honest uncertainty about something they’ll need to know more about it one thing, but if you get the sense that they’re out of their depth, it’s a bad sign. The best garage door repair professionals will exude confidence in their ability to deal with your problem, even when they’re not certain on the details yet. 2. Satisfied customers. Unless you’re the first customer to walk through their door, the best contractors should be able to give you a long list of satisfied customers to peruse. They might even be willing to put you in contact with a few, depending on the nature of their confidentiality agreements and the amiability of their prior customers. On the other hand, don’t take complaints you find on the internet too seriously—if they make specific claims, maybe watch for those, but people make more noise about their unfortunate edge cases than their completely normal success stories online. 3. Options. A good contractor for Houston garage door repair will probably be able to run a few options past you in terms of expense, time frame, and other factors. A good business might offer a single un-budging solution to your problem, but be suspicious if there’s not the slightest hint of flexibility, as that inflexibility might be a mask for a low degree of confidence in their ability to adapt to your needs. 4. Guarantees. Good contract work of any kind should come with reasonable guarantees of that work. Research what a healthy guarantee looks like in your region—if a Houston garage door repair company offers guarantees significantly worse than their local competitors, that’s a bad sign. If they offer one significantly better, that’s a very good sign; companies don’t make that kind of guarantee if they expect to lose money upholding it. Good guarantees mean guarantees you won’t need to use. 5. Web presence. A modern professional enterprise that doesn’t maintain a healthy web presence is a rarity at best; expect dated approaches across the board from companies with outdated or nonexistent online footprints, as this is essentially the bare bones effort a company should put in to modernize. It may not seem like it matters much how modern your garage door repair company is under the hood, but their inefficiency translates to your higher bill and worse outcomes; invest in companies that invest in themselves, and you won’t regret it. 6. BBB report. A Better Business Bureau report isn’t necessarily all you need to judge a company, but it can be a good indicator of a particular problem or set of problems with that company. If you see consistent complaints about a particular issue, consider whether you’re willing to risk being on the receiving end of that problem. On the other hand, a clean BBB record isn’t any more necessarily a sign that a company isn’t up to any funny business, just that no one’s bothered reporting them. They might still be underachievers; just not egregiously bad. 7. Licensing, insurance, etc. Obviously, you want to work with a company that’s properly licensed, insured, and adhering to whatever’s expected from the city, state, and federal governments for your contract work. Any Houston garage door repair company that’s reticent about any of these things should be viewed with extreme caution; there’s no reason for them to be anything but up front and honest about their documentation, unless there’s a problem with that documentation. Be alert! 8. Keeping on schedule. Schedule slippage isn’t always avoidable, but do you really want to spend money on a Houston garage door repair professional when they can’t show up on time to inspect your problem and give you a quote? By the time you notice any other evidence of an inability to stay on schedule, it’s likely too late to back out cleanly, so pay close attention to their scheduling for early meetings, and look out for complaints about schedule slip from other clients—especially if you need your repairs completed in a hurry. Even if you don’t care about the speed of the repair, an inability to maintain a schedule’s a bad sign from any professional. 9. Payment oddities. If a contractor wants you to pay them in some odd way, run for the hills. Be wary of contractors who demand very large up-front sums, anyone who wants cash-only payments, or offer unusually low offers. If you’re not sure what a normal cost looks like, don’t hesitate to investigate other companies in the area to get a basic understanding of the standards. 10. Professionalism. There may be plenty of highly competent contractors out there without the slightest hint of professionalism in how they deal with customers, but they’re a comparative rarity. If a contractor can’t put on their professional face long enough to get through a conversation with you, take it as a warning sign. Not a run-for-the-hills sign, but it’s something you should pause and consider. If something goes wrong, do you want to deal with a professional Houston garage door repair contractor, or someone who comes across as ‘some guy that fixes things’. Make a choice you can live with. Ultimately, finding a good Houston garage door repair company comes down to staying informed, asking questions, and paying attention to the little details. A bad company may be able to put on a superficial ‘good face’, but when you get past the façade the good and the bad separate themselves very quickly. — Sources:

How To Tell If You Need Garage Door Repair or Replacement

When owning a home there are many things that can go wrong. Sometimes the issues can be with something inconvenient such as your garage door. If your garage door is broken, chances are you’ll need to address this immediately. Allowing your garage door to go unrepaired can deny access to your vehicles, leave your garage open to the elements and, in a worst case scenario, leave you open to potential theft.    Here are a few ways to tell whether your garage door needs to be repaired or if there is a full replacement in your future. The Problem: Garage Door Does Not Open or Close In most cases, garage doors don’t open or close due to something blocking the track, a faulty connection between the control panel and the door, or there are batteries that need to be replaced.    The first thing you’ll want to address is the battery issue. Check both the transmitter on the wall and on the ceiling to ensure both have fresh batteries. Also, check the track to see if anything has lodged itself inside and is preventing the door from moving.    Lastly, you’ll have the connection issue. For this issue you’ll need to call a garage door repair technician. They will have the tools necessary to view the connection between each device to determine the issue. The Verdict: None of these issues typically lead to a full on garage door replacement and are easily repaired by an experienced technician. The Problem: Garage Door Is Jammed If your garage door is jammed into an awkward position something may have happened with the alignment of your track. The weight of the garage door can take a toll on the rails after a while and this issue can develop organically. When your garage door’s track is out of alignment it can cause serious damage to the door itself. You’ll want to call a repair technician right away if you are experiencing this issue, as your door might be at risk of falling off the track completely. This can result in costly damage not only to the garage door itself, but also to personal property you may have inside the garage. The Verdict: Garage doors can be un-jammed by fixing the track and re-aligning the door. However, there are cases where the damage to the track or door is too much to maintain integrity and functionality. In this case the system will need to be replaced. The Problem: Garage Door Closes Partly, Then Opens Again It can be annoying to watch your garage door get almost to the bottom and open all the way again. You’re ready to leave or close the door for the night but you’re worried that something might get stolen because your garage door doesn’t want to shut. The Verdict: While this can be an frustrating issue it doesn’t have to mean you need to replace the door. Typically what causes this to happen is a faulty photo eye sensor. The solution to this is a pretty simple one. Check the area at the opening of your garage for any items that may be obstructing the photo eye sensor. Even the smallest obstruction can prevent the door from closing. If you’ve checked the area and see nothing blocking the sensor then it may be dirty or misaligned.   The good thing about a faulty sensor is you won’t have to replace the whole door just to repair the sensor. The bad thing is it’s an easy fix and may not feel like it’s worth your money to have a repair technician come out. The Problem: Garage Door Opens & Closes Randomly Quite a few people experience this issue, believe it or not. When they call the repair technician the first thing the technician asks the customer to do is locate all remotes to the garage door. This ensures there isn’t a remote hiding somewhere with it’s button being pushed. If that doesn’t solve the issue they check both transmitters to see if either are jammed in a open/close position.   Then there’s the matter of frequency. If your neighbor’s garage door opener is on the same frequency as your garage transmitter they may be opening your garage along with their’s. Your repair technician will be able to test this theory and place you on a different frequency from your neighbor to avoid the situation from happening again. The Verdict: There is often a simple and easy solution to this issue. There shouldn’t be a need to replace anything other than a faulty transmitter or remote. The Problem: The Garage Door Opener Runs, Door Doesn’t Open This issue is common in garage doors as there can be a couple of problems with the door and the parts that make the door function. First, you should check the door’s springs. The torsion springs are what allows for the heavy lifting of the garage door. If one or both of the springs are broken then the garage door opener may struggle to lift the door.    You can also try checking the track for obstacles. On occasion, items or dirt may get lodged inside the track and this can prevent the system from functioning as it should. Lastly, and most commonly on older garage doors, you’ll want to make sure the door didn’t accidentally get locked. If it did, unlock the door and it should function as intended. The Verdict: There are easy solutions to this issue. Removing the obstacles from the track and ensuring the door is unlocked are easy to do yourself. For the torsion springs you’ll need to hire a garage door repair technician. They will know exactly how to work with these springs as they can be dangerous to handle yourself.    — — Sources: ShutterStock Image: 275509898

Things You Need To Know About Houston Garage Door Repair

Being a homeowner means you have so many things to worry about, from the safety of your home to protecting it from natural disasters. If you’re smart, you’ll take out insurance to protect all the things that are important to you. You can cover the building itself, its fixtures and fittings and even all of your possessions. And, of course, there are different levels of insurance, depending on how cautious you’re willing to be. Assuming you’ve taken out insurance, you’ll be able to make a claim in case anything happens. One of the most precious parts of your home is probably your garage. It protects your car and anything else inside, as well as being one route into your house. If the door breaks, it’s both an inconvenience and a security hazard. But if your insurance covers your garage door, you’ll be able to make a claim to help you get it fixed. Claiming on your insurance can be a hassle, but with this guide it can be much more simple. Don’t panic if you notice that your garage door is damaged. Contacting your insurance company and filing a claim could be easier than you think. Survey and Record the Damage Before you do anything else, you need to check how your garage door is damaged. There might be some immediate actions you need to take to prevent further damage or even injury to anyone in your family. For example, if the damage has caused a plumbing leak, you’ll need to turn off the water or plug the leak to stop any electrical problems or flooding. Remember that your insurance might not cover further damage that you could have prevented. Once you’ve sorted out any immediate issues, you should begin making a record of the damage. You can take notes and some photos, which will be useful later when you need to send proof of the damage to your insurance provider. Who Broke the Door? Before you contact your insurance provider, you should think about who is responsible for the damage. You’ll probably know if it was you or someone you live with, either family or a housemate, who broke it. But it could also have been a neighbor who accidentally knocked into your door with their car. It could also be that a car accident on the road ended up damaging your garage door. How it broke is important to consider because it will affect who is responsible for paying for the repairs. If someone else damaged your garage door, it could be up to them to make a claim on their auto or liability insurance. Don’t make a claim on your own insurance until you’re sure that it’s your job to pay. Consider Costs and Deductibles Before you decide to make a claim, you should think about how much the repairs are likely to cost. If they are only small, it might not be worth claiming from your insurance. To find out whether you should make a claim, check the deductible on your policy. If the repairs are going to cost less than your deductible, your insurance won’t give you any money. You’ll be covering all the costs, so filing a claim will be a waste of time. Check Your Insurance Policy Of course, you also won’t get any money if your insurance policy doesn’t cover damage to your garage door. You’ll need to consider both your garage and the nature in which it was damaged. For example, if you have a detached garage it might not be covered by your homeowner’s policy. You may need a separate policy for that type of garage. You also need to think about how your door was broken. Natural disasters are often not included on insurance policies unless you take out separate cover. There could be other circumstances too, such as damage you caused doing DIY or something you could have reasonably prevented from happening. Contact Your Insurance Company Once you’ve checked to see if your insurance policy covers the damage to your garage door, you can contact your provider. You can contact them over the phone, and some will also have online forms you can fill in to request a callback. Your insurance company will give you a case number and ask you to contact a contractor to get an estimate for repairs. If there are several problems, you may need to call more than one company. Your provider may also send out someone to get an estimate themselves, so that you don’t have to do anything. Evidence of Damage Your insurance provider will want to see evidence of the damage to your garage door. This is where the notes and photos you took earlier will come in handy. You can send them what you have collected to show them what has happened. You might also need to send some other materials. For example, if your door was damaged because of a crime, a copy of the police report will come in handy. You might be asked to send receipts as proof of the cost of the repairs. However, if your insurance provider sends someone to collect an estimate, you won’t have to. Disputing a Claim Sometimes your insurance company will turn down your claim when you believe that they should pay out. If this happens, it’s essential that you keep records of everything that’s happening. You can take notes of the conversations that you have with anyone concerning the matter, whether they’re insurance personnel or a contractor. Keep receipts and estimates for the repairs and make sure you know why the company has turned down the claim. If you disagree with their decision, you can get in touch with a lawyer to help you fight your case. However, there are no guarantees that you’ll win, so find an attorney who will be honest about your chances. Don’t procrastinate on fixing your garage door and contacting your insurance company. See to the problem as soon as you can so that you can make sure your home and car are both safe.

3 of the Most Common Reasons to Call a Garage Door Repair Company

You never know just how important your garage door is to you until it doesn’t work. The moment that garage door sticks and you can’t get it to open or close, you start to panic a little. Luckily, a garage door repair company, like Houston Overhead Garage Doors, can help solve your problem. The following is a look at three of the most common reasons homeowners call a repair company for their garage doors. Garage Door is Stuck Either Open or Closed Homeowners need their garage doors to be fully functional. When a garage door is stuck – whether it is open or closed – it hinders the homeowner’s ability to fully use their garage. There are a number of different reasons why the garage door is stuck open or closed. An experienced repairman with a reliable company will check for the following things when trying to assess why a door is stuck. A repairman will check:

  • Batteries and sensors in an automatic garage door opener system
  • Debris and other items obstructing the wheels on the track
  • Wheels are properly lubricated
  • Cables and springs are holding the door in an even manner

Garage Door Crashes Down When Trying to Close It Closing your garage door should not be difficult. You should be able to easily close it without fear of having it slam or crash to the ground unexpectedly. Garage doors that are slamming shut can be extremely dangerous not only to the individual opening or closing the door, but to those around them. A garage door repair company can check into why the door is closing in such a manner. Most of the time, the garage door is closing like this because one or more of the cables or springs have broken. A repair company will not only be able to check that all cables and springs are working properly, but they can replace any broken parts immediately. Automatic Garage Door Opener is Failing to Open the Door Part of the luxury of owning an automatic garage door opener is your ability to let this gadget do all the work for you. Unfortunately, automatic garage door opening systems are not built to last forever. If your garage door opener is not opening or closing your door, it could be an indication it is time for a new system. Repair technicians can look over your automatic garage door system and determine what may be causing the problem. Sometimes it is as simple as needing to replace the remote control or sensors that work with the system, while other times you may need to upgrade to a newer system. These are just some of the many reasons why homeowners call a Houston garage door repair company, like Houston Overhead Garage Doors. We are able to send out experienced garage door repair technicians to assess and fix the problem, and get your garage door working for you.

3 Reasons Springs Break and You Need the Help of a Houston Garage Door Repair Company

Did you know that the torsion springs installed by a Houston garage door repair company are the most important part of your garage door? The springs are essential to helping you open and close the garage door with ease. If one of the springs should break, you’d have to lift the entire weight of the garage door yourself and push it above your head – and that is a lot of work! There are a number of reasons why the torsion springs on a garage door might break, resulting in your need to call a Houston garage door repair company like Houston Overhead Garage Doors. The following is a look at the three most common reasons why garage door springs break. The Extreme Wear and Tear of Intense Use Garage door springs are built to last, but they are not built to last forever. The average manufacturer of a garage door spring builds the spring to last approximately 10,000 complete cycles (opening and closing of the door). Most garage door repair technicians see torsion springs that break simply because of wear and tear. The intense pressure they are put under day in and day out causes the springs to wear out and eventually lose their elasticity. When this happens, the springs snap and break, which causes you to be unable to open or close your garage door. The Spring Becomes Rusty Most of the time, rust buildup on a garage door spring will not break or snap the spring, but it can lead to other factors that cause the spring to break. Rust will weaken the spring. A weaken spring will eventually snap in half and break when it is put into use. Trying to Save Money by Not Using the Right Amount of Springs A properly installed garage door will have two separate torsion springs. There will be a spring on the left hand side and a spring on the right hand side. The use of two springs not only evens out the opening and closing of the garage door, but it prevents one spring from having to do all the work. Some homeowners try to save money when it comes to installing their garage door. They save money by only having one torsion spring installed. While this type of installation might work for smaller garages with roll up doors in Houston, it does not work for the average garage door used by most homeowners. Using the right amount of springs on a garage door will not only save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to purchase new springs constantly, but it helps prevent damage to the garage door. The use of one spring can cause the garage door to come crashing down unexpectedly, which can break or crack the door. Torsion springs can and will break. Our Houston garage door repair technicians at Houston Overhead Garage Doors can fix and repair any broken torsion spring for you and offer you tips on how to possibly prevent them from breaking in the future.

4 Times to Call for Garage Door Repair in Houston

You may have your car stuck in your garage because your door will not open. You may be facing a door that will not close and wondering how secure you will feel going off to work with the garage open. When it comes down to it, getting garage door repair in Houston is essential. There are many times when you will want to call in the professionals rather than trying to tackle your repairs on your own. It is a good idea to always call if you need assistance, but some situations require a pro to safeguard your door and your overall home. #1: Is your garage door non-operational at all? If you’ve checked to ensure the motor is getting power (checked the breaker) then it is a good idea to call in a professional. Problems with the motor are not uncommon but they can be hard to fix. Additionally, many times repairs are possible if you use a professional. Otherwise, you may need to replace your existing motor instead. #2: Is your garage door unsightly? You could get garage door repair in Houston for any type of problem including broken sections or those that are no longer functional. Another time to call, though, is when you need to replace and upgrade the door. states that you can upgrade your door as a component of home improvement, giving your home a brand new look. When you call a professional in to do this, you’ll add value to your home hands down. #3: Are you losing a lot of money on energy costs? While the garage is likely to be much colder in the winter and warmer in the summer than the home, it should still be well insulated. If your garage is not, then it may be time to replace your garage door. Choose garage doors in Houston that are insulated. Doing this can help to protect your home from unnecessary energy use (think about the fact that your garage is a huge, open space and the door is the largest in your home.) recommends purchasing an insulated door for added energy savings. #4: Is your door no longer aligned? Problems with the track system, the door fittings, and the overall design are hard to fix. The wires can snap easily. This can even be a potential serious problem and some of these problems can be dangerous to fix on your own. When it comes to getting garage door repair in Houston, it is essential to turn to an experienced, established professional. This is a key component of your home’s value and it is one of the most important parts of your home for energy efficiency. If you are locked in or can’t get your door to close, call a pro.

Top Reasons Why We Should Install Your Commercial Garage Door Openers in Houston

At Houston Overhead Garage Doors, we specialize in installing and maintaining commercial garage door openers in Houston. We offer only the highest quality products and by back them with our superb workmanship. We believe that our customers form the foundation of our business and treat each of them with honesty, integrity and respect. During each one of our interactions with our customers, we strive to deliver above and beyond what it expected. 1. We are a Home Depot Preferred Installer As a Home Depot Preferred Installer, there are certain criteria that we must meet in order to even be considered for this honor. For example, each of our owners, employees and subcontractors must undergo a background check that Houston Overhead Garage Doors pays for itself. In addition, Home Depot requires that we have all the applicable licenses as required by the city of Houston and Harris County in order to be able to install commercial garage door openers in Houston. We are also required to have all the applicable insurances including workman’s compensation, automobile and general liability to ensure that the community is protected. 2. All of Our Work is up to Code At Houston Overhead Garage Doors, we take pride in each garage door opener we install. This means that we follows all of the most current codes that are required by the municipalities that we serve. Before we begin any work when it comes to installing commercial garage doors and commercial garage door openers in Houston, we obtain any necessary permits. 3. We Work With You To Find the Solutions You Need Commercial garage doors come in an array of different styles and colors to suit your needs. While there might be restrictions based on a number of factors such as the existing building structure, fire codes and your budget, there are still a number of variations that make it easy to find the garage doors to meet the needs of your business and your customers. Rolling steel service doors, for example, are designed with safety reversing systems and are available in a number of colors in addition to the typical tan, white and black. Since 1991, Houston Overhead Garage Doors has provided both superior service and the highest quality garage doors to hundreds of commercial and residential customers. By utilizing our expertise, enthusiasm and service-oriented nature, we are the area’s premier choice for both installation and maintenance. There is no job too large or too small since they receive the same attention to detail as well as expert service and advice from us.

Could A Garage Door Repair Make Your Home Safer?

When you open your garage door do you cringe? All the clutter of gardening tools, sporting equipment, tools, Christmas decorations and anything else that you can not seem to fit inside your house winds up cluttered up in the garage for all of your friends and guests to see anytime your garage door is opened. Not only is a messy garage unpleasant, but it can actually be unsafe. You might think your garage is only unsafe if you are in need of a garage door repair, but actually there are a lot of safety issues that go unnoticed in the garage. Here are a few safety dangers that could be lurking in your garage. Clutter You may feel that you have absolutely no storage space in your garage. The truth is you have the same amount of storage space in your garage as you had when you bought your home. It is just that now you have filled it with clutter in a very disorganized way. When you make the effort to organize the clutter you will be amazed at how much more space you will be able to use. Making small home improvements like organizing the garage or getting a garage door repair can make your garage a much more pleasant place. Fire Hazards Just because your garage is not part of the livable space in your home, does not mean that it is exempt from fire hazard safety rules. In many cases the garage actually may have more fire hazards than the rest of the house. This is because you will store combustible materials in a garage that you would never think of bringing inside the home. Items such as fertilizer and gasoline for lawn equipment are often stored in garage. While you are considering changes like a garage door repair, do not forget the importance of making sure that any dangerous materials are properly stored in a well ventilated part of the garage and be sure that there is a fire extinguisher available in the garage as well. Carbon Monoxide Fumes An attached garage can pose a particular threat as far as carbon monoxide fumes are concerned. The exhaust from a vehicle, a generator or any other gas powered equipment can build up quickly and seep into the home putting those inside at risk. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors installed and to address any issues you may have with the functionality of the garage door. A faulty garage door that will not open properly or quickly enough could put family members in danger if they need to get out quickly. Contact Houston garage door repair companies to get your garage door in proper working order.

Houston Garage Door Repair Can Make Your Home Safer in 2015

As the New Year begins, there are probably many home improvement jobs that you have on your mind. Most home improvement jobs involve beautifying your house in some way, or increasing its value somehow. What many people do not consider, are home improvement jobs that can make your home safer. Houston garage door repair can offer you services to increase the security of your garage doors and thus your home. Here are just a few ways you can make your home a safer place in 2015.

Repair Faulty Garage Doors

Garage doors are designed to add an extra level of security for your home and for your possessions. However, when garage doors fall into disrepair it largely goes unnoticed. This is a mistake, because in many cases there are many valuable things that are being stored in the garage. Besides your vehicles, there is often tools, sporting or recreational equipment and even sentimental family possessions stored in this area of the home. When the garage door is not functioning properly then these possessions are more vulnerable. Houston garage door repair can evaluate weaknesses in your current garage door and give you easy to understand estimates for a quick repair job.

Repair Poor Wiring

Because of the wear and tear that is put on most garage doors, over time the wiring can become damaged in this area. When the wiring goes bad in your garage door, your entire garage can become a dangerous place. This is not only true of your garage and garage door, but of any area of your home where wiring has been compromised. If your garage door is not opening and shutting properly, bad wiring could be the reason and Houston garage door repair can find affordable solutions for you. If wiring in other areas of your home has come into question, you should not put this home repair off for any amount of time. Faulty wiring can lead to house fire or electrocutions.


Few people realize that clutter and debris can actually affect the safety of their home. The truth is, though, that severely cluttered areas in your home can actually become a fire hazard. When clutter and debris are crowded around electrical sockets, there is an increased chance of any type of spark generated from the socket to catch fire on the surrounding material. The more material there is available the more quickly a house fire can spread. Removing this clutter from your home or garage will make your home a more pleasant and safer place.

Houston Overhead Garage Doors helps families and businesses to keep their garage doors and commercial garage doors in the best shape possible to increase the safety and functionality of their homes and businesses.

Top 3 Signs that Your Garage Doors in Houston are in Need of Repair

Houston, we have a problem.  If your problem is that you have a garage door that is older than Sputnik, then you need to call our experts at Houston Overhead Doors to inspect and service your garage doors in Houston.  Ensuring that your garage door is operating properly is not just a matter of convenience; it is a matter of safety as well. As such, if your garage door is showing signs of wear and tear that suggest an immediate system failure, you need to get a pair of professional eyes on your garage door for an assessment and any needed repairs.  If you are wondering whether it is time to make the call for garage door service in Houston, you should conduct a brief inspection of your garage door for warning signs of damage. Recognize the Three Warning Signs of Garage Door Failures According to the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International (DASMA), the recommendation is that you take the time for monthly inspections of your system to ensure its reliability.  If you notice any of the following issues, you should contact a professional to assess the situation, and make any necessary repairs. 1)Sagging Garage Door Sections—checking the balance of your garage door necessitates disconnecting your automatic door opener, and manually operating the door until it is resting midway between opened and closed.  Once there, the door should remain balanced rather than creeping upwards or downwards.  Failure to do so is suggestive that you may have a malfunctioning torsion spring.  It is highly recommended that you seek out professional help in making repairs. 2)Door is off Tracks—the tracks that run along either side of the garage door are crucial to its safe operation.  If you note in your inspection that the door is off the tracks that can be a sign of a door that is not in the best of shape due to either age or damage. 3)Noisy Door—a noisy garage door might be screeching for a variety of reasons ranging from damaged components like hinges, springs, and rollers to serious system failures that could result in grave injury or property damage.  With repeated usage, garage door parts begin to break down and are only slated to last five or six years.  Keeping your eye on these parts, and calling a professional at the first sign of damage, can save you lots of headaches and hassles in the end. You should have your garage doors in Houston inspected and repaired by a professional if you suspect dangerous conditions, and in the greater Houston area, Houston Overhead Doors is the go-to company that Houstonites trust for quality garage door service and repair. Call the Garage Door Experts at Houston Overhead Doors With a quarter-century of experience in the Houston area, Houston Overhead Doors is the trusted company that Houstonites depend on for servicing their garage doors in Houston.  Since opening our doors in 1990, we have consistently put our customer’s need first, thus earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  If you suspect that your garage door is in danger of malfunctioning, you need to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment to have our professional team come out and asses and fix the problem.

7 Things to Look for When Choosing Garage Door Service In Houston

When you require garage door service in Houston, it’s not as easy as calling the first company you stumble upon. It’s easier to look at what the service includes and what all the service provider has to offer. This will allow you to obtain the services you need with confidence, knowing that provider you choose can do a good job. Here are seven things you want in a garage door repair company: 1. Variety of Services You have to look at the services that are offered by a company. You may need a garage door repair in Houston or you may need something else – such as an actual garage door upgrade. Whatever it is that you need, the company should be able to offer it. 2. Speed of Service If you require garage door service in Houston, it is likely because something is wrong. You need the company to respond with the same level of urgency as you are feeling about the issue you have. A vital repair should be done within 24 hours, and any other issue should be done quickly as well. If you require a new door or something else that is major, it may take longer than 24 hours; but you have to feel as though your satisfaction as a customer is a priority for the company. 3. Customer Service Customer service is something you can evaluate from the moment you place the call. Did they answer the phone in a friendly way? Did they attempt to answer your questions? Did they make you feel comfortable? Customer care goes a long way in choosing garage door service in Houston, because good customer relations really helps to ensure that you get what you want without a lot of hassle. 4. Price The price of any service relating to your garage door should be affordable and competitively priced within the market. The company should give you a price quote in written form. This way you know what you’re going to pay without receiving any surprises once it is all done. If you don’t like the quote, you can always feel confident in calling another company to gain a point of reference. 5. Ability to Fix Not all companies work the same. When you call for repairs, the technician who is dispatched should know what he or she is doing. If you get the sense that that the tech isn’t competent for completing the service required, then you need to call another company. 6. Warranty Service companies should issue warranties. This is your guarantee that you are spending money to effectively fix a problem. If something goes wrong after the company has left, and you have a warranty, it should be as simple as calling them out and fixing the problem. The warranty should cover both parts and labor. 7. Quality of Company There are a few ways to look at the quality of the company. You can contact the Better Business Bureau, read reviews online, ask for testimonials or simply talk with the company to get a feel for who they are and what they have to offer.

Houston Garage Door Repair Service with Exceptional Customer Service

What makes Houston Garage Door Repair the “go to” company for exceptional service and well trained garage door repair and installation technician specialists? Our customer service standards have been set in stone for over twenty-three years, which created the foundation of our company’s Mission Statement. Every employee has been trained to meet our mission statement standards to perform every courtesy we can make available to our loyal clientele. Houston Garage Door Repair has a very impressive, yet simple Mission Statement: “In order to best match our customer’s needs with our products and service:

  1. The foundation of our business is the customer
  2. Honesty and integrity above reproach
  3. We deliver what we promise. GUARANTEED”

Our mission statement is simple to understand, yes, but living up to our high goals and standards for over two decades has developed our quality team into expert customer service professionals. This is an accomplishment many Houston garage door repair companies are still struggling to conquer. Our services cover residential and commercial garage doors of every imaginable kind.


We have a complete range of overhead garage door related services that include master craftsmanship and skills in repairs and installations. Additionally, we offer same-day services because our unsurpassed access to resource systems for every garage part from any garage door manufacturer, brand and model available. Our emergency service availability is 24-hours, 7 days a week. We work around our client’s busy schedules. Our customer service standards guarantee our clients receive best-quality care. Our highly-trained and uniquely prepared technicians are all direct employees. We never employ subcontractors. Our uniformed garage door technician specialists are on-time, friendly, and fully capable to repair or install garage doors efficiently and precisely. Residential Services and Product Line:

  • Houston Overhead Garage Doors
  • Custom Garage Doors
  • Custom Garage Door Installations
  • Wood and Carriage Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Opener and Springs
  • Emergency Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Parts and Replacement
  • Garage Door Maintenance


When a commercial customer calls Overhead Garage Door of Houston, our garage door experts and qualified technicians will answer every question and provide solutions to all customer concerns. Our company never tags on hidden fees or add costs during a garage door repair of installation. We offer free consultations and stand by the quotes we provide to our commercial customers. Commercial Services and Product Line:

  • Commercial Garage Door Repair
  • Automatic Entry Garage Doors
  • Thermacore Garage Doors
  • Rolling Steel Garage Doors
  • Commercial and Industrial Sectional Garage Doors
  • Fire-Rated Garage Doors
  • Security Grills
  • Counter Garage Doors
  • Garage Door Openers Remote Controls and Accessories

Our preferred fabrication of industrial and commercial styled overhead garage doors are safety-tested and performance-tested to ensure they exceed all business safety insurance requirements. We offer insulated or non-insulated garage doors for internal or external structures, with fire-rated and sectional steel garage doors that have high-performance ratings.

5 Reasons To Call For A Garage Door Repair

It’s easy to put off a garage door repair because of not wanting to spend the money or because it doesn’t look that bad. However, it is a primary entry to your home and may look a lot worse than what you think. There are many reasons why you want to call for a repair as soon as you notice that there is a problem. 1.         Security The security of your home should be important, even if you live in one of the safest neighborhoods in the country. When it comes to home security tips, the garage door is always at the top of the list. It needs to be secured. If there are issues with it not closing properly, it may be easy for someone to take a crowbar and pry it up when you’re not at home, thus gaining immediate access to your home – or at least what’s in the garage. 2.         Ease of Operation If it has gotten to the point where you have to get out of the car, walk up to the garage door, and pull it open and closed each time you enter and leave the home, it may be time for a garage door repair. There is something to be said about ease of operation and general convenience. Houston Overhead Door works with garage door repairs as well as garage opener installations. 3.         Peace of Mind It’s a good idea to have peace of mind knowing that your garage door is functioning properly, closing efficiently when you leave for the day, and doing what it is supposed to do. There are a lot of garage door problems that can occur and without getting the repair quickly, the problem could be getting worse, which means it could be more expensive by the time you get around to making the call. 4.         Aesthetics The aesthetics of your home may be dwindling because of the look of the garage door. It may be hanging off the rails, there may be a gap between the bottom and the driveway, or various other problems. A garage door repair is a simple fix that can add to the look of your home. If the garage door is old, you can even explore a new look at the same time as the repair to enhance your home’s appearance. A new style may be just what’s needed. 5.         Curb Appeal Curb appeal matters all the time. Whether you have commercial overhead doors in Houston or residential ones, the curb appeal is going to provide value to your property. People are going to judge you from the curb as to what your home or business looks like. If your home is for sale or your garage is part of your business, it may not be getting positive attention – and this can be a problem.

Three Reasons For A Garage Door Repair

When your garage door is broken, is easy to put off a repair. It is expensive, you don’t need your garage door to work perfectly, and you don’t mind calling it up and down manually. There are plenty of excuses that you can make for avoiding all garage door repair. However, there are three good reasons why you should explore a repair sooner rather than later. One of the main reasons for a garage door repair is to enhance security. You want your home or business to be as secured as possible at all times. Whether you are in the building or not, you want to make sure that your garage door stays closed. People will go in and out of the garage whenever they are allowed to do so, and burglars may be targeting your garage based upon how easy it is for them to break in. Simple damage to a garage door may be just what a burglar needs in order to be able to pry open quickly. They may be able to get in and out with a significant amount of goods without ever being detected. This means that you need to have the damages repaired quickly so that you don’t encounter a break-in. Another reason for garage door repair is to enhance the aesthetics. If you have a broken garage door, it can look very unattractive. This is going to affect curb appeal if you are a homeowner. If you are a business owner, it could impact your business because people are going to judge the outside of your business as to how you do business. If you look run down and broken, people are going to assume that they will get low-quality products or services out of you. The final reason to explore a garage door repair is because it is likely not as expensive as you assume it is going to be. A Houston garage door repair from Houston Overhead Door can be one of the most affordable things that you choose throughout the year. This is because the company focuses on customer service and uses quality products. They are a reliable company that offers competitive pricing so that you can get the repairs needed to your garage door or the opener. Your home or business needs to be a top consideration in all regards and that includes your garage door. When there is damage to your garage door, you cannot put it off forever. The repair can be affordable and it can be handled quickly by calling professionals. This allows you to improve the security, the aesthetics, and not have to worry about the bill that will be handed to you at the end. All you have to do is find the right company to work with so that the rest is done for you.

The Reasons For A Houston Garage Door Repair

It is important that you get a Houston garage door repair the moment you notice a problem. Many people tend to put it off and then wonder why the repairs are so expensive. A garage door repair is not only going to help improve function but also to enhance security. Regardless of what kind of door you have, it can be repaired in a relatively quick manner. All sorts of issues can happen. Whether a garage door is old or has been damaged in one way or another, a repair needs to take place. If the garage door cannot open and close sufficiently, it can lead to different problems. One of the biggest problems is that the door will not close or open all of the way. When this happens, it may be difficult to use the garage door in its entirety. A vehicle may not be able to get out of the garage or into it. This means that the vehicle remains trapped until a Houston garage door repair takes place. If the vehicle is trapped on the outside of the garage, it is not receiving sufficient protection and is vulnerable to all of the external elements. Another big problem is that if the door does not close and form a proper seal, it is vulnerable to burglary. There are many burglars who pay attention to the efficiency of garage doors. They know to look for small cracks at the bottom or along the seams in order to make it easier for them to break in. If your garage door at home or at work has a problem, it is possible that burglars have already spotted it and are planning to take advantage of it. A Houston garage door repair will allow you to solve the problem quickly. Houston Overhead Door has been serving local needs for many years. They are able to diagnose the problem and make a repair quickly. The technicians are familiar with a variety of different makes and models of garage doors and can help with a garage door opener as well. Appearance and security are important. Regardless of whether it is your home or your business, you want your garage door to look great as it is going to impact curb appeal. If your garage door is barely hanging on, it is going to make it harder for your home to look great. If it is for your business, customers may begin to doubt the quality of your work because you cannot even take care of your garage door. These are issues that you don’t want to have, and they are an easy issue to resolve. Working with a quality company will allow you to get the garage door repair in Houston that you need so that you can enhance the appearance and the security.

Avoid Houston Garage Door Repair By Increasing The Security

While most damage caused to your garage door is from running into it with your car, sometimes people will need Houston garage door repair because of thieves and break-ins. Garages can become a prime spot for a burglar to grab tools, possessions inside the car, and the car itself when the homeowner goes on vacation. A garage is also another access point into the house. To avoid paying for additional garage door repairs, you can increase the security of the garage to prevent burglars from trying to break inside. Here are a few tips offered by Houston Overhead Door.
Close, Lock And Repair The Garage Door
More problems happen to garage doors because the person believes they live in a safe neighborhood and the neighbors will keep an eye on their garage. So they won’t close the garage door or even lock it. Other times, they just let the maintenance lapse on the garage door as it only opens partially. Thieves love it when a homeowner makes their job easier, and they won’t hesitate to break open a malfunctioning garage door. Keep your garage door working properly, keep it locked and always keep it close.
Place Frosted Glass On Garage Door Windows
If burglars can’t look inside, they won’t be able to see the items they want to steal. Frosted glass still allows natural light to enter the garage but doesn’t allow people to look through it. Often, burglars will move on to other garages where they can see the items inside and plan on how to steal them.
Don’t Leave The Garage Door Remote In The Car
Many people will have two cars, but only place one in the garage. The other car gets left out on the street. What also gets left out is the garage door remote as thieves can easily spot it sitting up on the dashboard or hanging from the sun visor. Don’t ever leave the garage door opener in the car.
Increase Outdoor Lighting Around The Garage
People will go out of their way to light up the outside of their homes with security lights, but leave their garage in the shadows as a person can walk up and try to break through the door. To deter thieves and avoid Houston garage door repair costs, don’t forget to place security lights on your garage. Motion detector lights also help when you are coming home late and you need light to shine a bright path to the front door.
Be Careful About Altering Your Garage Door Mechanisms
People will always offer tips about changing how the garage door functions to increase the security. From placing zip ties on the emergency release to attaching c-clamps on the door tracks. Be careful about taking such advice. If there is an emergency inside your home — such as a fire — and you are trying to escape through a garage, you may not remember these things are attached to your garage door and opener. Also, you may have to end up breaking the garage door yourself and then paying for Houston garage door repair.

Invest In Storage Options To Avoid Garage Door Repair

It is amazing the number of things that can damage your garage and force you to get garage door repair. Cars back up into the closed door or toys are tossed at the garage. Yet you may not have considered that the items you have stored inside the garage can damage the garage door. Garages are like large storage spaces that you don’t have to pay rent for to place your things inside. When the attic or basement is too packed with boxes, the next area to clutter is the garage. Unfortunately, the stack of boxes and containers placed inside can get monstrous to the point where you don’t even park the car inside because you have run out of room. It is then when you may experience problems with the garage doors.
How Your Possessions Can Cause Garage Door Issues
Stacked boxes and containers can shift, leaning against garage door parts and garage door openers. This constant force can damage the door as it will no longer open. Objects can also lean up against the garage door itself, bending out the doors from the track. Heavy objects can drop out boxes or shelves and bang into the surface of the garage door, also causing dents as you will need to contact a technician to perform Houston garage door repair. The possessions in your garage may also cause people to try to break in. When people see large amounts of stuff stored in the garage, they try to kick out a garage door panel so they can see inside. If they like what they see, they will squeeze inside through the panel and push things out to their friends who will run off with your possessions.
Avoid Garage Door Repair by Organizing Your Clutter
The best way to ensure your garage door will work is to clear up the clutter. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Place the stuff that you use most often in the house directly indoors. Keep stuff you use occasionally in the yard or in the garage in storage containers and shelves in the garage. There are tons of storage solutions available that can be found at retail stores and home improvement stores. Use wall shelves to hold toys and garden products. Use hooks to hang tools and bicycles up on the walls. Cabinetry works great to store craft items and things you use to perform maintenance on the car. Storage bins are another solution for seasonal items such as holiday decorations. You may have seen some smart garage door organizing ideas where you can hang containers from the roof of the garage as the containers slide onto racks. While this method frees up space in large garages, keep in mind that garage doors that slid back on tracks may hit the containers and will need garage door repair if damaged. So keep this in mind and install ceiling racks so they are not in the way of the garage door.

Houston Garage Door Repair Infographic August 2014

Periodic Maintenance For A Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener makes life so simply. All you have to do is push on a button while inside the car as the garage door opens and closes, which cuts down on your time spent outside, especially in bad weather, manually opening and closing the door. You know that your car will be safe from the weather, vandalism and break-ins when it is safely closed up in your garage. Yet the number of times we operate garage openers can slowly wear out its working parts. To avoid garage door repair, you can perform some simple maintenance to keep it functioning as it should. Use these tips offered by us here at Houston Overhead Door.

Lubricating Parts

Garage door openers have moving parts that can wear out the longer you use them. The garage door is constantly being pulled up and down the track. Yet the more these parts are used, the more they become worn out and can start to stick in place, making the garage opener slow down the door along the tracks or stop completely. Lubricating moving parts gives them new life. The parts will have an easier time moving along the track as the garage door opener can pull on the door with little effort. Only lubricate the moving parts. Don’t touch the plastic idler bearings as you could cause damage.

Visual Inspection

So many garage door problems can be avoided if a person does a visual inspection regularly to spot issues. Often you can see that there will be a potential problem soon as having a professional come to your garage and perform maintenance will ensure the garage door will work properly. In addition, if the problem is seen early, then you may only have to pay a small fee for repairs versus ignoring the problem until it becomes a major issue that will require more expensive repairs. Places to look for wear-and-tear are the pulleys, door springs, and cables. Don’t try to repair the problem yourself, as you may end up damaging the garage door opener. Simply spot the issue, document it, and call the garage door technician to make a visit.

Reverse Testing

Garage door openers have reverse options so that the garage door will reverse itself automatically when an object is in the way so that it will not shut down on your car or a person. There are two different ways to test this setting. When the garage door is closing, place your hands on the bottom of the door and hold it. The door opener should reverse itself immediately. The other method is to place a thick piece of wood flat on the floor. The door opener should reverse itself when it comes in contact with the wood. If the garage opener does not reverse itself, it is time to call a technician. The garage opener may need adjusted or replaced.

Repairing Houston Garage Doors

When you first buy a home you gain not only your own place but a few new ownership responsibilities as well. With Houston garage doors they offer an attractive and useful feature to your home. They’re not only practical but also add style to a residence. However, like a good many things they occasionally need repair. That’s where we come in. We’re experts in garage door repair and can help when issues arise with your overhead door in Houston; we see plenty of different repair jobs and needs. A bit of research shows that there is more to garage doors then you may think at first. What follows is a brief description of some of the issues we see every day and help repair. 1. The Door Sticks This is an issue we see often and is easily repaired. While not critical it is annoying. A door that sticks can have several different root causes. This can range from a bad garage door opener to problems with the wheel track. The thing with Houston garage doors is that the heat can cause issues sometimes. This requires the track, springs, and lubrication be checked regularly. Any one of these being damaged can throw off the garage door’s timing. 2. The Door Opens And Closely Unevenly This is an unsightly issue. This one is rather easy to spot as well. If you see one side hanging lower than the other give us a call. The underlying issue with this particular problem often relates to the track, wheels, and springs. It could be something as simple as a cleaning or as complex as spring replacement. No matter the issue repair is entirely possible and easily done. 3. The Door Falls Down Suddenly This is more than annoying this is dangerous. We always advise homeowners to get problems like this fixed as soon as possible. A garage door that falls suddenly and too quickly can damage automobiles or injure people. When we come out for such a repair we look for the most common root causes. These can include a broken cable or a loose or broken spring and require immediate repair. 4. Garage Door Replacement Houston garage doors take a beating. A combination of heat, sun, daily use, and the occasional accident do add up. Over many years of ownership there comes a time when replacement of the entire garage door is required. We can help with that as well. We not only repair garage doors we also install them. We offer many different styles of garage doors made out of a wide variety of materials. Material choices include wood, aluminium, steel, and sturdy fiberglass. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for good looks or practicality we can help.

Try Houston Overhead Door for All Houston Garage Door Repair or Replacement Needs

An article in Remodel Magazine reports that garage door replacement is one of the top recommendations for home renovations that can increase the value of a property.  A good Houston garage door repair service can help determine whether an existing door needs to be repaired or whether it would be better to completely replace it. There are times when garage doors are damaged so badly that they should be replaced altogether.  An example might be when a car accidentally backs through the door and virtually removes it altogether.   However, when garage doors in Houston sustain less serious damage or simply stop working, a good repair service can be called upon to restore them to their original working condition.  When making the decision between garage door replacement or repair, it can help to know the various components that comprise overhead doors.  Houston Overhead Door is a competent Houston garage door repair service that is knowledgable about all overhead door components. Our garage door parts range from the smallest components, such as fasteners, small fixtures and hinges to much larger parts, such as door springs and mechanical operators.  Garage doors themselves usually consist of steel panels that are presented in sections reinforced with stiles.  These are interconnected with rollers and hinges.  A structural support, in the form of a bottom bracket, provides a platform for attachment of the lifting cables that make the door go up and down smoothly.  When the door opens, the cable drum allows the cables to wind around it via torsion springs while extension springs extend the door’s horizontal tracks. Houston Garage Door Repair service notes three different track components that make the doors operate correctly.  The horizontal track is one that is attached to the ceiling.  When the door is raised, it rests within this track.  The radius track exists as part of the horizontal track, but is curved from the ceiling of the garage to the vertical plane of the door.  The vertical track is installed on either side of the garage door opening.   If any of these three track components become bent or loose, they can cause the entire door to malfunction. The same is true for the extension springs that raise and lower the door. In most cases, garage doors have what is known as a window lite or glazed section of one panel that contains tempered glass or sheets of clear acrylic to allow for better interior visibility and light.   They come in both fixed styles and can also be installed on sliders for opening.  Garage door repair specialists can replace these window lites as needed with a variety of different types of class or acrylic. Regardless of whether you need replacement parts, or want to replace the entire garage door, Houston Overhead door can offer competent professional assistance.  Call us today.

Garage Door Repair in Houston Doesn’t Have to be a Panic

Overhead garage door repair can be extremely frustrating, especially when the repair is needed right away as a result of a sudden break, and everything inside needs to be protected from intrusion. Garage doors are highly mechanized systems today with newer designs being released each year. Even the simplest designs that are installed in residential homes require a technical knowledge and understanding of how the parts fit together. These are not projects someone can simply fix with a basic plumber’s wrench and a set of sockets. Just the tension springs alone that allow a basic garage door system to work and hold the weight of the door have to be adjusted with specialized tools. Further, each of the parts has a sequence of assembly and connection. Repairs often require the disassembly of some parts to get to the problem component. Without knowing how to re-assemble the deconstructed pieces, a home amateur job could end up making the repair a lot worse, still leaving the facility with a broken garage door as well. It’s not worth the potential headache. And garage doors on their own without a counter-weight are not easy to move with a basic push-pull effort. Even homeowner garage doors are extremely heavy and dangerous to operate without the counter-weight mechanism in place and operating correctly. The speed at which an overhead door can come down on its tracks is immediate, potentially hurting someone in the wrong place and the wrong time. So facility and bay garage door repair is a necessity, especially in a commercial environment where worker safety is an employer requirement. As a result, Houston garage door repair can and should be handled by one of the region’s most experienced companies and their technicians on garage door work, Houston Overhead Door. Their combined technician experience spans decades of know-how, especially with the mechanical assembly of garage door systems, from basic residential doors to the highly-modernized commercial door systems using hydraulics and similar power generation for heavy door movement. There’s probably not a door system in Houston that the company’s staff have not seen or worked on in some form or manner. So if you suddenly find your facility or building in need of a garage door repair because a panel has come off its hinges, a spring break occurred, or the door opening and lifting system has suddenly jammed up, connecting with Houston Overhead Door is probably the fastest way to get everything back to status quo as quickly as possible. This can be particularly critical if you have valuable equipment or assets exposed to an open garage bay as a result of the problem. So don’t wait.

How To Find The Right Garage Door Service In Houston

There are countless companies that will provide you with garage door service in Houston. Unfortunately, not all of them are affordable or capable of providing you with a quality repair. This means it is of the utmost importance to find a company that you can rely on for a repair or even an upgrade to your garage doors. You will want to determine what you need done. For example, if you require help with your garage door opener, you want to find a company that will help with this. Some of the companies throughout Houston are very limited in what they are going to help with. Identifying services early on can help you narrow down the list. Take the time to call a few companies and talk to them about what they do and how they can help. When you need garage door service in Houston, you may not know what the specific problem is. The company should be willing to come and do the inspection at no cost to you. This will also involve talking to you about the problem and providing you with an estimate. You can learn a lot by talking with a company over the phone. Some are going to be more helpful and patient than others. You don’t want to do business with a company that sounds like they can’t wait to get you off of the phone. Customer service matters and if they are impatient over the phone, the likelihood of them being the same way at your home is very high. Reading reviews online can also help you find the best garage door service in Houston. People are honest with their online reviews. You can find out about how friendly the technicians were, how affordable the services were, and how well the repairs stood up so that you know that you’re going to get a quality repair for whatever money you have to spend. Compare rates from a few different companies to see who has the best price. While it’s not always wise to go with the cheapest, you probably don’t have to go with the most expensive one, either. Review what you have been handed by the companies and if you are unsure about something, ask the company – even if it means calling them to find out what they meant when they said something. You don’t want to have anyone come out and work on your garage door unless you know that you can rely on them. The contractor that is eventually hired to do the work should be licensed and insured. They should also exhibit a high level of customer service so that you know your concerns will be addressed and that you are giving your money to a company that actually cares about making you happy.

3 Ways to Check If You Need A Professional Garage Door Repair in Houston

Garage door maintenance is vital to ensuring a big investment operates as it should. For the value this door adds to your home, and for what you paid, it’s important to keep your garage door operating efficiency. But that obviously won’t always be the case. And you need to know someone affordable and close by. Garage door repair in Houston has never been more accessible. But how will you know if you need to call a professional or not? There are a few ways you can check to see if your garage door or opener are in need of a professional repair when that door stops coming all the way down, or when it’s not operating at the speed it should be. Even though garage door repair in Houston is easy with Overhead, if we can help you with a quick fix, we will! It’s worth noting that even if nothing is wrong with your door, you should still have it periodically checked by a professional (according to when your manual dictates). Here are some easy ways to determine if you need us to come visit or not:

  1. Check your sensor alignment. Sometimes, those little sensors at the bottom of your garage door opener will get crooked. If that alignment is thrown off, if even a little, it could affect the efficiency of your opener. Simply go to it and check, straighten it out if necessary. Also, do make sure the light is still on. If it isn’t, you’ve just successfully solved your problem. Clear any debris or cobwebs that may be obstructing your sensor. While the door won’t come down, it will still go up. If the light if blocked, it will assume something is beneath the door, and therefore will not close.
  2. Check your track. While it may seem obvious, it could be a simple as removing an obstruction that has fallen in your track. Run your hands from the top of your track to the bottom, and be sure to wear gloves when you check; those edges can be sharp. Note that if your track is damaged or bent, that will obviously affect the performance of the garage door, and will probably require a call to us.
  3. Check your wiring. Make sure to check the back of your sensor to ensure those thing wires are connected and rule out any green corrosion. Also, make sure that no wires have been chewed or damaged.

If you find anything wrong by doing the aforementioned steps, remember, Overhead Door has been doing garage door repair in Houston for years. Protect your investment. We’ve been serving the area for a long time and we hope we’ve made garage door service in Houston all the better. We hope we’ve been of some assistance, and please call us if you need to discuss your issue further.

Deciding On A Houston Garage Door Repair Or Replacement

When your garage door is damaged, you have options. While you know that it needs to be repaired, you may want to take it a step further and have it replaced. Much of this is going to depend on the extent of the damage, the age of the door, and hold it looks. A Houston garage door repair may not be that much cheaper than a replacement, so it’s important to make the right decision. The first thing you want to do is call for Houston garage door repair. Have someone come out and inspect the damage. If it is something simple, such as a spring needing to be replaced, you may want to have it done and be on your way. However, if there is a lot of damage, you may want to talk to the company about a full replacement. The benefit is that you get an all new door and new hardware. You can also improve upon the look of the garage door since it is being replaced. This can enhance the look of your home since the garage door is such a big part of what the outside of your home looks like. You should get two different quotes. Get the quote for the Houston garage door repair and then get a quote for a full door replacement. Sit down with the representative to see what kinds of designs are available and how it can change the look of your home. You may decide to go with a wooden or metal door or even change the appearance in regards to windows on the door. If you have a number of repairs or your door is old and it’s a matter of time before there will be more repairs, it can save you money to spend the money and get the door replaced. If you have to spend a few hundred dollars on repairs now and then again in a year or two because your garage door is 20 years old, you want to think about this and what’s best for your home. There’s no harm in getting the Houston garage door repair company to provide you with two quotes. You may decide that you want to get the repair done now and then work towards the door replacement within the year. By getting the additional quote, you can see the price differences so you know whether it’s worth the cost or not. Much of it is going to depend on the appearance of your garage door. There’s a big difference between it simply not closing right and it being unattractive. You have to determine how you feel about your garage door and its ability to improve the curb appeal of your home. Only then can you decide that you want to have it replaced versus repaired.

3 Things To Know About A Houston Garage Door Repair

When you have a garage for your home or business, it’s important that it provides security, aesthetics, and convenience. Sometimes you will need a Houston garage door repair to improve the garage in at least one of these three areas. The more you know about your options, the easier it is to get the repair that you require. Security is of the utmost importance. When you have a standard garage door, it may be very easy for people to pry it open. This makes it possible for people to get inside your home or business without a lot of struggle. There are various commercial garage door openers in Houston that can add security to a home. A Houston garage door repair doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. If it can actually improve your overall operations, it can save you time or money in the long run. Asking for quotes and asking for assistance to make improvements is always a good idea. Finally, you want to look at convenience. If you need a Houston garage door repair, look to see if it is going to offer more convenience for you. For example, if you need a spring repaired so the garage door will go up, determine if there is a better opener on the market as well. You may be able to get a remote system installed along with your repair without spending a lot of money. This allows you to make improvements and not spend too much at the same time. If you have ideas on what you would like to see from your garage door, it’s important to discuss them at the time that you get the repair. If you are already going to have someone at your home or business, it will be more affordable to have everything done at once. An improvement in security, aesthetics, and convenience can be had simply by discussing your needs and wants. A garage door company can provide you with multiple quotes so you can see which option is the best for what you want as well as what your budget is.

Garage Door Repair Can Be A Facelift To Your Home

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. When you pull up to the front of your home, you want to be happy with what you see. You may notice that a garage door repair is in order. Something as simple as fixing your garage door can be the facelift that you have needed to your home. Curb appeal is always something to consider. While you always hear about it in relation to selling a home, you want to be happy with the appearance even when you’re living there. Your neighbors will certainly be happy to see you taking care of the outside of your home as well since it affects their property values. When you look at a Houston garage door repair, think about what needs to be done. Maybe it doesn’t close all the way. Maybe certain segments are falling apart. Instead of just repairing the bare minimum of what needs to be fixed, you may want to think about taking it a step further and making some improvements. The design of your garage door can be enhanced. When you first built your home, the builders probably didn’t give you any say in the matter. They showed you what it would look like and that was all you could do. Now, if you need a garage door repair, you might as well take the time to consider various options so you can improve the aesthetics. Especially when your garage door needs a lot of work, you can end up getting a brand new one for the same price as it would cost for you to repair it. If you have known that you wanted to improve the outside of your home anyways, you may as well start with the garage. If you improve the garage, you are likely going to improve the security of your home as well. Garages that are older and potentially broken are prime targets for burglars. You may be shocked by how easy it is for someone with a crowbar to pry open your garage door – even when you’re at home. Since you don’t want to knowingly grant access to your home, you have to consider that a repair could end up paying for itself. When you get the garage door repair taken care of and you enhance the look at the same time, it can provide you with the stunning curb appeal that you have been looking for. It can be painted to match your home or you can choose a wooden design to coordinate with other features. You will be in control of all the aesthetics prior to the company proceeding with the repair and replacement. It can be a great facelift that will add value to your home and ultimately make it easier for you to sell your home should you ever decide to put it on the market.

Why A Garage Door Repair Should Be Done By Professionals

One of the worst things in the world is trying to open your garage door in the morning only to be forced to do it manually. A garage door repair should be handled by professionals to ensure that it is done properly. Although it may not look like it, garage doors can be more advanced than you think. If you try to use brute force to fix the door, it may not respond very well. Whether you have a manual garage door or one that utilizes a garage door opener, it’s a good idea to work with a professional. The main reason for this is so that you can make sure that you have all of the latest technology. Particularly when you want a remote door opener, you want one that isn’t going to close on your car if you hit the remote too early or too late. Other sensors can be installed so that you hear a beep or something else to let you know when you are in the way of a sensor or to let you know that you have successfully opened or closed the door. If you are in need of some kind of garage door repair and you try to do it on your own, there is no warranty in place. This means that you will have to be sure you fix it properly the first time. If the garage door is fixed for a week and then goes back to causing problems, you may have to buy more parts and spend more time with the repairs. You want to avoid a trial and error approach to repairing anything in your home. When your garage door is broken, you don’t want to go to the home improvement store and by countless parts that may or may not fix the problem. This is an expensive way to fix your garage and there is no sure way to know that it’s going to work. The easier solution is to work with a professional when you need a garage door repair. The problem will be diagnosed and the issue will be solved. You will also get a warranty that covers labor and parts so that you know the issue will not come back anytime in the near future. A broken garage door may affect the aesthetics of your home and create issues with your security as well. This means that you want to make the repair of your garage door a top priority. The longer you wait, the more it’s going to affect you. It’s no longer just about convenience. While you may be used to hitting the remote to open your garage, it may also create an opportunity for someone to get inside. A professional can make quick work of the problem that you’re having so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

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Quality Houston Garage Door Repair is a Call Away

The safety of your family may well rest on a rusted cotter pin, so if you are looking for a Houston garage door repair shop that knows its business, then you should reach out to the garage door company that specializes in fixing Houston garage doors.  Here at Overhead Garage Door, our team of expert technicians will inspect your door for functionality and safety, before recommending appropriate measures to ensure that the door is working properly.  Whether you end up needing a completely new door, or simply replacing the door’s hardware we can plot out the perfect course of action to ensure that the whole family stays safe this summer. Houston Garage Door Repair Leaders With more than 40 years of experience under our belts, we are the preferred choice of Houstonites when it comes time to fix, repair, or replace their aging and damaged garage doors.  Anything from a broken spring to a bent panel can damage your garage door system, and put your family or property at risk of being hurt in an accident.  Too many people are simply content with dealing with their old damaged door for fear of the hassle and expense of replacing it, but at Overhead Garage Door in Houston, we remove the fear with affordable Houston garage door repair options that won’t break your checking account as you are fixing your garage door.  Our garage doors offer the highest quality in the industry, and we offer ever type of style, make, model, and color to ensure that the front of your house looks exactly as you want it to look. From same day service, 24/7 emergency services, low prices on all the top brands, and superior customer service, it is not hard to figure out why we are the leading door repair shop in town.  Every garage repair job is different, but what isn’t different is the high attention to detail that goes into every one of our jobs, and our commitment to putting your needs front and center of all our planning.  Don’t sit around wondering what a new garage door can do for your home when you can call us today and we can show you our amazing wares and fabulous prices. Call Our Expert Team of Repair Technicians at Overhead Garage Door… When it comes to assessing your garage door’s safety and security, we bring more than four decade of experience to our calculations.  We specialize in all types of garage doors, and have become the preferred choice for Houstonites looking to fix their doors without breaking their banks as such, when it comes to fixing garage doors in Houston, we leave absolutely nothing to chance.  Call us for a free, no-obligation quote today to find out how we can help you with your garage door problems in Houston tomorrow.  Do not risk your family’s safety, or your home’s security with a damaged, sub-standard door when our team can be there 24/7 in an emergency.


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