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Glass Garage Doors for Indoor Use

Glass Garage Doors for Indoor Use

Nothing makes your home feel fresher than revamping your living space with new decor. When you’re looking for an attractive solution to add a modern design twist and open up your interior space, consider an indoor glass garage door. Contemporary glass garage doors are becoming a popular interior design solution to reimagine traditional household fixtures like hinged patio doors. With a new glass garage door inside your home or business, you can seamlessly merge your favorite aspects of indoor and outdoor living.

Glass Garage Door Uses 

You can install a new glass garage door inside your home or business so you can enjoy plenty of natural lighting and nearly endless panoramic views all year. As an innovative design trend, there are many ways you can incorporate indoor-outdoor garage doors in your home’s architecture.

Glass Garage Doors for Interior Use in Your Home

glass garage door for your home interiors will make your space appear brighter, larger, welcoming and natural. By easily clicking on a remote control button, you can open up your living area, creating a seamless connection and transition between indoors and outdoors. An indoor glass garage door is great for:

  • Kitchens: You can enjoy wide-open views while cooking and working in the kitchen. A glass garage door is a great solution for creating a more open kitchen space while enjoying the natural scenery surrounding your home.
  • Dining areas: Who doesn’t love amazing views while enjoying a meal with friends and family? Dining rooms are one of the most popular installation options for many homeowners to enjoy open, unforgettable views and have the opportunity to expand their dining space to the outside.
  • Living rooms: Replace your living room’s current doors with a glass garage door for a refreshing look in your home. This is a beautiful, modern solution for connecting indoor living spaces with terraces, outdoor dining and other outdoor areas.
  • Patios: Create an open space by adding a glass garage door between your indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. You can make a more continuous and spatial interior design allowing guests to move easier between areas.
  • Decks: Make use of your deck during the winter by adding garage doors to enclose the area, transforming it into a sunroom. Especially if you live somewhere with a lot of natural scenery, you can take advantage of this new indoor living space and appreciate nature year-round. 
  • Pool and boathouses: Add to the accessibility and visibility of your pool house or boathouse with a glass garage door. Including glass garage doors in your pool house or boathouse design can help you move through the building better while still protecting its contents.
  • Other spaces: Use a glass door for different rooms in your house to benefit from a more open feel. You can easily walk into the backyard from your office or have quick access to your master bathroom from the pool or hot tub.

Glass garage doors have many functions within the home beyond connecting rooms. You can also use glass garage doors to function as wall dividers between living areas. If you crave the appeal of an open design plan, then consider opening up your home with an indoor glass garage door and use these fixtures as dividing walls. You get the same privacy and sound control as a standard wall but with aesthetically pleasing views and natural lighting. 

Regardless of your home’s layout and the amenities you have, glass garage doors are a great way to connect indoor and outdoor spaces quickly and easily. If you eventually decide to sell your home, having a unique and functional feature like glass garage doors can help increase your home’s curb appeal.

Glass Garage Doors Inside Your Commercial Space 

Many commercial locations have pioneered indoor glass garage doors as an innovative and glamorous way to create memorable dining and lounging spaces. Interior overhead glass garage doors are popular for upscale restaurants and modern, trendy bar settings. These beautiful, contemporary fixtures are the combination of increased visual appeal and functionality to many different types of businesses, including: 

  • Auto dealerships: Glass garage doors in car dealerships are a great way to protect more expensive and high-scale vehicles while still allowing dealerships to show them off. While some cars can sit outside, others need to remain in showrooms to maintain quality and protect their high-end attributes. With glass garage doors, customers can easily view cars, and dealerships can easily raise the doors when a customer makes a purchase.
  • Fire stations: Like auto dealerships, glass garage doors at fire stations allow firefighters to quickly and easily raise doors and bring out firetrucks. However, the glass creates an iconic look people now associate with fire stations, giving citizens the ability to view the firetrucks whenever they want.
  • Restaurants and breweries: Add glass garage doors to your restaurant or brewery to let guests enjoy natural light and weather on nice days. You can draw more attention to your business since the glass allows others to look in and assess the atmosphere, decor and food. Create a more cohesive space between indoor and outdoor seating when you open the doors, making it easier for waiters to move and help customers.
  • Marinas: Adding glass garage doors to marinas has similar benefits to adding some to boathouses. Glass garage doors allow people to access and bring their boats onto the water easily. The glass addition makes it easy to see with natural light and enjoy the views of the water. Like car dealerships, the boats remain protected during the off-seasons and when stored away.

Adding a glass garage door to your business can help create more visibility while still providing valuable protection to your building and goods. You can create a unique look that enhances your atmosphere and aesthetic, helping create a style people associate with your business and attracting more new customers.

Reimagine Your Interiors With a Glass Garage Door From Halo Overhead Door 

An indoor glass garage door offers nearly endless design potential for your home or business — you can enjoy luxurious living and scenic views at your leisure. At Halo Overhead Door, we exclusively stock a beautiful selection of commercial and residential interior glass garage doors from Clopay, including the Avante collection with wide-open window panels and sturdy aluminum construction. 

Our team welcomes all local Houston home and business owners to our expansive showroom, where our team of design experts can help you select, design and install a new indoor glass garage door that suits your design needs, lifestyle expectations and budget.

Learn more about our glass garage doors by calling 713-224-3667 or contact us online today to request a free installation estimate.

Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors

Pros and cons of glass garage doors

Glass garage doors have emerged on the market as a modern take on a classic feature for homes. Some only associate them in businesses, having seen commercial glass garage doors used as space separators in trendy restaurants or at mechanics shops. This design trend, however, is moving into homes as a way to update the look of a residence and improve curb appeal. Like any major change to your home’s appearance, you must put careful consideration into both the advantages and the disadvantages of glass garage doors before making the choice that’s best for your residence.

If you live in the Houston area, your concerns will include questions that those in other parts of the country don’t need to worry about, such as strength in hurricanes and insulation against sweltering summers. We’ve brought together the most popular questions we’ve received about glass doors so that you can find the answers you need quickly.

Table of Contents:

Common Questions on the Benefits of Modern Glass Garage Doors

  1. Do Glass Garage Doors Add Curb Appeal?
  2. Can Glass Garage Doors Maximize Living Space With Natural Light?
  3. Are Glass Garage Doors Strong Against the Elements?
  4. Are Low-Maintenance Glass Garage Doors Available?
  5. Can I Choose Different Colors?
  6. Do Glass Garage Doors Have Lasting Investment Value?

Concerns About Glass Garage Doors

  1. Will Glass Garage Doors Reduce My Home’s Privacy?
  2. How Well-Insulated Are Glass Garage Doors?
  3. Are Glass Garage Doors Expensive?

Common Questions on the Benefits of Modern Glass Garage Doors

Benefits of Modern Glass Garage Doors

Garage doors have come a long way from the simple wooden structures of the last century. Today’s glass doors can add a modern aesthetic to your home. Whether you’ve seen these types of garage doors on houses or home improvement shows, you likely have many questions about them. It’s one thing to see an interesting design element on a home and a whole other thing to invest in it yourself.

Many people wonder about how practical glass is as a garage door material, especially when they’re making a long-term investment in their homes by buying a new door. For the Houston area, residents wonder about weather resistance and local appeal. For new constructions and existing homes, the choice of garage door matters more than you think. Now is the time to get the answers to your concerns about the many benefits of glass garage doors.

1. Do Glass Garage Doors Add Curb Appeal?

Depending on the size of your home and the orientation of the garage, your garage door could account for 30% or more of the curbside view of your home. Because the garage door accounts for such a large percentage of your home’s facade, changing it can have a dramatic effect on how your home looks.

Depending on your home’s current design, contemporary garage doors can mirror the modern look of it or add contrast. If your home has numerous windows to admit light, integrating a glass garage door will provide balance and add to the trend you’ve already started. You can even select colors for the frame of a glass door to complement the existing colors on your home.

The reason you want increased curb appeal may extend beyond having a great-looking home. At night, few things can brighten your home’s appearance and make it more inviting than lit windows. The light coming through glass garage doors will give your home a warm glow after dark, making it look better at all hours of the day.

2. Can Glass Garage Doors Maximize Living Space With Natural Light?

Garages are increasingly becoming secondary living spaces. Whether you want to convert your garage into a game room or home office, increasing the amount of natural light in the area will reduce the electricity needed to illuminate the area.

You can even customize the amount of sunlight your garage door allows into the room. Full-view glass garage doors admit the greatest amount of light. If you want to increase privacy, opt for frosted or mirrored glass. You can choose from multiple glass options that allow varying amounts of natural light into your garage while helping you customize your level of privacy.

3. Are Glass Garage Doors Strong Against the Elements?

Living in Houston, it’s not a matter of if you experience a storm, but when. Everything from spring tornadoes to summer thunderstorms to fall hurricanes can strike, lashing wind and debris against your home. Many people feel concern about the strength of glass doors in the face of windstorms in southeast Texas.

The AVANTE® collection from Clopay is a series of glass garage doors that allows for customization. For windstorm protection, you can opt for extra strength built into the door based on where you live. Because Harris County is so large, your home may require doors to stand up against wind speeds between 115 and 150 miles per hour.

The closer you live to the coast, the higher the wind speeds your garage door must withstand. Your location plays a vital role in the wind code rating you need for your garage doors. The surrounding area will also help you choose the score for your garage door. If you need help with this calculation, feel free to ask us here at Halo Overhead Doors.

4. Are Low-Maintenance Glass Garage Doors Available?

Maintenance should factor into any fixture you have installed on your home. For garage doors, you have several options, some of which require more care than others. If you fail to properly care for wooden doors, their paint may fade, and the wood may splinter. Ill-cared-for metal doors may rust when exposed to the elements. Glass offers the benefit of requiring little maintenance, especially compared to other garage door materials. To clean the glass doors, use a soft cloth.

Don’t worry about the frame surrounding the glass either. We offer commercial-grade aluminum framing. The frame resists rust and can come in numerous colors. You won’t need to fret about splinters, rusting or wearing coloring if you choose glass doors for your garage.

When it comes to changing your home’s appearance, you don’t need to repaint or engage in any other heavy-effort task. A new door covering your garage will transform your home’s appearance and require less upkeep than a new paint job on your home’s trim, wooden garage doors or other renovation options. As a result, you’ll add value to your home without needing to commit to a renovation that will require extensive maintenance.

5. Can I Choose Different Colors?

Color is essential in choosing garage doors to complement the appearance of your home. We offer standard colors for the aluminum framing and matching handle. Options include:

  • Bronze
  • Brown
  • White
  • Clear anodized, or protective coating
  • Bronze anodized
  • Black anodized

In addition to these standard colors, you can also choose ColorBlast customized colors. You are the artist of your home’s appearance, and customizing your garage door is a small but crucial part of creating your masterpiece.

Along with selecting the right colors for your home, you’ll also have control over the appearance of the glass. You can choose clear glass, mirrored, frosted or other types to better balance the look of your home with your garage door.

6. Do Glass Garage Doors Have Lasting Investment Value?

In 2018, upscale garage door replacements, such as glass models, rose to the top of the list of home renovations and their value. Depending on the market, upscale garage doors added more than their purchase price to the value of the home, averaging 98.3% across the country in return on investment. This value was an increase from 2017 of 85%.

Compared to other exterior renovations, high-end garage doors costed less and had a more significant impact on the home’s value. Exterior projects helped raise curb appeal, which explained why most exterior projects ranked higher than the interior ones. Among projects ranking in the top 13, 10 were exterior renovations, with a new garage door at the top of the list. Yes, new garage doors show an increase in the return on investment you’ll experience, and if history shows correctly, that ROI will continue to rise over the years.

Concerns About Glass Garage Doors

Concerns About Glass Garage Doors

While glass garage doors have multiple benefits, they also have some perceived drawbacks. Some of these concerns, however, are based on myths or notions about older, less efficient garage door models. You can mitigate some problems through the choices you make before having the doors installed. How much these minor factors affect your choice comes down to whether the drawbacks outweigh the advantages of installing glass doors. Only you can answer that question for your home.

1. Will Glass Garage Doors Reduce My Home’s Privacy?

If you want to use your garage as a living space, privacy will become a factor in choosing the right door. However, with glass doors, you do not have to choose full-view clear glass. You have several options for glass types and opacity selection. If you still want the look of glass without allowing the neighborhood to see inside your garage, consider choosing a more private option like frosted, mirrored or tinted glass.

Along with privacy, the security of glass doors often comes up. Luckily, you can choose tempered glass, which increases the strength of the material, decreasing the chances of it breaking. The extra strength of the tempered glass will also help to protect your home in a windstorm.

Privacy is critical, especially if you live in a neighborhood with homes close together. However, safety is just as important. Let us help you find the right balance between these factors for your home’s garage doors, whether you choose glass or another material.

2. How Well-Insulated Are Glass Garage Doors?

If you’ve been in Houston for any length of time, you know two things about the weather — winters are mild, and summers are unbearable. While other parts of the country require means of keeping their homes tightly closed to protect against freezing temperatures in winter, in Houston, homeowners don’t have that problem. However, residents know that summer heat can sap energy and raise electric bills.

Rarely does a summer go by in this region without at least one day where the thermometer reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, the days show temperatures in the 90s with high humidity. The last thing you want is to raise the cost of cooling your home by allowing heat inside.

Because glass allows the sun’s light and heat inside, you may feel like you’re turning your garage into a greenhouse. Fortunately, this scenario does not need to be the case if you choose insulated garage doors. Yes, even glass doors can have insulation incorporated into them to protect your home from extreme temperatures.

To get the most from your insulated door, also add insulation to the walls and ceiling of the garage. If you have an attached garage, insulating it will prevent the heat or cold that collects in the space from affecting the temperature inside your home. Adding insulation also makes it easier to convert the garage into a living area, whether you want to use it seasonally or all year long.

3. Are Glass Garage Doors Expensive?

Are Glass Garage Doors Expensive?

When you’re comparing prices, you should also consider how the new garage door will affect your home’s value. Anything that increases your home’s worth can raise the amount you’ll sell the house for in the future. Your home is an investment that should grow over the years, but renovations can increase that growth even more. They’re also great ways to boost your home’s resell value in the months before putting it on the market.

If you plan on selling your home in the future, certain upgrades that enhance curb appeal will also give you a return on your investment. A new garage door could net you up to an 85% or more return on your investment, especially if you choose a secure, sturdy door. Selecting a strong glass garage door will add security in addition to improving your home’s appearance. With the small investment in a new garage door, you can maximize the amount you can sell your home for.

In the 2018 study of cost versus value, only upscale garage doors made the list, but this choice ranked at the top for the highest return on investment. In 2017, mid-range garage doors recouped 76.9% of the value, while upscale doors returned 85% of the investment. In both years, higher quality doors gave better returns on the investment, almost entirely returning the payment price in 2018, with an average recouping of 98.3%.

Learn More About Glass and Other Houston Garage Doors

Learn More About Houston Garage Doors

You may already be thinking about replacing your garage door. At Halo Overhead Doors, we sell glass garage doors in Houston, TX. Our professionals can get you the doors you want to create a modern, upgraded look. If you’re still not sure whether glass doors are for you, see our other offerings. Browse through all our residential garage doors or commercial overhead doors.

Whether or not you want glass, we can help you get the perfect garage doors for your home. We’re the only Master Clopay Dealer in the Houston area. Through us, you can have a glass door from the coveted AVANTE® collection installed on your garage, giving you access to numerous customizable features.

Give us a call at (713) 224-3667 or use our contact page when you’re ready to get started on changing the look of your home or business with new garage doors. Our experts can help you customize your door for the look and attributes you need. We’ve been offering “tough doors, loyal service” to all our customers since 1991. Make us your choice for long-lasting, beautiful Houston glass garage doors, and we’ll do the same for you.

Glass Garage Doors for Houston Restaurants and Bars

It’s time for your local Houston business to stand out, making a distinguished, unforgettable impression on customers, and incorporating a full-view glass garage door into your restaurant’s or bar’s architecture is a bold step to take. Commercial glass garage doors feature a modern design aesthetic and will transform the exterior and functionality of your business. The unique appeal of the glass garage door will draw diners to your space and easily convert your traditional indoor dining spaces into a dynamic outdoor eating experience.

Why Choose a Glass Garage Door for Your Bar or Restaurant?

Glass garage doors for bars and restaurants are a popular design choice because they’re exceptionally attractive, durable and versatile. By incorporating a commercial glass garage door into your architectural decor, you can experience:

  • Enhanced mood and aesthetics: With wide-open views of the outdoors and access to additional natural lighting, your dining and bar spaces will be illuminated and lively — attracting a wide range of new and old customers vying to experience your unique eating atmosphere.
  • Improved curb appeal: Whether you work in a beautiful, historic location or a simple storefront, glass garage doors can add a contemporary twist to your existing architecture that will increase your curb appeal and foot traffic. Commercial glass garage doors available at Halo Overhead Door come in a wide range of styles to suit your personal tastes and design needs. Choose from custom colors and window styles like clear panels for a crisp, clean look or frosted glass for a soft appeal.
  • A universal dining environment: By simply rolling up the glass door, you can quickly transform your eating spaces into an enjoyable outdoor and indoor area with plenty of access to fresh air and pleasant weather. As the temperature cools or inclement weather approaches, easily close your commercial glass garage door or keep it partially opened for a more closed-off result. 

Halo Overhead Door — Houston’s Most Trusted Source for Commercial Glass Garage Doors

Every Houston business owner deserves an eye-catching, functional commercial garage door system that offers a unique dining and relaxation experience. At Halo Overhead Door, we offer several of the highest-quality commercial garage doors from leading manufacturers like Clopay, featuring modern design principles and superior craftsmanship. Our stunning Avante collection provides local bars and restaurants with a pleasing, contemporary design, allowing you the flexibility to reimagine your drinking and dining spaces.

We invite all Houston-area business owners to visit our local showroom, featuring the widest selection of commercial glass garage doors throughout the area. Our design team will be happy to work with you to find designs and materials that suit your needs and budget.

Request a Free Glass Garage Door Installation Estimate Today

Explore our wide selection of Clopay commercial glass garage doors for restaurants and bars today. To learn more about our garage door products and services, call us at 713-224-3667 or complete our online contact form to request a free installation estimate.

Halo Overhead Door is a proud family-owned and operated company with more than 25 years of experience providing garage door services for residents and business owners throughout the Houston area. We’re happy to help you find the best restaurant glass garage door for your establishment while providing personalized solutions and the highest-quality products and services.

Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

When picking out a material for your garage door, glass is an option you probably questioned at first. Maybe you had never even heard of glass garage doors until you began researching. However, these doors are a rapidly growing trend — and for several good reasons. Not only are they sturdy and low-maintenance, they can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and transform your garage into a warm, inviting space.

If you’re wondering, “Should I get a glass garage door?” read on to learn about all the benefits glass garage doors can provide.

1. They Provide Natural Light 

The first benefit of glass doors that comes to many people’s minds is their ability to let in natural light. Allowing the glow of sunlight to enter your garage can transform what feels like a dark and gloomy cave into a bright, warm living area you’ll want to start spending more time in.

It’s true you can also bring in light by cutting out a few panels from your door and installing windows, but this will only brighten your garage to a certain extent. A garage door that is transparent from top to bottom will bring significantly more sunlight into your space, and will allow you to perform more tasks without relying on artificial light.

Allowing in this natural light may also improve your quality of life: Studies have shown natural light improves health, boosts happiness and productivity and provides visual and mental stimulation your body needs to control your circadian rhythms. Even if you only spend a few minutes in your garage each day, this short period of exposure can positively impact your mood. Considering that average humans in modern cities spend more than 90 percent of their lives indoors, it is essential to get natural light while you’re inside. 

If you are a business owner and are considering installing a glass garage door, this is an especially important point to consider. Giving your employees exposure to natural light will likely improve their health, morale and productivity.

2. They Allow You to Enjoy Your Surroundings

If beautiful nature, stunning landscapes or picturesque homes surround you, why block that view with a solid garage door? A glass door will allow you to enjoy that beauty, while still providing you with the same protection as a solid door. Being able to see an outdoor area will also make your interior space feel bigger.

3. They Maximize Your Living Space 

The light streaming in through a glass door converts your garage from a dark storage space into a bright living space. Once your garage is full of the warm glow of sunlight, you will likely feel inspired to use it for other purposes: You could convert a section of all of your garage into a workshop, a gym, a greenhouse, a den or anything your heart desires. The options are practically endless.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a new room to your house, you can save time and money by converting your garage into the room you want.

4. They’ll Lower Your Electric Bills

Because glass doors allow natural light to enter, they will also help you save on energy costs, as you will not have to use electricity to light up your garage during the daytime.

And just because your doors are glass, that doesn’t mean they’re poor insulators. Many garage doors come with insulated glass panels, which will increase the energy efficiency of your home by keeping the heat outside during the summertime and inside during the wintertime.

Insulated glass consists of two pieces of glass sealed around the edges, with an air space between them. These are called “IG units,” and when they have reflective coatings, they are effective at conserving energy.

These garage doors also feature a vinyl bottom weather seal and capped tongue-and-groove joints to keep out the cold and other harsh elements. 

5. They Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, keep in mind a glass garage door can make your home much more attractive. Except for the roof, the garage door tends to be the most prominent feature on a home’s exterior, so having a new, modern door can significantly boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers, especially considering that glass garage doors are currently trendy.

As you might expect, an increase in your home’s curb appeal often means a boost to your home’s value. In fact, a 2016 report in Remodeling magazine ranked garage doors as one of the top five investments that increase your home’s resale value. The same report found a new traditional garage door produces a 90 percent return on investment for homeowners. If the new door is a modern, distinctive glass door, it could likely produce an even higher return.

You can achieve this increase in value with relatively little cost or effort. Especially when you consider how costly and time-consuming it is to install floor-to-ceiling windows, installing a garage door with glass from top to bottom is relatively affordable and easy.

6. They’re Highly Customizable

Glass garage doors are more customizable than you might expect. You can choose any color, style and finish you desire, which makes it easy to match the style of the door with the rest of your home. For instance, you could pick a bright style with opaque glass panels and white aluminum, or you could opt for a darker, rustic style with blacks and grays. There are also more distinctive and colorful options available. 

Despite the name, glass garage doors are not 100 percent glass, since that would not be very practical. The panels are glass, held together by a metal framework, which is typically aluminum alloy or steel. This framework allows the door to fold as it opens and closes.

A great place to find a wide selection of high-quality glass garage doors is the Clopay® AVANTE® collection. These sleek, modern doors consist of glass panels and aluminum frames. The glass panel options vary widely in terms of transparency, and the option that is best for you will depend on your needs for light and privacy.

Here are the types of glass panels the collection offers:

  • Clear glass
  • Gray tinted glass
  • Bronze tinted glass
  • Mirrored glass
  • Obscure glass
  • White laminate glass
  • Frosted glass or acrylic
  • Clear acrylic
  • Gray acrylic
  • White acrylic 
  • Clear polygal
  • Bronze polygal
  • Clear anodized

And the aluminum frame that holds the panels is available in the following options:

  • Clear aluminum
  • Standard white
  • Bronze 
  • Chocolate
  • Black
  • Dark bronze 
  • Cherry light finish
  • Cherry dark finish 

These doors come with a five-year warranty for the finish and a three-year warranty for the hardware.

7. They’re Strong and Durable

Although many may assume glass garage doors are fragile, they are reasonably strong due to their stable aluminum frame. In fact, they are often more durable than traditional garage doors made of wood or metal. They also have an integral reinforcing fin that contributes to their sturdiness.

Compared to many other materials, aluminum is much better at resisting dents and accidents, which may impact the garage door. Garages tend to be full of items, some of which may topple over and damage the door, but aluminum is particularly resistant to this type of damage.

On the outside, high winds and extreme weather can do a number on garage doors, but doors made of aluminum can easily endure these conditions as well. Aluminum also does not rust and is impervious to temperature changes, which is essential for a fixture that gets regularly exposed to heat, cold, rain and humidity.

8. They Can Withstand High Winds

If you live in a hurricane-prone region such as Texas, Florida or the Carolinas, you may be concerned a glass garage door cannot withstand hurricane-force winds. However, do not worry: The Avante collection includes Windcode® rated products, which are doors that have been designed to withstand winds up to certain speeds. Follow these steps to determine your home’s Windcode rating, which depends on factors such as your location and the structure of your home. Then, when shopping for a garage door, make sure to order a door with that rating.

If you buy any type of garage door that is not tested or wind-rated, the results can be catastrophic: High winds can rip it out during a storm, which will cause pressure inside the house to build up. Your home’s roof and supporting walls will ultimately blow out.

9. They Can Withstand Break-Ins

If you’re wondering, “Are glass garage doors safe?” rest assured the strength of these doors will also help prevent a break-in. The panels on some of these doors feature tempered glass, which is the type of glass found in cars. This material is four times stronger than normal glass, and can withstand pressures of up to 24,000 pounds per square inch. When broken, tempered glass does not break into shards, it shatters into millions of small pieces to greatly lower the chance of injuring anyone near the door at the time of the incident.

If you want to further reduce the chance of shattering, you can stick security film on the back of the panels. This way, if the glass gets broken, it will remain contained and not fall out. It would be much easier for a burglar to break in through a wooden garage door that has become weak from years of weathering.

10. They’re Low-Maintenance 

Another advantage of doors that use aluminum is that they don’t require any extra coatings, as is the case with most wooden doors. Aluminum will always persevere. You will not have to worry about rust, corrosion and other problems traditional garage door materials face.

The only upkeep required is for the glass panels. You must clean them periodically with a regular glass cleaner to remove any handprints or smudges.

11. They Can Still Offer You Privacy 

Some people fear glass garage doors will make them feel like they’re in a fishbowl and will allow passers-by to spy on them. Others may be concerned a transparent door will advertise their belongings to burglars — and let them know whether anyone is home with the presence of a car. Luckily, there are many types of glass available, such as frosted and tinted glass, that will maintain your privacy while still allowing light into your garage.

12. They Can Help Prevent a Tragedy

There is another, rarely discussed advantage of transparent glass garage doors: safety. When backing out of your garage, you can see exactly who is in the driveway even before opening the garage. If you have kids in your house, this is a particularly important point. Statistics reveal more than 50 children in the U.S. get backed over by cars every week — and many of these incidents involve a parent backing out of their garages and running over their children because they can’t see them. If you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a high risk of break-ins, transparent glass garage doors may be a wise decision.

13. Glass Garage Doors Aren’t Just for Garages

Most people associate garage doors with one area of the house: the garage. However, a recent trend has emerged that uses garage doors in different parts of the house as an “opening wall.” These doors get installed in areas of the house such as dining or entertainment rooms to provide a beautiful view of the outdoors and, when opened, give access to patios, pools and other recreational outdoor areas. They also have the effect of making a space feel bigger, especially if the room is on the small side. Another advantage of this type of makeover is that it doesn’t require any changes to the flooring.

Even some businesses have followed suit and installed these doors as a memorable way to grab customers’ attention and increase sales. Adding a glass garage door to the front of your business can provide the following benefits:

  • Prominently advertise your best stuff. You can display your best merchandise right by the glass door to attract passers-by. 
  • Prominently display promotions. You can use it to hang banners and signs that advertise sales and bargains. 
  • It livens up your atmosphere. It allows abundant natural light to enter your store and brightens up the atmosphere. Most employees and customers prefer natural light over artificial.
  • They won’t look weathered. The glass garage doors resist rusting and corrosion, so as long as you clean them regularly, your doors won’t make your business look unprofessional.
  • They’ll help your business pop. The glass garage doors feature a sleek design that will help your business stand out.

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If you or your company is searching for the perfect glass garage door in Houston, look no further than Halo Overhead Doors. We’re a family-owned, full-service garage door company that has been selling and repairing garage doors for more than 25 years. We can help you choose the perfect door or restore your current door.

A garage door is one of the most prominent features on your home’s exterior, so choosing the right one can have a significant impact on the curb appeal and value of your home. Let the experts at Halo Overhead Doors help you pick and install the right one for your budget and needs.

At Halo Overhead Doors, we strive to treat our customers well and offer them generous benefits such as the Gold Bar Warranty, which protects their investment for as long as they own their home. We also offer financing at 0 percent interest and are willing to match any written quote.

We Achieve Quality and Quantity

Our company prides itself not just on our experienced professionals, but also the quality of the products we sell. Clopay doors, with their exceptional strength and variety of style, are the gold standard of the garage door industry.

We are also proud of the size and variety of our product selection: We own the largest showroom in Houston, offer the most extensive selection of doors in town and are the only company in the city to offer high-end doors. We are confident we can find the one that best suits your home or business.

Halo Overhead Doors is Houston’s only Clopay Master Authorized Dealer. To earn this certification, we had to sell more than $500,000 of products and consistently maintain a growth rate of 25 percent in customer purchases. We believe this certification reflects not only our high standing in the Houston area as a garage door dealer, but also our demonstrated expertise with Clopay products.

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Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Glass garage doors have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners and architects, as they combine an appealing look with better access to natural light.

That said, glass also carries certain stereotypes that cause hesitancy amongst customers. One of the top concerns is the door’s potential safety, both when it comes to security and structural integrity. Can you trust it to hold up against intense weather conditions or car accidents? What about strangers who might try to grab a peek into your home?

Whether you’re using your glass door for your garage or another area of your home, Halo Overhead Doors can put those worries to rest with a customized solution that functions just as well as any standard metal or wooden door.

We Offer Tempered Glass

The apparent disadvantage that glass panes hold against metal or synthetic options is their fragility. An accident, either involving your car or other means, will likely shatter your door’s windows, which can hold a higher safety risk than a dented door ever could.

While we can’t necessarily correct that problem, we can minimize its effects by commissioning your door to have tempered glass. This option is not only significantly stronger than standard glass, but it also ensures your panes will shatter into thousands of tiny, evenly-sized pieces in the event of a mishap. Standard options break down into uneven, sharp fragments that pose a significant danger to your well-being and your property.

Smaller fragments make the debris relatively harmless, which can give you peace of mind if you have children running around, or if you operate a business that needs to worry about liability. It also makes cleanup much more manageable.

Choose Frosted Glass for Privacy

People use tints, curtains and blinds for a reason.

While most passersby tend to mind their business, some strangers can’t resist taking a peek into your private spaces, as they might carry malicious intent. More innocuously, you might also be concerned with your friends driving up and witnessing your garage’s cluttered space. Or it might be as simple as wanting a particular look for your glass garage doors.

No matter your desired result, we can apply a wide range of tints that achieve a variety of looks.

Frosted glass and similar variants will significantly obscure your garage’s interior while allowing for light to filter through. If you want to achieve total privacy, we have mirrored glass that reflects that outside world in its entirety. We also have gray and bronze tints, which match multiple styles.

We Have WindCode Available

Hurricane Harvey recently ravaged countless homes throughout our area, as thousands of windows and other glass surfaces met their demise due to the mighty storm’s wind gusts, which reached peaks of nearly 100 miles per hour. High winds can dislodge garage doors and create partial openings, which cause buildups of internal pressure that can severely damage your home’s roof and supporting walls.

With those images in mind, it’s easy to understand why people might be hesitant to trust glass garage doors in those kinds of circumstances. However, our Clopay products can be adjusted to withstand high winds with WindCode technology.

Reinforced struts, heavy-duty railing systems and commercial-grade steel rollers allow you to customize your door based on exposure level and house design without sacrificing safety.

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As the only Master Dealer for Clopay in Houston, we can assure you our doors will meet every safety standard there is. Not only are glass garage doors safe, but they will also be everything you’re looking for style-wise. Contact us today or give us a call at (713) 224-3667 to learn more about your options.


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