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Top Ways to Improve Your Houston Home With Glass Garage Doors

Top Ways to Improve Your Houston Home With Glass Garage Doors

November 07, 2023

While glass garage doors offer timeless elegance and attractiveness, their benefits go beyond good looks. They are as durable, versatile and secure as traditional garages and offer sturdy structural integrity, improved damage protection and insulation for temperature control. Complete any home design with a new glass garage door installed by the experts at Halo Overhead Door.

Read more about how these garage doors will improve your Houston home.

Glass Garage Door Types

If safety is a concern, rest assured that manufacturers have made several changes to protect your privacy and keep prying eyes at bay, including adding polycarbonate coating and tempered or laminated glass. 

  • Tinted glass: Various shades of tinted laminate film are available to cover the glass. You can see out, but your neighbors can’t see in.
  • Decorative glass: Customize your garage door with decorative or ornamental glass in different colors and styles, including frosted, glaciered and hammered. This “obscure” glass creates a vague, blurry image that prevents passersby from seeing the garage contents. 
  • Reflective glass: Like tinted glass, reflective or window glass has a film sheet covering that reflects the outside. Any outsiders looking in will see themselves instead. 

Glass Garage Door Applications

You don’t have to use your garage to park your car. Converting it into an expanded living area will boost your home’s curb appeal and potential return on investment if you decide to sell. Here are some you could consider with glass garage doors.

Entertainment Area

If you love spending time with friends, why not transform your garage into a private entertainment area? Add a pool table, couch, jukebox and bar to create everyone’s favorite hangout. You could even incorporate a Jacuzzi or steam room for ultimate luxury and pleasure. 


People who work from home need a dedicated space to concentrate and check tasks off their to-do lists. Turning your garage into an office lets you get into deep focus mode, minimize distractions and improve your work/life balance.

Gym or Studio

A glass garage door can provide an ideal space for a home gym, with the option to keep the room open or closed. You’ll save money on gym membership and use the room at your leisure. The natural light that floods the garage also promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, ideal for a yoga or Pilates studio.

Patio or Deck

Enjoy a patio or deck’s flow and open space by incorporating glass garage doors. You can entertain year-round, even in winter, because an insulated glass garage door brings an outside feel indoors while keeping you warm.

Greenhouse Conversion

Take advantage of all the natural light a glass door provides by converting your garage into a greenhouse. Plants will thrive in the humid environment, and you’ll continue to enjoy fresh, homegrown produce like tomatoes in the colder seasons. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider turning your garage into a sunroom instead. 

5 Ways a Glass Garage Door Can Improve Your Houston Home

Installing a glass garage door has numerous benefits, including the following. 

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

With so many glass garage door options in Houston, you can customize your door to suit your home’s style. Choose between colors like bronze, brown, white and anodized coating with aluminum frames that will enhance its curb appeal and make it stand out. 

Your home’s resale value will increase with the addition of glass garage doors, as a garage door replacement will recoup over 100% of your costs on average. 

2. Improved Natural Light

Glass garage doors invite more natural light to fill your home, which is excellent for your physical and mental health. Exposure to sunshine encourages your body to make vitamin D, regulates your circadian rhythms for better sleep and boosts your mood. You’ll still enjoy these perks even if you install a tinted or reflective door.

With ample sunlight streaming in, you can also save money on your energy bills. Give your lightbulbs a break, and let Mother Nature light up your life!  

3. Expanded Space

We all enjoy extra elbow room. Glass doors allow you to convert the garage into a versatile additional room or functional living area. Make the patio or pool house more accessible through the garage or dedicate the space to a hobby like painting or woodworking. Glass doors add versatility and create an illusion of space, even if you don’t get creative with your garage. 

4. Increased Durability

Contrary to popular belief, glass garage doors are highly secure and reinforced with similar materials as other doors. They provide the same protection against impact from high winds and thunderstorms.

5. Low Maintenance

Cleaning glass garage doors is easy — you only require a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to wipe it down when it gets dirty. You won’t experience rust or rot like you would with a metal or wood door, and while insects may leave smudges, they won’t damage the glass. 

Choose Glass Garage Doors From Halo Overhead Door

If you’re in the market for a new glass garage door, call your Texas glass garage door experts at Halo Overhead Door. We have years of experience in overhead garage door installation and repairs and pride ourselves in delivering every style and design suited to your needs. Our selection of high-quality doors and materials includes:

  • Glass
  • Wood, faux wood and custom wood
  • Steel garage doors
  • Carriage style
  • Clopay® WindCode®
  • Insulated
  • Barn style
  • Fiberglass 

We provide reliable garage door and opener sales, repairs, installations and maintenance, and our Houston glass overhead door professionals are always available and happy to assist you with any service. 

Call us at 713-224-3667 or complete a contact request form to schedule a service or request an estimate when you’re ready to get the ball rolling. We can’t wait to hear from you!