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Maintenance Tips for Commercial Garage Doors in Houston

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Garage Doors in Houston

Your garage door is an essential part of your everyday routine as a business. You have to rely on a quick exit and entrance to deliver goods, offer reliable services and keep up productivity. You also trust your door to keep valuable parts, machinery, products and staff safe. 

Your garage will always need a little bit of maintenance throughout the year to keep it running. From cleaning the tracks to lubricating the rollers, you’ll need to inspect your door and make sure it’s working correctly. If you’re experiencing drafts, hear startling noises or your door is reaching the end of its lifespan, you may need to replace your door and start fresh with a new one. 

There are many common problems when it comes to garage doors. Thankfully, we have some commercial garage door maintenance tips that can help you keep your door running smoothly so you can focus on what drives your business.

Tighten the Bolts

After years of consecutive use, your bolts will show signs of wear and start to loosen. Businesses may use their garage doors multiple times a day as staff members clock in, clock out or leave for a scheduled service. All of that opening and closing takes a toll on the pieces that keep your door moving. 

You should check the bolts on your hinges, brackets and spring plates. The bolts on your hinges may have widened the holes that keep them in place after a lot of use, and if you notice this, you should replace the screws with ones that will allow for a tighter fit. When you check the screw on your brackets, you should also ensure that the tracking system is level so your door won’t become misaligned. 

Lubricate Moving Parts

Keeping your door lubricated will help it run smoothly and extend its lifetime. You’ll want first to remove any dirt or buildup that you find is in the way of moving parts. You should plan to lubricate your door about twice a year, but you may want to add more if you use your door more frequently. 

You may find rust on your springs, which you should remove as soon as possible so they don’t snap. Your torsion or extension springs need special attention because these are the parts that open and close your door. If your door is snapping shut or struggling to open, it’s probably time to get these replaced. 

You should never try to replace springs on your own because they can become projectile when they break and cause injuries to yourself or staff and damage vehicles and equipment. It’s always best to contact a professional if you think you need to replace your garage door springs.

Check for Damages

It’s always a good idea to look for damage when you perform your garage door inspections. As you examine your door, bring some cleaning supplies and give everything a good wipe down. Cleaning debris will help you spot any cracks, bends or other damages in places where there’s excessive dirt. It’s essential that you remove any buildup that you find in the tracks because this can prevent your door from opening and closing smoothly. 

Some damages will only worsen if you don’t fix them and affect other parts of your door. For instance, the rollers aid in moving your door quietly, and when these pieces are worn or broken, the rest of the unit will have to work harder to get your door to the right place. This will create a screeching sound and put a lot of strain on those other parts and pieces, leading them to break. Some pieces you may be able to replace on your own, but others could cause injury, so you should hire a professional to service those parts.

Look for Rust

Metal is prone to rust, which can make your door less attractive and cause future door problems. Rust makes metal weaker and can create holes if you don’t remove it. Additionally, rust on moving parts can cause your door to get stuck when you try to open or close it. If you don’t give your door proper maintenance, it won’t last as long as you need. Areas with humid air can cause rust to appear sooner than others, so you should check for this more often. 

While modern doors are more resistant to rust, older steel doors are especially susceptible to rust, and you should contact a professional to take care of your rust issue before a larger one develops. You may decide to replace your door instead of getting it repaired, but an experienced technician will be able to inspect your door and tell you the best course of action. 

Check the Insulation

You want to ensure that your door is energy-efficient, especially in very hot or cold weather. If your team works in the garage, it’s essential that they can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. First, you should evaluate the door’s weatherstripping to determine if it’s worn. The seals on your door should prevent dirt, air, insects and moisture from coming under the door. If it’s worn, you should replace it. 

However, if you’re still seeing high energy bills or feel a draft when the door is closed, you may want to get your door replaced. Modern doors have a layer of insulation that keeps the inside of your garage safe from the elements, and they tend to last longer with an added layer of protection. 

Using an insulated door will reduce the chances that air and energy escape and keep your team and equipment safe from the weather. Additionally, insulated doors add a layer of protection from break-ins and can keep your equipment and property safer. 

Contact HALO Overhead Doors for Garage Door Repairs

HALO Overhead Doors is a family-owned garage door business that has been operating since 1991. We believe each door is an opportunity to serve, and our team is passionate about providing you with solutions that fit your budget and preferences.

We know you want to protect your business, property and staff, and we have a large selection of doors to meet your needs. Every one of our team members has five or more years of experience in the industry and knows how to handle any problem you have. 

HALO provides tough doors and loyal service. Schedule a service or request an estimate with HALO Overhead Doors. Whether you need a new door or maintenance on your current one, we’ve got you covered. 

5 Materials Used to Construct Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors come in all sizes and shapes due to the numerous types of garage openings for warehouses, factories and retail store buildings. Yet the size of the door isn’t the only factor in selecting the right one. You must also base your decisions on the materials used in the construction so you have a safe door that can withstand the occasional wear and tear common at your facility. 

Check out these five materials used in the construction of garage doors, along with what to look for in a new garage door.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors

As you choose a garage door for your commercial property, you may want to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Intended use: Garage doors serve various purposes for commercial buildings. Whether you let vehicles into your building or have a storefront that needs a convenient pedestrian entrance, the intended use you have for your garage door matters. The aesthetic appeal may be more important than durability if your garage showcases your selection of new cars, while reliability and longevity are necessary if you need to protect your inventory in a warehouse.
  • Local weather conditions: Think about the area surrounding your commercial property and what kind of weather it regularly experiences. Some materials are resistant to humidity and rain, while others do better when exposed to the sun for long periods. Find a low-maintenance garage door material that withstands local weather conditions.
  • Budget: You may have a specific amount of money to spend on a new garage door. Choose a material with an upfront cost that accommodates your budget. Besides the upfront cost, you should also consider how much your garage door will save you over time. Insulated garage doors are more durable and energy-efficient, so they’ll save you money over time.

Commercial Garage Door Materials

Now that you know which factors are most necessary for your garage door, let’s explore what industrial doors are made of. 

1. Glass Frame Doors

These doors have glass panels that let sunlight enter the building, allowing you to save money on lighting the inside of your facility. Glass panel doors are often used on car showrooms and other commercial buildings, where seeing outside or inside improves business operations. You could even use a glass frame door inside as a partition between two large rooms if you have the space for it.

Because there are numerous glass panels set into a durable, protective aluminum frame, it’s easy to replace one broken pane instead of getting a whole new door. Even though insulated glass is available to enhance the door’s energy efficiency, it’s not as insulating as other garage door materials.

2. Aluminum Frame Doors

Aluminum frame doors have aluminum panels instead of glass panels. Since they have a unique, modern curb appeal, they serve as attractive additions to your car showroom or storefront. The door’s lightweight makes it easy to operate manually and puts less strain on the torsion springs. Even though it’s lighter than other doors, it still offers protection from weather and theft.

While aluminum can dent on impact, this type of door usually won’t break apart, and you can get a professional technician to pop the dent out. Aluminum is also resistant to rusting, unlike other metals, so a garage door with this material will maintain its aesthetic beauty.

3. Vinyl Doors

Cost-effective vinyl commercial doors offer numerous benefits to people looking for sound commercial garage doors that require little maintenance. They’re hard to dent, won’t rust and will maintain their beauty, enhancing your building’s curb appeal to attract customers inside.

Vinyl doors often have insulation inside for commercial businesses that need to heat the interior of their garages for their operations. Keep in mind that this material isn’t as energy efficient as others, and it’s not easy to paint or stain if you want to change the color over time.

4. Steel Doors

Steel doors are a common material used for industrial garages (like warehouses) where heavy operations require a sturdy door due to the double layer of steel added. Steel doors combined with reliable commercial garage door openers in Houston can offer a superior product to provide your facility with fire protection and guard it against theft and weather damage.

Some steel doors also have insulation sandwiched between the layers, enhancing your building’s energy efficiency and putting less strain on your HVAC system throughout the year. Since they’re so sturdy, steel garage doors are easy to maintain and last a long time. While denting isn’t common with this material, keep in mind that it’s still possible for the material to get dented from impact or hail.

5. Wood and Composite Wood Doors

Wood and composite wood doors aren’t used often for commercial garage doors for industrial companies or warehouses. On the other hand, they’re more common for outdoor commercial and agricultural businesses. The look of wood brings out a natural beauty that complements the property when drawing in customers. Wood garage doors are often made from fir, cedar or redwood.

Composite wood doors consist of a wooden frame with fiberboard covering the surface in thin sheets. The fiberboard will have a textured surface with grooves that look like authentic wood.

Commercial Garage Doors in Houston

After you’ve chosen the right materials for your commercial garage door products, come check out Halo Overhead Door in Houston, Texas. We have a wide selection of products for your business facility, whether you own a warehouse, government building, parking garage or restaurant.

The type of garage door you select for your commercial business will be based on several factors. If you’re having problems deciding on the type of door you need, contact Houston Overhead Door as we can help you pick the right one for your operations. Reach out to us online or call (713) 224-3667 to request an estimate. 

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For help with your Houston overhead door, we are ready to assist you quickly. Trust us when we say that we keep thousands of repair parts in stock at all times, making responding to your Houston garage door’s repairs easy and fast. We also have the widest selection of new garage doors available in the Houston area and we encourage you to visit us at your convenience to check out our selection. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to answer anything that you would like to know.

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So your garage door is stuck or not opening today and, although you never realized how much you rely on it, now that it is nonfunctioning, you definitely notice its presence. We understand completely and we want to help you restore your door to functioning as quickly as humanly possible. For rapid garage door service in Houston, all you have to do is give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment that will get you back to life with a door that functions properly.

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Houston Overhead Garage Doors is a full-service garage door service center who offers residential garage doors as well as commercial garage doors from the top manufacturers in the business. We also have highly trained technicians who repair and install all of our premium garage doors with expert workmanship. We can repair a multitude of garage door issues and we supply fast and superior customer service for all of our customers, whether they are for installations or repairs.

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Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most appreciated and desired. Today, the convenience that electric appliances bring to our lives has become something that we often take for granted. When one of our electric gadgets malfunctions, we want to get it fixed quickly. That is why, for rapid garage door repair, Houston Overhead Garage Doors has what customers want: fast service, affordable costs, and reliable technicians.

Fixing Houston garage doors is our specialty, and Houston homeowners have come to know our name well when they need high-quality garage door repairs with a fast turnaround time. We like to put our customers first and we strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rating at all times. Our technicians will always give you a quote before beginning any work on your residential garage door so that there are no hidden costs to surprise you at the end of the job.

The bottom line is, if your electric overhead door is not functioning, you need garage door repair Houston experts. Those experts are here at Houston Overhead Garage Doors, and we will get repairs done quicker than anyone around and with better quality. When you want the job done right, you want us on your side. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your garage door problems and we will begin working to fix your malfunctioning door in no time.

For a Jam Packed Inventory of New Garage Doors, Houston Overhead Garage Doors Has it All

By Rose Rodriguez

When looking for a wide variety of new garage doors, Houston homeowners are looking for the best deals and the best choices combined into one company. The full-service garage door company Houston Overhead Garage Doors provides a wide selection of the top names in garage doors, as well as providing all regular and necessary maintenance and services on all types of residential and commercial garage doors throughout Houston. The highly trained technicians and service personnel at Houston Overhead Garage Doors complete all jobs with superior workmanship.

If you’re looking for residential garage doors for your home, we offer doors in a wide variety of materials including wood, aluminum and steel. We also offer carriage doors, which seem to be very popular among Houston residents currently. Should you be looking for commercial garage doors for your business, we offer sectional doors, full view doors, rolling steel doors and commercial roll up doors. If you are in need of repairs on existing garage doors, Houston Overhead Garage Doors will fix your doors in no time, regardless of who originally installed them.

At our website, you can visit our photo gallery where we have posted a variety of photos of our completed garage door installations. There, you will see the beautiful doors that we have installed in the past, and you can tell that our garage doors blend in perfectly with the homeowner’s decor. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us directly at your convenience.

When in Need of Garage Door Repairs, Houston Homeowners Know Who to Call

By Rose Rodriguez

We all know how it feels to walk into our garage, push the automatic garage door button, and have nothing happen. A malfunctioning automatic garage door can be a real annoyance and can interrupt your daily schedule and routine. For rapid and affordable garage door repairs, Houston homeowners choose Houston Overhead Garage Doors for their service needs. Garage door repairs are performed quickly and affordably and brand new garage doors are available for installation as well.

All of the installers employed by Houston Overhead Garage Doors are certified and will show you their DPS photo ID upon entering your home, and will give you a service quote before beginning any repairs. 100% satisfaction is the goal, and Houston Overhead Garage Doors will not rest until your garage door is serviced effectively. Whether you need help with residential garage doors or commercial garage doors, we can help.

No matter who installed your existing garage door, we perform repairs on all makes and models of Houston garage doors, and with our full inventory of parts and supplies, when in need of garage door repairs, Houston homeowners know that we will get the job done faster than the competition. For more information about garage door repairs, services, parts or to look at our inventory of new garage doors, visit us at or give us a call directly.


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