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5 Best Garage Heating Tips

5 Best Garage Heating Tips

March 16, 2020

While it may be a convenient storage space for vehicles, yard equipment and tools, your garage is probably not the warmest place in your house — especially during the winter. With the lack of insulation and concrete flooring, garages are usually not designed with warmth in mind.

As more and more garages are being transformed into workshops and even living spaces, knowing the best ways to heat your garage in the winter is key to your comfort. Here are five ways you can make your garage a toasty and welcoming environment.

1. Add a Heater

A few different heating options work effectively in garages:

  • Forced air heater: Offers powerful heat and can be mounted on the ceiling
  • Combustion space heater: Uses fuel like kerosene or propane to heat the space
  • Infrared heater: Radiates heat quietly and evenly

2. Seal out Drafts

Garages have a few different spots where drafts are common. Before getting started, take a look throughout your garage to see if there’s any old weatherstripping. Over time, it can become worn or cracked, making it ineffective at keeping the space warm. Remove and replace any old weatherstripping, or get ready to add some new sealants.

When you’re sealing out drafts, pay close attention to three main areas: the garage door frames, gaskets and windows. First, look at your garage door frames. Frigid air can easily enter all around your garage door if it’s not sealed tightly. You can use an integrated weatherstrip seal for a simple solution. Next, move on to the gaskets. This is the area at the bottom of your garage door, and it’s crucial to check because cold air can commonly slip under the gaskets when they’re old and worn.

While not all garages have windows, if yours does, remember that adding a shrink-type film to the inside is a great way to seal out those pesky drafts.

3. Insulate the Garage Door

Your garage door takes up a significant portion of your garage, so you want it to be a strong barrier against the cold. One of the most effective and affordable ways of heating your garage in the winter is to insulate the garage door and add weatherstripping. Be sure any cracks and crannies are sealed up as well.

4. Insulate the Garage Walls

If your garage is not finished or just has some sheathing and siding covering the wall studs, adding insulation will be a great solution for your chilly space. You’ll want to make sure fiberglass batt insulation is added in each stud space. Following that, you can insulate the space further by adding drywall panels, plywood sheets or oriented strand boards (OSB).

5. Add Radiant Heat

If you’re in the process of building your home or replacing your floor, adding radiant heat, which essentially comes from tubes of hot water placed under the concrete floor, is a great permanent solution. Radiant heat is effective at heating a garage evenly by using infrared radiation.

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