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How Do Roll-Up Garage Doors Work?

How Do Roll-Up Garage Doors Work?

If you’re searching for new garage doors for your business, you will likely come across roll-up products. As the name implies, these doors coil upward into a roll that rests atop the door’s opening when not in the closed position. The door then uncoils when you lower it. The method is similar to rolling and unrolling paper towels on a spool. 

This process differs from a traditional sectional door that runs on a steel track system. Roll-up doors feature wider panels that rest parallel to the garage’s ceiling upon retraction.

What Are the Types of Roll-Up Doors?

There are two types of garage doors that roll up:

  • Roll-up sheet: These doors consist of one large steel piece and are ideally suited for loading docks, storage areas, smaller warehouses and other light commercial applications. 
  • Rolling steel: While these doors resemble roll-up sheet products at first glance, they feature a more robust design and construction. Instead of one expansive steel sheet, this door type consists of multiple metal slats. Rolling steel roll-up doors work well for high-security operations and heavy industrial applications.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Roll-Up Doors?

A roll-up garage door provides many advantages, such as:

  • Increased security: The steel construction of roll-up doors offers extra strength and helps prevent break-ins and vandalism. Fire-rated products are available that resist combustion.
  • Excellent durability: The stainless steel material withstands extreme weather conditions and wear over extended periods. Your door could last up to 35 years.
  • Saves space: Folding the door requires only a small area above the opening. Your roll-up door will take up little overhead room in your garage or dock.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Some roll-up door models are available in multiple color, design and finish options, enabling you to complement and enhance your building’s appearance.

Residential vs. Commercial Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors primarily serve the needs of business owners looking for a durable, functional solution to protect their goods and facilitate truck traffic at loading docks and storage areas. However, smaller roll-up sheet versions can meet the needs of homeowners who want a stronger alternative to traditional sectional doors for their garages or sheds. 

Halo Overhead Doors Offers Roll-Up Doors for Sale in Houston

Commercial and residential property owners in the Houston area can turn to the experienced garage door professionals at Halo Overhead Doors for high-performing roll-up doors from Clopay®. Contact us for additional product and pricing information.



Types of Commercial Roll-Up Doors

There’s a common perception that all commercial roll-up doors are the same — they all roll up and down and serve as an access way to certain premises. However, there are several types of industrial roll-up doors, each serving different purposes. In this article, we discuss five types of industrial roll-up doors, their characteristics, benefits and applications.

1. Overhead Service Doors

Roll-up overhead doors offer security to your property against unwanted entry and protect it from harsh weather conditions. They protect both the interior and exterior parts of your commercial or industrial buildings. Both standard and insulated heavy-duty service doors are available in durable materials such as galvanized and stainless steel. You can operate roll-up service doors by hand-chain, crank, push-up or motor.

You can customize overhead service doors according to your preference guides, weatherstripping, operations, spring, bottom bars finish and more. Overhead services doors are helpful for various industrial and commercial outlets, including:

  • Parking garages
  • Sally ports
  • Warehouses
  • Fire stations

Service doors offer a myriad of advantages. Some of these benefits are:

  • Protection and security: Service doors protect your space from intruders. The doors are solid and tough to breach. Additionally, they protect your property from severe weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance: Service doors are simple to maintain. Parts usually take longer to break and are easily replaceable. The doors can withstand harsh climates, including snow, rain, hail and wind.
  • Insulation: The thick materials used for the doors help keep out loud noise and outdoor air. As a result, you can keep your property insulated from excess sound and create a comfortable temperature indoors.

2. Roll-Up Sheet Doors

Roll-up sheet doors are made of horizontal steel sheets without a track system, unlike standard garage doors. Roll-up sheet doors gather around the drum when opened. Roll-up sheet doors are similar to rolling doors in some respect, particularly in their operation and compact design. However, rolling doors have interlocking slats, while roll-up sheet doors feature corrugated steel. 

Rolling steel doors are ideal for lighter-duty applications, such as:

  • Mini warehouses
  • Ticket booths
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail spaces
  • Outbuildings
  • Storefronts
  • Loading docks

What are the benefits of roll-up sheet doors? Industrial rolling steel doors have several advantages. These include:

  • Extra security: High-quality roll-up sheet doors provide added security to your commercial property. They create layers of protection, providing a durable solution for your premises. Steel is formidable, shielding your property from theft and damage.
  • Low maintenance: Steel roll-up doors are springless, saving you time, effort and money on broken parts. Moreover, steels are resistant to corrosion and can withstand years of heavy usage, harsh weather conditions and wear and tear.
  • Insulation: Roll-up sheet doors keep the inside of your warehouse comfortable, keeping out cold air in the winter and warm air in the summer. This attribute can help mitigate energy costs for your facility and provide a comfortable working environment for employees.
  • Noise blocking: The bottom seals and insulators cancel external noise. This allows you to use the premises peacefully and privately without disturbance.
  • Saving space: Many people scarcely use ceilings other than to provide lighting, meaning you likely have plenty of free space on your ceiling. The doors coil into a tubelike shape and roll into the ceiling and out of your way.
  • Easy customization: Roll-up sheet doors are available in different sizes and colors. You have the option to choose a model which meets your specifications.

3. Fire-Rated Doors

These doors are constructed with materials that prevent or slow the rate at which fire or smoke spreads to a secondary space. These doors are one of the safest ways to protect commercial and industrial workplaces. Fire-rated roll-up doors are made of galvanized, coated or stainless steel that halts the spread of fire and smoke. The fire ratings of these doors range between three-quarters of an hour to three hours.

Fire-rated roll-up doors are suitable for the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Parking garages
  • Mills
  • Distribution centers

Aside from helping prevent fire damage, other benefits of fire-rated doors include:

  • Saves lives: Fire spreads through conduction, convection and radiation. As the door obstructs the spread, it reduces the rate at which the flame and smoke escape. Consequently, there’s less human exposure to the fire.
  • Protects property: Fire-rated doors slow down the spread rate. The door restricts the flame to the area without affecting other items.
  • Reduces cost: Controlled fire translates to controlled damage. This reduces the cost of repair and replacement.

4. Counter Doors/Shutters

Counter shutters, also called rolling counter doors, are interlocking slats made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel or steel that secure the openings above the counters. They create a barrier, covering both side walls and the ceiling.

Counter shutters are designed for both interior and exterior use. Counter doors provide maximum protection, especially for retailers. Counter doors are available in several operational options, including standard motor, hand crank or push-up designs. In other words, you may choose either the automatic or manual option.

These doors are ideal for commercial spaces, including:

  • Cafeterias
  • Cashiers
  • Sport stadiums
  • Libraries
  • Concession stands
  • Ticket booths
  • Tool storages
  • Pharmacies

Why should you choose counter doors or shutters? The answer is simple. Some key advantages are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Counter doors are available in different shapes, gauges, materials, sizes and designs. This allows you to customize them. Regardless of the specifications you select, counter doors deliver a seamless look to your property.
  • Easy to install: The units are simple to install without field assembly. This makes it a convenient alternative for many building owners and contractors.
  • Durable and reliable: Coiling counter shutters are usually made of aluminum or steel. These materials are resilient and resistant to damage, so a counter shutter is likely to serve you for years.
  • Discreet: Counter shutters are unimposing. Many people are unlikely to notice them unless when closed. Also, they save space by occupying unused areas around the ceiling.

5. Security Grilles

Security grilles are see-through security barriers. They offer visual access and ventilation. Rolling grilles can be made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel. They can be straight patterned, brick-patterned or glazed panel models. They’re available in different operational options, including push-ups, hand cranks, chains and motors.

The typical applications include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Bars
  • Reception venues
  • Arcade openings
  • Food service establishments
  • Garages
  • Conventions centers

The benefits of using security grilles make it clear they’re worth it:

  • Design flexibility: Security grilles are available in several design options and are built-to-order. You can install the unit at your warehouse according to your design, style and operational requirements.
  • Added security: Rolling grilles offer protection for your business, preventing unauthorized access and forced entry.
  • Aesthetics: The curtains are available in various designs, including brick, straight and pattern. Again, you can choose from multiple metal finishings, such as polished or brushed stainless steel, clear or painted aluminum, anodized aluminum and more.

Purchase a Commercial Roll-Up Door Today

There are several industrial roll-up door types. Each kind has distinct features regarding purpose, materials, functionality and benefits. Halo Overhead Doors offers high-quality, customizable commercial roll-up doors with a team of professionals to help you throughout the process. Contact us now for all your commercial garage door installation needs.

Benefits Of Roll Up Doors In Houston

Benefits of Roll-Up Doors in Houston

Selecting a garage door — or multiple garage doors — for your company or residence can be challenging. Let’s face it — there are a lot of options on the market today, and it can be difficult to narrow down the selection to the right door for your home or business.

If you’re looking for both beauty and functionality in a garage door, then a roll-up garage door just might be the door you’re looking for. Attractive and practical, roll-up garage doors are an ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications in the Houston area.

Most people are familiar with the traditional overhead garage door, which is the door commonly found on houses around any modern neighborhood. But fewer people know what a roll-up door is — and how it can benefit them at home or work. Check out the topics that are covered in this article. 

What Are Roll-up Garage Doors?

What Are Roll-Up Garage Doors

Also referred to as “service doors,” roll-up doors are steel or aluminum doors that roll up and down, rather than swinging upward or outward on a track to open. You’ve likely seen commercial roll-up doors at loading docks, storage facilities and auto shops. You might have also seen them blocking off particular areas of an airport or coming down over storefronts during off-hours. There are many different types of roll-up doors on the market today, including wood and glass roll-up doors, with each one designed for different needs.

Roll-up garage doors are designed with a series of metal slats locked together so they move as one piece. Sometimes the slats have foam in between to add insulation to block extreme temperatures and prevent them from messing with a building’s energy efficiency.

Overhead roll-up doors wrap around a drum until they are compacted into one roll. The roll is then stored above the opening they protect. They can be rolled up manually or with an electronic opener.

One of the benefits of a roll-up garage door is that it doesn’t move on a ceiling track like its traditional upward counterparts. This means that the track — and the door when it’s up — aren’t taking up space in the ceiling. The extra overhead space means more storage space, which can be significant if your workplace or home garage doesn’t have much square footage to start with.

While they are most known for their industrial uses, roll-up garage doors can also be a practical choice for certain residential garages. Besides being easy to roll up and down, they hold up well to constant use and withstand extreme weather, including storms and high temperatures. Also, modern roll-up doors come in a variety of colors, which means residential roll-up garage doors can be matched to your home’s exterior.

How Much Does a Roll-up Garage Door Weigh?

The weight of a roll-up door will vary, depending on the thickness of the door, as well as whether or not it’s insulated. The door’s weight will also depend on its size, since larger doors will naturally contain more material, therefore increasing the weight.

Roll-up doors are available in light-, medium- and heavy-duty gauges — or thicknesses — and it’s up to you to decide which will suit your needs. For example, Clopay makes three different gauges of roll-up doors — 150C, 157C and 160C. In general, a light-duty door will be used for smaller structures, such as portable buildings or recreational facilities. A medium- or heavy-duty door will be needed for places such as warehouses and commercial freight operations. When you work with an experienced sales representative at Halo Overhead Door, they can guide you through these choices and help you decide which best suits your needs. 

Roll-up door dimensions also vary, which means they can fit a variety of openings.

How Much Do Roll-up Garage Doors Cost?

How Much Do Roll-Up garage Doors Cost

Let’s face it — your budget is going to play an essential role in determining the kind of garage door you purchase. So, how much are roll-up garage doors?

The cost of a roll-up garage door varies depending on the strength of the door, but that’s not the only factor when it comes to determining the price. The material you choose and the size of door you need will also impact your costs.

Clopay roll-up doors are made from 26 gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel and bonded together to form a continuous sheet. The steel sheets are covered with a top coat of silicone polyester which can be painted in a variety of colors, including white, gray, blue, tan, brown and red.

Our doors can be configured to meet wind load requirements, and we also offer fire doors which can protect your valuable assets at home or work.

In some cases, you may find that the up-front costs of a roll-up door are slightly higher than those of a traditional overhead door. However, when you’re calculating the price, it’s important to factor in the long-term costs associated with both kinds of doors. If you intend to install a garage door somewhere that it will be used a lot, then you need to consider costs for maintenance and repair over time. Steel roll-up doors are typically more durable long-term because their springs aren’t exposed, and steel holds up well against weather. Even the light-duty doors are designed to withstand 20 openings and closings every day.

Because roll-up doors are designed for extensive use, their parts are made to last. This means they won’t require as much maintenance over time, which may save you money if you opt for a roll-up door over a traditional overhead door.

Your costs will also depend on whether you buy an electronic opener or jackshaft operator as well. If you plan to purchase these accessories along with the door itself, make sure to tell your sales representative up front so they can give you accurate details about pricing.

Benefits to Roll-up Garage Doors

Benefits to Roll-up Garage Doors

Roll-up doors are often used in commercial applications because of how durable and low maintenance they are. If you’ve done any kind of research related to garage doors, then you probably realize that steel and aluminum doors are some of the strongest, longest-lasting doors on the market today. They hold up to the elements, withstand daily use and keep unwanted people out of your space.

Steel doors are also more economical than garage doors made of other materials.

Other advantages to these doors include:

1. Security

When you install a roll-up garage door, you get a durable door, as well as peace of mind that your business is protected when you aren’t there. Roll-up doors are incredibly secure, which makes them an excellent choice to protect retail companies, factories and warehouses. The door can withstand a lot of punishment from burglars looking to break inside as it is more difficult to break the steel or aluminum in a flexible sheet than it is to damage panels in a wood or composite door.

Besides exterior applications, roll-up doors can be used indoors to seal off spaces during off hours. Halo Overhead Door also offers roll-up fire doors which are often used as interior doors to divide a building and protect its contents from areas that might present an increased risk of fire.

2. Durability

If you’re purchasing commercial garage doors for a company in the Houston-area, you need a door that can withstand varying weather conditions and climate changes. After all, these doors are an investment in your business, and you want to know that you are making a good investment when you buy them. Roll-up garage doors won’t bend, warp or rust, which means they’ll stand strong and serve you well for many years. Clopay doors are designed to withstand 20 cycles each day, which means you can have the peace of mind that your door will stand up to all the use you give it.

3. Low Maintenance

Roll-up garage doors require very little maintenance to keep them looking beautiful and functioning properly. Simply wash off the door occasionally so it continues to look as good as new. When you keep the doors clean, then you aren’t likely to have many maintenance issues with them. This is because roll-up doors don’t have as many moving parts, and the parts they do have are mostly contained. Keeping them free from dirt is the best way to preserve their function.

Because of the way roll-up doors are constructed, they have fewer parts to maintain or replace as the door ages. Roll-up garage doors also take up less space because they do not have the track system along the ceiling. For business owners, this can be a big bonus because it increases the amount of usable space available in your garage or storage facility. If you own an auto shop or a warehouse with limited storage space, you can use the extra headroom to store things or to give forklifts and auto lifts more space to operate.

4. Safety

When you talk about commercial garage door safety, there are typically two primary concerns — heavy doors falling when a spring breaks and damage to a door while it’s resting on the ceiling in an open position. Most modern garage door openers are designed with a safety mechanism to prevent the doors from falling. However, creating a safe work environment for your employees should still be a major consideration when you’re buying a garage door.

The reason traditional overhead doors are at risk of falling is because of the spring mechanism that they are attached to. The springs holding a traditional overhead door can become worn out and, in some cases, break unexpectedly. When springs break, the door falls. This can be extremely dangerous if it happens when an employee is nearby.

A roll-up garage door’s parts, including springs, are all enclosed, which means that they are less vulnerable to damage and, therefore, less likely to break. And, just like traditional fold-out garage doors, roll-up doors can be equipped with sensors so they cannot accidentally close on people or objects in their path. When you install roll-up garage doors rather than a traditional overhead door, you’re taking steps to keep your employees safe. And when your employees are safe, they feel more confident and can work with fewer distractions.

If you’re looking for garage doors that will be used in an industrial setting, another concern about overhead doors is that they’re vulnerable to damage from forklifts when they’re open. Depending on the height of your ceilings, the forklift may not be able to clear the door when it’s in the open position. When this happens, the door can be damaged. Then, you’re stuck paying for repair — or even a replacement.

When roll-up doors are open, the door is enclosed in the casing, protecting the steel from potential damage and keeping a clear space for forklifts and other tall equipment to operate. Besides being safer, this can equal massive savings because your door is protected from accidental damage and expensive repairs that might result from that damage.

5. Insulation

Roll-up doors can be insulated, which can be a huge benefit if you want to install the door in a warehouse or space that needs to remain at a certain temperature. Installing an insulated roll-up door is also a primary way to save on your company’s energy costs because it will keep unwanted hot air outside while helping to maintain cool, air-conditioned temperatures inside. This keeps your employees comfortable and, in many cases, can be a valuable asset if your building is home to equipment and supplies that should be kept at cooler temperatures.

Roll-up doors are designed to fit snugly in your building’s opening, and they come with accessories designed to reduce the possibility of air leaks around the door itself. When you purchase a Clopay insulated roll-up garage door, it comes with top and side draft stops that also help prevent leaks. After all, an insulated door won’t do much to keep temperatures cool if air can leak around the top and sides.

Insulated doors are also stronger, which can be an additional benefit if you’re in the market for a door that will provide optimum security and protect your home or business from unwanted visitors. 

Roll-up Doors in Houston

Roll-up Doors in Houston

The benefits of a roll-up door for your home or business are many — they’re durable, secure and give you a lot of bang for your buck. In short, they’re an excellent investment. And with the variety of colors and options on the market today, they look good too.

If you’re in the market for residential or commercial roll-up doors in the Houston area, let Halo Overhead Door guide you through the process. Family-owned and operated since 1991, we offer a wide selection of doors and pride ourselves on our ability to match our customer’s needs with the door that’s right for them. Whether you know the door you want or you don’t know where to start, our goal is to walk with you through the entire process, from selection to installation.

As a full-service company, we also pride ourselves on our outstanding maintenance and repair services. We know that a garage door is an investment, and we’re committed to helping you protect that investment for many years to come.

Ready to purchase a new garage door? Thinking a roll-up door is just what you need to improve the function and curb appeal of your business? Give us a call at (713) 224-3667 or contact us online to get started.

6 Industries That Can Benefit From Roll-Up Doors in Houston

Roll-up doors provide benefits for several different industries. These doors are durable, have a host of finish options, and offer security for the items kept behind them. While it is easy to think that these doors can only meet industrial needs, that isn’t the case. Various businesses can benefit from having roll-up doors in Houston.

1. Self-Storage businesses

The self-storage industry is a very competitive industry. Besides price, one of the top factors for people choosing a self-storage company is convenience. There are several points to consider when thinking about convenience: location, hours of operation, and ease of access. When it comes to ease of access, roll-up doors provide a stark advantage over hinged doors. Roll-up doors don’t take up space in the walkway, which leaves ample space open for people storing items to maneuver. Since the doors roll-up, people moving in don’t have to compensate for the hinged door’s impact on clearance. Another bonus to using roll-up doors for self-storage areas is that these doors are easily secured. You can use locks that ensure only authorized parties have access to the items that are being stored. Once the locks are in place, the door won’t be able to be rolled up.

2. Warehouses and factories

Roll-up doors are an obvious choice for warehouses and factories because once the doors are rolled, it is easy to move freight in and out of the building. If your company uses forklifts and other heavy equipment to move items around in the warehouse or even outside of the warehouse, roll up doors make it easier for employees to move these pieces of machinery around. Roll-up doors are also very helpful for loading docks. If you have sunken ramps to accommodate tractor-trailers, the roll-up doors are easy to open once the truck backs up to the door. This provides you with security as the merchandise is loaded or unloaded since you don’t have to leave clearance for a hinged door to open and close. Instead, the trucker can back the trailer up until it is as close as possible to the door.

3. Retail stores

Receiving merchandise for retail stores is done in a host of ways. Your store might receive shipments through ground shippers or freight shippers. If you have a roll-up door at your store, you can easily receive all shipments without having to figure out how to get them in the building.

4. Medical centers

Medical centers have unique equipment that won’t likely fit through a standard door. There are two ways to address this issue: large hinged doors or roll up doors. Roll up doors have an advantage because the equipment purchased is less likely to get scratched, bumped, or damaged as you bring it into the facility. Another advantage to roll up doors is the easy way they get medical waste, trash, and other disposables out of the building. If your medical center plans on using a mobile shredding company, the company could likely pull the shredding truck up to the roll-up door and take care of the documents there. That minimizes the distance the documents must be moved, which decreases the chance they will end up in the wrong hands.

5. Restaurants

The cost of getting a restaurant up and running is staggering. When you purchase tables and furniture, which can easily average up to $40,000, you want them in the restaurant in perfect condition. The same is true for expensive or sensitive kitchen equipment. A roll-up door gives the delivery team ample space to work so you don’t have to worry about damage. A roll-up door can also help you with food and supply deliveries. When you are preparing to open the restaurant, you will spend around $80,000 on the initial delivery of supplies like dishes, utensils, and bar equipment. That is on top of the $8,000 you will likely spend for the initial delivery of food and beverage items. The roll-up door allows deliveries to occur as quickly as possible without having to try to maneuver through a normal hinged door.

6. Farms

Many farmers use hinged barn doors to keep equipment safe. Roll up doors take away the need to ensure proper clearance that is required for hinged barn doors. Additionally, roll-up doors enable you to maximize the space you have for storing your equipment and supplies.

Visit Halo Overhead Doors to find the perfect roll-up overhead door for your industry. Request an estimate today!


Highly Effective Roll Up Doors In Houston

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Roll Up Doors in Houston<a href=”” mce_href=””>

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4 Things to Know About Getting Roll Up Doors in Houston

As a business or a garage workshop door, getting roll up doors in Houston can be one of the best investments available. For those who need a new door but who may not know where to start when looking for one, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, these doors can be highly effective, affordable, and incredibly useful in functional terms. In the right situation, they can open and close easily allowing large vehicles or structures to enter and exit the space. However, before selecting one, buyers need to know more about how these doors work and, more importantly, how to choose them. #1: Quality makes the biggest difference One of the most important things for buyers to know is that not all roll up doors in Houston are the same. It is important to choose materials and installation that is capable of handling the needs of the user. In situations where the door will open and close very often, the tracks and overall system in place needs to be strong and durable. By working with a trusted professional, some of these risks are reduced. The key is to buy a high-quality system. #2: Get an easy to open solution Also important is the investment in a door that is easy to open. There are various options available. However, push button operation tends to be the best solution for most door needs. It allows the user to open and close the door quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, this option is a bit more expensive than others. #3: Consider maintenance When it comes to avoiding garage door repair, the system you install will play the biggest role in the process. Some systems require more maintenance than others. Of course, it is still a good idea to have a professional out to the property on an annual basis to check out the overall condition of the door and to make repairs as needed. #4: Think pricing What you may want out of this style of door is affordability. It is possible to purchase these doors affordably even if you want top quality construction and use. Whether putting them on a storage unit or installing them in a workshop, buyers need a good rate. Shopping with a trusted company can help to minimize the risks of buying the wrong door or spending too much for it. Overall, roll up doors in Houston can become a go to solution for many spaces. They are not as durable or long lasting as in place doors, but their affordability and ease of use makes them an excellent investment in many situations. As a buyer, it helps to work with a trusted company that understands the conditions and demands of the user in these doors.

What to Look For in Roll Up Doors in Houston

Buying a garage door is a fairly significant investment that costs a considerable amount of money. If you’re unfamiliar with the various styles and features, it’s not always easy to make the right choice. You definitely don’t want to get stuck with something that doesn’t fit your needs or simply doesn’t mesh with the style of your home. Here are some important things to look for in roll up doors in Houston. Right Material The type of material you choose will determine how durable your garage door is and how long it will last against the elements. Steel tends to be a good material because of its durability and it hardly ever requires cleaning. Vinyl works well for homes in the Houston area because it’s rust free, which comes in handy during the hurricane season when there is heavy rain. Although wood garage doors in Houston require some occasional touch ups and staining every few years, they have an aesthetic quality that’s hard to rival with other materials and can add some serious curb appeal to your property. There is also aluminum, which is a smart move if you don’t want to deal with much maintenance. Adequate Insulation To keep your energy bills at a minimum, it’s critical to find roll up doors in Houston with enough insulation. This is especially important if you use your garage as a workshop or spend a lot of time it. The main thing to look for is the door’s R- value, which is used to measure a material’s thermal resistance. A high R-value means that a door is energy efficient and will minimize the amount of outside noise that comes into your garage. The opposite is true for a low R-value, and the door won’t be as energy efficient and you may experience noise pollution if you live in a densely populated area with lots of traffic. Buying a polyurethane insulated door is ideal because it offers a high R-value. Besides this, it should be relatively sturdy. Safety Features A garage door opening and closing can pose some considerable hazards, especially if you have children or pets. That’s why it’s smart to choose a product that comes with as many safety features as possible. Automatic reverse makes it so a door will automatically go back to the open position if it comes into contact with an object when closing. A manual release mechanism allows you to disconnect the door from the closing mechanism, which is important in the event of an emergency where the power isn’t working. If you have children, you may want to invest in some child safety upgrades for added protection. By keeping these things in mind when looking at roll up doors in Houston, you should be able to find the perfect product for your home. Besides keeping your garage energy efficient, you can ensure safety while still having aesthetic appeal.

Fold and Roll Commercial Garage Doors for a State of the Art Garage

Commercial garage doors come in hinged sections usually four, and roll up on special tracks. Garage doors come single or double widths with many heights to choose from. Commercial garage doors have heights of 12 feet or more to accommodate trucks or commercial grade vehicles. The difference between commercial and regular garage doors amounts to the quality of material and thickness of the fiberglass, metal sheets or wood panels. Options Garage doors can come as simple panels, but many add curb appeal with designs. Whether wood, fiberglass, or metal garage doors come light weight so manual lifting becomes possible. Fiberglass doors often let light filter in because of the translucent quality of the material. Commercial garage doors can come with insulation. Insulated doors often become installed in attached garages for energy efficiency reasons. The deciding factor in requiring insulation has been if the garage has heating. If the garage has heat then an insulated garage door should be installed. Special garage doors are needed for a tuck under garage set up with the house on top and the garage as part of the basement. Often limited overhead room exists. Low overhead hardware kits exist that lets a garage door lift with 2 inch top clearance between the door and the ceiling. Accessories Commercial garage door openers in Houston come as a grand feature to add to a garage set up. It makes entry into a house easy, makes it more secure and it increases safety since getting out of the vehicle happens once safely inside the garage with the doors closed. Most garage openers have a safety feature which involves a reverse. Garage doors stop when encountering something while tracking and then reverse to prevent damage to the door. Most remotes have an option for reversing the garage door as well. Many newer garage door openers come with an infrared unit that mounts on wall or the door. If the beam becomes broken the opener reverses and raises the door. If you have a state of the art commercial garage door, commercial garage door openers in Houston why not go all out and upgrade the inside of the garage with commercial level ceiling storage racks and cabinets. Installing such maximizes storage space, increases safety and adds value to your home. Garages have multiple functions depending on family needs. If so outfitted and the space not needed for vehicles can function as an extra room. Consider all the possibilities and options and make your home what you want it to be. A commercial garage door can add to the design and function of your home for many years to come.

The Many Advantages of Roll-Up Doors in Houston

When it comes to constructing your home garage, there are many choices to be made. Depending on whether you want to utilize your garage primarily for cars, for work, or for storage can alter decisions you make when considering the design. How much time you’ll spend in it, how you want it to visually appear, and where it’s located can also impact your construction choices. However, for virtually any garage, roll-up doors in Houston are advantageous. While it may seem like all garage doors are created equal, that’s simply not the case. Increased Storage Space One of the biggest detriments of traditional garage doors is the amount of space they take up in your garage when they’re rolled up. Many fold up into your garage, while others place half of the door inside, and the other half outdoors. Even older roll-up versions of garage doors that preceded current roll-up doors in Houston often invaded a large amount of ceiling space. With a new roll-up garage door, the space taken up is minimal. That means that you can have the overhead storage space that every garage owner dreams of. Without having to place tracks on your ceiling, you open up a variety of possibilities.  You can build a loft, a shelving area, or even install an overhead lift for easy storage. Your opportunities are endless when you design your garage door to not impede on your storage space. Increased Security Arguably the best thing about a roll-up garage door is that they’re nearly impossible to break into.  They are secure, and virtually impossible to roll up without the garage opener. With traditional garage doors, potential burglars can often hit the door hard enough to unlatch the locking mechanism, allowing relatively easy access into your garage. With a roll-up door you won’t have to worry about leaving your valuables in your garage. Increased Safety The  last thing you want to have to worry about with your garage door is safety. Traditional outward opening garage doors can hit household objects, cars that are parked too close or unsuspecting people. As many roll-up garage doors are equipped with sensors, individuals and vehicles that are nearby will avoid the risk of being struck by the garage. With a roll-up garage door, you don’t have to worry about what’s directly in front of your garage when you press the opener. In addition, once you are in your car, you don’t have to worry about being the proper distance from the garage when you open it. As the door open directly upward, it will minimize room for error. Roll-up garage doors in Houston are a sound investment for any homeowner looking to increase the curb appeal and safety of their home and garage. As installing a garage is a detailed project that involves many moving parts that must be installed flawlessly in order to avoid failure, it is in the best interest of homeowners to contact a professional garage door installation company. Professional contractors will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure your garage door is installed efficiently and correctly.

Why Roll Up Doors Houston Might Be Right for Your Business

Roll up doors in Houston are a type of door primarily used in industrial settings. A roll up door is constructed of narrow strips or panels of steel, aluminum or wood mounted in a track and attached to a lifting mechanism that raises and lowers the door. Roll up doors have many specialized uses, as well as several benefits over other types of large doors. Convenient Operation Modern roll up doors in Houston are easy and convenient for anyone to use. Manual roll up doors are operated using a pull chain or crank. Roll up doors can also be fitted with an automatic opener that operates at the touch of a button. The panels that make up the door are mounted in a track and lock together when the door is down. When the door is raised, it is lifted along the track, and the articulated design of the panels allows the door to bend around a large rod or cylinder. When raised, the door may be designed to remain open automatically or may be anchored in place using the lifting chain or crank. Since roll up doors retract onto a rod instead of remaining full length along the ceiling, overhead space inside the building is not obstructed. Roll up doors may be left open for extended periods of time but are convenient enough to be opened and closed multiple times a day as needed to allow traffic to pass in and out of a building. Strong and Secure Roll up doors can be secured with a lock and wired into the security system of a building to control ingress and egress. Roll up doors are also resilient in adverse weather conditions. Hurricane season in Houston lasts from June through November, during which the city may be struck by a tropical storm or hurricane at any time. Wind gusts over 100 miles per hour can occur even in a relatively minor storm, causing serious damage to standard doors. After a hurricane or tropical storm, it may be several days before authorities allow residents and business owners to return to the area. If a business is in an area heavily damaged by a hurricane or tropical storm, and the business’s doors are damaged or destroyed during the storm, the property inside may be further damaged by rain or even lost to the thieves and looters that always seem to accompany large natural disasters. Sturdy construction and interlocking panels mean that steel and aluminum roll up doors are resistant to damage from extreme conditions caused by tropical weather. Great for Any Size Door Roll up doors can be customized to fit any size door opening, from a standard three-foot entryway to hangar doors large enough to admit an airplane. Houston is a major transportation hub for the entire southern United States and is home to many businesses involved in shipping, transportation and warehousing. Large doors are a necessity for any business that ships or receives goods transported by tractor trailers or other large trucks. A large opening fitted with a roll up door allows a full-size truck to back right up to a loading dock or even into a building so that cargo can be unloaded in any weather. Roll up doors offer a combination of convenience and security to almost any business. Contact a local Houston-area installer today to find out how your business can benefit from using roll up doors at your office, production hub, warehouse or shipping facility.

Save Space with Roll Up Doors Houston

[Posted on April 23rd 2013 by Matt Davis]

The use of a roll up or roller-style garage door offers many benefits over standard garage doors. Roll up garage doors have hinged horizontal sections that fold around a drum when the door is open. This drum is positioned above the door and takes up less real estate on the ceiling. The use of a roll up doors in Houston is a great way to maximize space inside and outside your garage. Review a few reasons why roller-style doors are a good choice for your garage.


Space savings is the biggest advantage for using roll up doors in Houston garages, rather than standard garage doors. Roll up garage doors have a low profile because they lack a chain mechanism. The lack of an overhang on a roller-style garage door means that a counter-balancing mechanism is not needed. You can install a new roll up door that is fully automated with a longer life-expectancy over other types of garage doors. Your new door will require minimal maintenance for continued operation because of the minimum amount of stress placed on the motor. A remote control means a homeowner will not need to leave the vehicle to open the door.


A roller-style garage door is typically constructed from galvanized steel that is plastic coated. The door opens by rotating around a tubular drum directly above the door opening. Opened doors will be kept in a compact area that allows for the maximum amount of space in your garage.

A seal sits between the bottom of the garage door and the ground. The door will also have aluminum lath that is double-skinned. This allows for a fully insulated door that has a steel spring used for balance. Roll up garage doors are available in a variety of sizes to fit any garage door opening.


You can choose a space-saving roll up garage door that opens manually or is automated. One benefit of a manual roll up door is the lack of a motor. This means that more room is available on the ceiling in a garage. Automated doors need to use an available electrical outlet or be hard wired and will operate with a remote control or use a wall-mounted control panel. The remote control unit for the door works when an external sensor is connected to the motorized drum.


The exterior of a roller-style garage door comes in a range of styles and colors. The door will also have a superior locking mechanism. Various locking points can be added to resist an impact and forced entry into your garage. This allows you to have a door that is both secure and attractive. If you are looking to increase the value and enhance its appearance, then a roll up garage door is a great choice.

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Installing a roll up or roller-style garage door allows you to add various lighting to your garage. If your garage has limited lighting because of a standard garage door, then you will benefit with a roll up garage door. This allows you to add additional light fixtures in the ceiling. You can add a roll up garage door to an attached garage or an outbuilding. A garage that is currently a workshop can gain more ceiling space by replacing a standard garage door with a roll up door.


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