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8 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

8 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

September 26, 2018

When you see anti-burglary advertisements on TV, the focus is often on a shady trespasser attempting to break in through a window or the back door.

While those are essential areas to fortify, people often forget about one of the largest parts of the home: their garage. Without proper security measures, thieves might find a loophole in your garage door to exploit, which exposes your family to danger and your property to plundering.

Halo Overhead Doors cares about total customer satisfaction, which is why we place such a considerable emphasis on safety. Here is a list of eight smart security tips that might help you to protect your garage from any future incidents.

1. Use an Insulated Door

Clopay® doors are designed with premium strength and durability, but insulation can add an extra level of security to even the most durable garage door. Many collections come with insulation options that will both increase your home’s energy efficiency and make it harder for intruders to break down your door.

2. Implement a Security System

You can extend your house’s existing security system to cover your garage door with relatively little difficulty. By arming your system, motion sensors on the inside or outside of your door will immediately trigger an alarm.

3. Secure Your Garage Door Opener

If you need to park one of your cars outside and leave the opener’s remote in it, that presents an opportunity for thieves. While it’s convenient to place your opener in the center console or overhead holster, you can connect it to a keychain to ensure it’s always on your person.

4. Institute a Garage Door Timer

Sometimes, hurrying to leave results in mistakes. Unfortunately, accidentally leaving your garage ajar just once can result in terrible consequences. To prevent this problem, you can install a LiftMaster garage door opener featuring a preprogrammed timer that will close the door after a set number of minutes or seconds of being opened.

5. Add a Lock

Locks are a tried-and-true method for securing your garage door, and they come in many different types to adapt to the style. You can install a variety of deadbolts, padlocks or automatic locks that operate either manually or through your opener or a keypad. You can also purchase a LiftMaster opener with preinstalled PosiLock® technology.

6. Block Your Emergency Release

You can install all of these fancy tech tools, but sometimes, even that isn’t enough. As it turns out, many trespassers are intuitive. All modern garage doors include an emergency release mechanism, which people can reach through the use of a coat hanger or another jury-rigged tool. You can stymy this strategy by looping a zip tie or another kind of thread through an opening in the system, which prevents someone from fully engaging it.

7. Link Your Smartphone App

You can control every aspect of your garage door opener and its integrated security system at any time with your smartphone. The LiftMaster MyQ app allows constant access from any location, and it can send real-time alerts that show when the garage door opens. You can also use it to set schedules for lights and opening cycles.

8. Use Motion-Sensing Lights

Take your security system up to another level with motion-sensing lights, which will secure the inside and outside of the garage. Motion detector lighting in openers such as the LiftMaster 8360W instantly deters potential intruders, as it takes away their cover and gives off the impression that you’re aware of their presence.

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