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When to Replace Your Commercial Garage Door

When to Replace Your Commercial Garage Door

Garage doors provide a functional and convenient way to exit and enter your businesses. They also protect the people, equipment and products inside your building from weather elements and security risks. Whether your door is getting to the end of its life expectancy or you’ve started noticing some strange movement or noises, it may be time to look into a replacement. Learn the most common signs you need a new door and the importance of investing in a high-quality replacement.

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Commercial Garage Door?

Every garage door has a different life expectancy. Many factors can impact how long your model stays in working condition, including:

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Proper installation
  • How often you use the door
  • Weather elements your building faces

Some businesses can get close to 30 years of use from their door, while others may only reach 10 years or less.

Rather than relying on a number of years to determine your door’s life span, you should consider the cycles you run daily. The springs in your door can typically handle between 5,000 and 20,000 cycles, depending on the spring system and materials. If you run multiple cycles a day, opening and closing often, your door will likely reach its limit sooner than it would if you only ran a cycle at the start and end of every day. Contact the company that installed your door to determine how many cycles your system can handle for the most accurate life expectancy.

Signs You Need a Garage Door Replacement

Several signs can indicate when it’s time to replace your garage door. If you’re noticing issues with your door, getting to the cause as soon as possible is important. Additionally, you should always leave repairs, replacements and installation to the professionals to ensure your safety and the door’s longevity. A reliable door company can help you find the best type of door for your business to meet your needs while staying within your budget. Determine whether you face any of these common indicators for needing a door replacement:

Inconsistent Opening and Closing

Inconsistent opening and closing could be the result of several issues. You could have problems with the connections between devices, and the opener isn’t registering when you click the button. You could also have blockages that prohibit your door from functioning properly, such as debris blocking the sensors or an object stopping the door from operating fully. However, inconsistent functioning could also indicate more serious problems.

For example, the door springs may be nearing the end of their life, releasing the door prematurely and causing it to slam closed or snap open. Continuing to use your door with this issue could cause stress on other parts of the door, leading to even more costly repairs. Damaged or broken springs can also be dangerous for any people, vehicles or equipment in the space. If the springs snap, the door could crush anything beneath it, and the springs could become projectiles, potentially harming those nearby.

Frequent Door Repairs and Part Replacements

As with most equipment, you can often tell it’s time for an updated model when you need frequent part replacements and repairs. Although it’s essential to replace parts when necessary, there can come a point when the services and maintenance become excessive and less cost-effective than replacing the door.

Wear and tear will happen naturally over time, but some damaged parts can cause strain on other elements of the door, leading to a need for maintenance and repairs. For example, broken or damaged cables could lead to more stress on the tracks, which can lead to track misalignments or damage to essential screws or other components.

Increasing Energy Bills for Your Business

Garage doors can help insulate your building. If you notice higher energy bills than usual, your door could have weather stripping or insulation issues. Along with causing you to pay higher energy bills, poor insulation could impact your employees or products. For example, if you have goods that have specific temperature storing requirements, you may diminish product integrity by lacking proper insulation. Employees may also feel less comfortable working in the space, potentially decreasing productivity and satisfaction.

Lack of Modern Safety Features for Employees

Modern garage doors offer a range of safety features to protect your business, products and employees. Features such as alarm systems, motion sensors and rolling code technology can prevent break-ins, alert you if something is wrong, and protect your employees and products from adverse situations. Whether you have an older door without these features or notice other businesses and competitors investing in these high-quality options, it may be time to consider an upgrade.

Benefits of a High-Quality Garage Door Replacement

While garage doors serve a functional purpose for your business and employees, they can also aid in business success. High-quality garage doors can:

  • Boost your curb appeal: For many businesses, first impressions of a building can impact potential sales or customer or partner relationships. Whether you want to sell your property in the future or present your business in a certain way, a high-quality, modern garage door can work wonders to boost your image.
  • Reduce noise pollution: The proper insulation in a garage door can lower energy bills while preventing unnecessary noise pollution from impacting your employees. If your business is near busy streets, trains, construction work and other loud areas, a new garage door can prevent your employees from becoming distracted by unnecessary noise.
  • Allow for easier use: Modern technology makes it easier than ever before to control your door. You can use smartphones and connected devices to control your door, and other advanced features can bring additional convenience to your daily operations.
  • Save money: High-quality doors use materials and components that last longer. This can save your business money by requiring fewer maintenance and repair sessions and offering an extended life span so you don’t have to make significant purchases as frequently.

Request Commercial Garage Door Installation in Houston

Halo Overhead Door is committed to providing trusted garage door solutions. We’re a family-owned business in Texas, proudly serving business owners and homeowners in Houston. As a full-service overhead door company, we can meet all your needs for maintenance and installation. We can help with customized solutions for steel and glass commercial doors.

The dedicated team members at Halo Overhead Garage Doors are your go-to Houston industrial garage door experts. Our products are long-lasting, durable and efficient. We make it easy to request Texas commercial overhead door installation. Call our team at (281) 247-5679 for commercial garage door replacement.

How to Choose The Right Commercial Garage Door in Houston

Commercial garage doors are vital tools for various industries, from warehouses to garages to retail stores. The needs of businesses will vary, so you must choose an appropriate garage door to meet those needs in the most efficient way possible. With an array of options available, finding your ideal fit can prove to be difficult, but the experts at Halo Overhead Doors will strive to assist you.

As you explore your options, you will want to consider various factors, like door type, materials, insulation, usage and security, before committing to a specific model. Carefully considering every element and determining what to prioritize for your business and its needs will help increase the likelihood that your door will be secure and functional.

Types of Commercial Overhead Doors 

Choosing a commercial overhead door will take time and careful consideration. You need to identify where you plan to place your overhead door, and then you’ll have to select the right specifications that match the environment and circumstances. Each type of overhead door offers specific benefits and services to improve its energy efficiency and functionality, letting you get the most from your investment. 

You have several options to explore to determine the model that will best fit your business needs, including: 

  • Sectional: This type offers cost-efficiency and flexibility, making sectional doors an excellent option for businesses. They are supremely durable, and they come equipped with features that maximize thermal efficiency. Depending on your area, you will need a significant amount of headroom or backroom to install them.
  • Rolling SteelIf you operate in a tight space with little headroom or backroom, rolling steel doors utilize interlocking slats that coil around a suspended barrel for space conservation. These options are durable and highly secure.
  • High-Speed: For businesses requiring doors that can frequently cycle while holding up against the strain, we offer high-speed models that can raise and lower as fast as 54 inches per second.
  • Security Grilles: Security grilles provide a visual presentation of your business while preventing theft during closed hours. You can show off your facility while ensuring strong security. 

Many factors go into choosing the right type of overhead door for your company. Think about aspects like door function, door purpose and building limitations to determine how to best integrate your overhead door into your business. 


In addition to choosing the type of garage door, you can also select from several materials. Each material has a unique look, allowing you to choose something that adds to your business’s overall aesthetic. However, when selecting a material, you should also consider functionality and usage. 

If you use your door each day, you may want to choose something more durable, like steel. Other materials like aluminum can work for doors requiring less safety and protection from dents and damages. You can even explore glass overhead door selections to create an open and inviting atmosphere in your business. 


Your overhead door helps protect your business from outdoor conditions to keep your products and customers safe. Like other forms of insulation, insulated overhead garage doors can create an energy-efficient environment that keeps air conditioning and heat inside while keeping the winter cold and summer heat out. 

Additionally, investing in an insulated overhead door can safeguard your facility from other weather conditions, like rain, wind, snow, ice and more. Insulation can add to your door’s life span, providing you with a solution that’s durable and meant to last. 


When choosing an overhead door for your company, you should consider the demands of your business by measuring the amount of traffic you experience. You might require a door that only needs to cycle a few times a day, like a security gate for a lot at the mall. Conversely, the garage doors of a warehouse or body shop might open a dozen times in just a few hours. 

Since each door type has unique demand capacities, determining how frequently you will use your door will help you choose the best model for your business. By recording the frequency of your cycles, you’ll know if you need to have an automated or manual garage door opener. 

With more usage comes more garage door maintenance, so if you plan to use your door often, you will want to choose a durable model with a long life span. Making the right choice ensures convenience and can also increase your business’ efficiency and revenue.

Security Features 

Any commercial garage door you select should provide uncompromising security and safety for your business, and that’s what you’ll receive when you choose Halo Overhead Door products.

You can customize your doors with sturdy locks and choose from various features, including inside or outside placement and manual or powered options. Beyond that, your door’s opener can integrate state-of-the-art security features through automatically engaging deadlocks, scrambling opening codes to prevent inadvertent cycles and closing after a pre-programmed amount of minutes.

With a high-quality door you can customize to fit your security needs, you can adequately prepare for any situation that comes your way.

Contact Halo Overhead Door With Questions About Commercial Garage Doors 

When determining how to choose a roll-up door for your business, you’ll have to consider several factors to ensure you find the right model to meet your needs. By exploring all your options, you can create a door that will best serve your business for years to come.

At Halo Overhead Door, we operate the largest garage door showroom throughout the Houston area, and we’re the only Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer® in Houston. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will do all they can to assist you in choosing a commercial garage door as well as the perfect commercial overhead door opener to go with it. Contact us today or call us at (713) 224-3667 to learn more about our product catalog and services.

Commercial Garage Doors vs. Residential Garage Doors

Commercial Garage Doors vs. Residential Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors and residential garage doors perform the same primary function — letting people and vehicles in and out of their garages. So how are they different from each other, exactly?

One obvious difference between commercial garage doors and residential garage doors is the type of building where you can find them, whether that be businesses and industrial applications or homes. But the differences extend further than that into the design, construction, aesthetic and functional qualities of the doors.

Understanding the key differences between these doors will help you make the right choice for your home or business. Below, we’ll outline some of the biggest differences between residential and commercial garage doors and how these differences affect their uses.

An Overview of Commercial vs. Residential Garage Doors

When it’s time to invest in a new garage door, it’s essential to understand the differences between types. Traditional residential doors are only made to open a few times every day, and they are not available in large sizes that will accommodate trailers, big trucks and heavy equipment. Commercial doors are the right choice for large garages that see heavy use because designers build them to withstand heavy use and protect a larger opening.

Garage Door Spring Systems

For that reason, there’s a big difference between commercial and residential spring systems. Depending on the weight of the door, residential garage doors typically use one or two torsion springs. The arrangement of the springs balances the door and keeps it from falling down. On the other hand, industrial garage doors often use three or more torsion springs that are larger than residential springs in wire size and diameter.

Boosting Your Curb Appeal

Though residential doors are not the industrial workhorses that commercial garage doors are, their visual appeal and financial impact are hard to ignore. An attractive new garage door can brighten a house’s appearance and enhance its curb appeal. More practically, it can also help boost the resale value of the home. Homeowners typically recoup 90% of their costs in the increased sale price of the house, and 70% of real estate agents report that a home sells faster when it features an attractive new garage door. If these options are important for your home, you’ll want to go with a traditional residential garage door.

Garage Door Lift Type

Lift type is another major difference. Because they’re so much larger and heavier, commercial garage doors can use standard, full vertical and high-lift types. The lighter residential doors normally use standard or low-headroom lift types, which fit more neatly in a small garage.

Opening & Closing

Commercial and residential doors can also differ in the ways they open and close. Most commercial doors are overhead doors that roll up toward the ceiling. While you can find a few side-sliding doors and even swinging garage doors, overheads are the most popular because they don’t need open space on the sides for the doors to swing-out. However, residential doors are readily available in swinging and sliding options.

Some commercial doors are roller doors, which feature multiple thin panels that roll neatly up into a narrow space. These doors are generally more expensive but are popular with businesses that have less available space than a large standard door requires. Due to their utilitarian look and expense, roller doors are not typically available for residential properties. It is more common to see residential sectional garage doors.

Energy Required to Operate

The energy needed to power the garage door opener is also different for each type. Predictably, commercial garage doors require more energy, which can be anywhere from 115 to 575 volts. Therefore, the motors on commercial garage door openers are also higher (industrial door openers), coming in at up to 1 HP. In comparison, traditional residential doors only require about 115 volts and have smaller motors of up to 3/4 HP. Depending on the door and your needs, you might need more energy, so keep that in mind when looking for a new system.

Cost of Residential vs Commercial Garage Doors

At first glance, commercial garage doors cost substantially more than residential doors. However, though they are not always as flashy-looking, they are also more durable. If you are going to put your door through heavy use, then a commercial door is the right choice. Where a residential door would have failed and fallen apart, your commercial door will still operate smoothly. Consider the difference in life span and potential savings with a commercial door before making your decision.

The Size of the Garage Door

One main difference between residential and commercial doors is their size. Commercial bay doors are designed to admit much larger vehicles, so they’re substantially larger than their residential counterparts.

Although some custom-built residential garage doors can be several feet taller to accommodate motorhomes, standard residential doors are available in 7-foot heights and are designed for one- or two-car garages. Commercial businesses typically need taller doors as they pull in trucks, accept deliveries from large trucks or need extra clearance for larger loads. If you are building a private garage and want a taller door to accommodate an RV or other large equipment, consider commercial garage doors.

The dimensions of residential and commercial garage doors also affect their weight. Residential garage doors generally weigh only a few hundred pounds, while commercial garage doors can weigh more than a thousand pounds.

Commercial vs. Residential Garage Doors Repair

Employees working on any garage doors should take care to protect themselves from grievous injury, but this is particularly true concerning massive commercial garage doors. For this reason, it’s wise to consult with experienced, professional garage door companies for maintenance and repairs.

The Material of the Garage Door

Homeowners often choose the materials used in a residential garage door for their appealing appearance, along with their durability and cost-effectiveness. Residential users may also have strong feelings about the insulative properties of their garage doors.

So what are the different types of garage doors? Below are some common materials for residential garage doors:

  • Wood: Though wood is less durable and requires more upkeep than other options, a traditional wooden door‘s classic, rustic beauty is hard to beat.
  • Glass: Though it’s rare to find an entire garage door made of glass, glass paneling provides an attractive feature to let in some light and enhance the modern beauty of the door.
  • Steel and aluminum: Steel provides for an exceptionally sturdy and low-maintenance door, and although it lacks the charm of other materials, many paints and finishes are available to make the metal look cheerier. You could also add a wooden overlay for a more natural look. Galvanized steel also resists rust and corrosion, as does the lighter-weight aluminum, though it tends to cost more.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is beneficial for giving a door the natural appearance and charm of wood without requiring the same level of maintenance. It is also a cost-effective option for residential garage doors.
  • Composites: Composite doors provide the benefits of multiple materials in one door. For example, a residential garage door made of steel and polyurethane offers the durability and security of steel with the insulating properties of polyurethane for greater energy efficiency.

With residential garage doors, the aesthetic appeal of the door is often a high priority for the homeowner. With commercial doors, however, functionality usually takes priority over aesthetics. The materials used to make commercial garage doors reflect this priority. Commercial doors are typically made of galvanized steel or an aluminum blend. Due to their size and weight, they are also more difficult to open if the automatic lifter breaks.

Generally, the reason for the use of steel and aluminum blends in the construction of commercial garage doors has to do with their durability. Though residential garage doors get plenty of use — on average, a garage door in the United States opens and closes about 1,500 times every year — that’s nothing compared to the frequency of use of a commercial garage door. You open your home’s garage door a few times each day, but the door on a loading dock may be opened several times a day.

The extra wear and tear could destroy a residential door, but the commercial options can withstand the additional use. If you know your door is going to be raised and lowered continually throughout the day, then you should invest in a more durable commercial door.

The added durability of a commercial garage door also increases the security of the garage. Security is of paramount importance in commercial facilities that store substantial quantities of expensive products. A hardy, durable commercial garage door helps protect the products from theft and damage.

The Appearance of the Garage Door

With residential garage doors, curb appeal is an essential factor. Depending on the home’s layout, a residential garage door can make up a large percentage of the home’s facade, so the door should have an attractive appearance.

Ideally, a residential garage door should have an aesthetic appeal that coordinates well with the architecture and style of the house. A well-chosen and well-designed garage door can accent the home’s exterior and harmonize with its architectural features. It should appeal to the eye and help create an attractive appearance for the home. Customizable options like windows, panel designs, wood-grain finishes, a bold palette of paint colors and decorative handles or trim help create this appealing, polished look.

With a commercial garage door, these concerns are less important. Commercial garage doors are typically more robust and durable, but they aren’t as ornate and tend to look utilitarian. While you can find residential doors that beautifully match a carriage house, most commercial doors will be plain. You can get basic raised or glass panels to make commercial doors a little more attractive, but you probably will not find very ornate styles in commercial options.

This unornamented style fits perfectly with the no-frills aesthetic of many industrial garages and loading docks, and the decreased focus on appearance allows manufacturers to focus on the functionality of the doors. The customization options for commercial garage doors tend to be limited to paint color and sometimes windows.

Commercial garage doors can still look sleek and attractive, though. Many commercial garage doors feature an appealing modern industrial look.

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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing an Overhead Door in Houston

An overhead door is an investment. Because of this, consider these 5 points before you decide on which overhead door is the most appropriate one for your needs. There are some instances in which more than one type or style of overhead door in Houston will suit your needs. If that occurs, decide which one to have installed based on your priorities. For example, if ease of use is a top priority, but insulation is a lower one, you might be happier choosing the door that is easiest to use even if it doesn’t provide the best insulation.

 What is the Purpose of the Overhead Door?

When you ponder the purpose of your overhead door, consider what types of vehicles will drive through the doors or up to them. Will the doors need to provide full access to tractor-trailer rigs? Will you need to fit scissor lifts or other equipment through them? How much freight or cargo will be placed on these vehicles when they are crossing through the overhead door? All of these factors can impact the type of door you choose. If you are purchasing an overhead door for your home, consider what types of items will go through the door. Your vehicle might be the tallest object that you can think of that will go through the door, but you should also think about objects like ladders and yard equipment that might be stored behind the overhead door.

In What Industry Will the Door Be Used?

If your overhead door will be installed at a business, consider your industry. While this won’t necessarily make or break your decision, it can have an impact on which choices make the top of your list. Think about it this way — you wouldn’t want a thin overhead door protecting your valuable merchandise. Instead, you want a sturdy door that protects your items and that can be locked when you need extra security. If you have a self-storage company, you need overhead doors that are sturdy enough to endure the repeated use by people who aren’t trained in how to operate the doors. In this case, the doors also need to be able to support the locking system that is required for customers to keep their possessions safe and secure.

In What Conditions Will the Door Be Used?

The conditions that the overhead door will be exposed to have an impact on which options will be suitable for your needs. For example, if the overhead door is being used to divide a freezer space from another space, it will need to be insulated. If the overhead door is being used in a climate controlled area, such as a warehouse that is storing electronics, it will need at least some insulation. The door you choose should block the heat from the outside during the summer and prevent the warmer air from seeping outside during the winter. You should also consider the weather conditions and the frequency of use when you are trying to decide on what type of overhead door is appropriate. In some cases, more ornate doors might be suitable for homes but not for industrial settings.

How Much Ease of Use Do You Require?

You can choose from manual, automatic, or high-speed overhead doors. Deciding which one is appropriate for your needs depends on how the door will be used. If you open the door once or twice a day, a manual door might be appropriate. If the door will be opened frequently, you will likely need an automatic overhead door. If the door will be used a lot and in a time-sensitive manner, a high-speed door might be your best option. The way that the door is operated is also important. Think about who will use the door and how it needs to open. Is a handle appropriate for the manual door or do you need a chain to roll the door up? Is a remote control needed for an automatic door or do you need a push button or switch installed? Knowing the answers to these questions can simplify your decision.

How Important is the Appearance of Your Overhead Door?

When you think of the appearance of your overhead door, consider more than just the color of the door. You can choose from a full view door if you need to be able to keep an eye on what is happening on the other side of the door. This might be suitable in factory settings. The material of the door also matters when it comes to the appearance. You can choose from aluminum, wood, or steel for the overhead door. Once you choose the material, you can choose the finish. If you are going to have the door painted, make sure that you take the likelihood of items impacting the door into consideration. If your company is highly likely to have frequent impacts on the door, which would be common for self-storage areas or manufacturing facilities, you should make sure that the finish you choose for your door can withstand the impacts that are likely.

Our experts at Halo Overhead Door will help you choose the overhead door that is the best fit for your needs. Contact us today!



Consider your options when shopping for overhead garage doors in Houston

In the market for overhead garage doors, Houston business or home owner? Make sure you ask yourself the right questions as you shop or you may regret your choice later, simply because you didn’t consider all your options in the first place. You don’t want to spend the money, have the labor done, look at your new garage doors, and think “Wait, this looks terrible on this building,” or “Wait, with this level of insulation my summer AC bills will be unbelievable.” So take a moment, and ask yourself these 10 simple questions:

What material do you want?

There are quite a few materials to choose from when considering overhead garage doors; steel, aluminum, and other metals, a variety of woods, plastics, glass, and combinations of each. The material you choose will have a major impact on a number of factors, including the style, security, insulation, texture, and just about anything else you might consider. It’s fine to put this question off until later, but be mindful of the compromises and choices you’re making when selecting one material over another for other benefits.

Will the style match?

If you want your building to hold any aesthetic value, you’re going to need to consider whether the overhead door you’re looking at will suit the style of your building. This includes the color, whether it looks classy and classic or efficient and modern, what if anything it’s detailed with, etc. Of course, you don’t have to care about this if you’re uninterested; if you’re building a garage for pure efficiency, simply choose whatever works best in a vacuum. Just know that it is something to consider, because a poor choice can and will clash horribly with the rest of your building.

Will you need adjustments to your building first?

Not all buildings can support all the various permutations of garage door without some level of structural modification. Maybe you didn’t have garage doors before, and you need to make the hole and supports necessary from scratch. Maybe your old garage doors were bigger, or smaller, or lighter-weight than the ones you want to install. Carefully consider what you need, what you want, and what you’ll need to do to your building to make it happen—you can easily find the majority of the costs of installing a garage door have nothing to do with the actual doors or installation.

Do you need extra security?

There are a lot of ways to make garage doors more secure, but many of them will limit your other decisions by a good bit. You can go for heavier or thicker materials, better locks, better attachment structures, smart locks, and a host of other features. Obviously, you can’t have big windows if you want true security—and you can’t have small windows if you want to keep your privacy, and keep people from seeing what exactly they’d find should they break in.

Would you like windows?

Speaking of windows, those are certainly an option. They have pretty much all the same weaknesses and benefits you’d see from putting windows anywhere else in your home: they let in light, they’re aesthetically pleasing, they can contribute to maintaining a certain style…but they also reduce the quality of insulation, lower the overall security of your building, and can break and thus require replacement. If you really like windows and glass, you can even go for garage doors consisting primarily of glass, for an excellently showy garage.

Is speed something you care about?

Do you care how long it takes to get your doors open? Or do you need some sort of mechanical or electronic assistance in getting the doors open, for whatever reason? It’s important to consider the practical factor of ‘how easy the door is to open’, after all, that being the primary function in the end. It’s not like there’s going to be a garage door that’s impossible to open, of course—but you might sacrifice a little bit of ease-of-use for other features, such as aesthetics or security.

How much maintenance are you willing to do?

Not all garage doors are created equally, when it comes to the level of maintenance required for proper safety. Anything with extra moving parts, extra delicate parts (such as windows), or unusual structures can and will result in an increased need for maintenance. If you want to never, ever have to think about your garage doors, go for something dead simple, sturdily built, with no frills or complications involved. Or, you can make sure you have a good service plan or warranty backing your installation, which makes it all someone else’s problem.

What sort of finish would you like?

Glossy, matte, textured, there are countless finishes you can put on your garage doors, in as many colors as you can consider. If you don’t care about aesthetics, just go for something cheap and resilient, that won’t look too terrible against the shade of your home or business. If you do care about aesthetics, however, you’ll want to take a long time to think about it; the impact can be massive with only a subtle change.

Is insulation a major consideration?

It’s nice to remember that a garage door is covering a huge hole in the side of your building. That means that it plays a very important role in determining how well your building is going to retain heat or cold, and keep external heat and cold away. Houston can see quite a range of temperatures, and you don’t want to be blasting air conditioning 24/7 through the summer and still have a garage that feels like the inside of a furnace, so you probably want to consider this carefully.

Final thoughts

Mostly, the important trick to getting garage doors you’re satisfied with is to make an effort to think about the decision in the first place; as long as you don’t shrug and grab whatever fits without a fuss, you should end up with a product that’ll perform well for your needs. Just think before you buy!


7 things to shop for when buying Overhead garage doors in Houston


7 things to shop for when buying Overhead garage doors in Houston

Looking to install, repair, or replace overhead garage doors in Houston? There’s a lot to look for in a supplier or contractor you might pick for the job, features and traits that separate the best from the worst—features you’ll want to know how to spot, if you don’t want to suffer serious buyer’s remorse down the line.

So the next time you’re in the market for garage doors, pay attention to these 7 factors:


Your first inkling of whether a particular supplier or contractor is worth working with should come from how long they take to respond to an inquiry—if you’re left lingering for days waiting for a call back, then it’s likely best to move on. That’s not to say unusual circumstances can’t put even the best suppliers in a poor position to respond quickly, but generally speaking you want to work with a company that works quickly and effectively, on your schedule instead of their own. If by some mistake or flaw your garage door jams and traps your car, wouldn’t you rather have the team that answers calls and gets to work quickly in your pocket?

Good warranties

A good warranty means more than being covered when something goes wrong; it means the supplier has confidence that problems will be a rarity. To offer a strong warranty on shoddy workmanship would quickly bankrupt any business. Inversely, a good warranty is a good marketing tool—no business confident in its products wouldn’t offer a strong warranty, as a tool to increase profits. So you can be fairly confident that the quality of a warranty is directly proportionate to the quality of the work you’ll see.

Build quality

Take a look at the products being offered to you, when selecting a provider. You don’t want cheaply manufactured, flimsy garage doors; you may save on the front end, but with the wear and tear inherent to any door, that flimsy manufacturing quality will quickly lead to the need for repairs or replacement. This, in addition to being less secure, less protective against the elements, etc. If you don’t know what to look for, exactly, ask lots of questions; you should be able to get a sense of whether the supplier is confident in the quality, or not.


Limited options are a problem for more reasons than the obvious. A supplier offering only a scant few variations may have problems with staff not experienced or knowledgeable enough to install a diverse set of garage doors, might have supply problems which can become a hassle should you need repairs or replacement, etc. A good suppler offers a flexible selection of products and variants, to better meet the needs of your home or business. If your decision making is limited to the color of the paint, then you might want to move on to the next business.

Knowledgeable staff

When speaking to the staff and employees at a company, they should be quite knowledgeable about what you might need or expect from your garage doors. If you have unusual requirements or questions, they should either be able to answer them with confidence, or know who to ask to get you your answers quickly. If you find yourself speaking with a representative of the company who can’t offer proper answers without a lot of hedging and confusion, you might want to consider moving on to a different company. Of course, exceptions should be made for particularly unusual requests or questions, or for the type of knowledge one wouldn’t expect to be memorized, merely at hand. Overall, expect the staff to know more than you do after a bit of research–if they don’t, be wary.


Professionalism is a key trait of any company worth working with, in any industry. The details of what constitutes professionalism can of course vary, but some things remain the same no matter what. You shouldn’t be left waiting long past appointment times, shouldn’t accept rudeness, should expect clear and detailed documentation of any expenses and charges, etc. Even the smallest local company can maintain a high level of professionalism—to accept or expect less is an insult, and a good way to find yourself dealing with headaches down the line.

Good reputation

Finally, we come to what is probably the surest way to know what sort of work a company does: its reputation. Even if reviews and opinions are scarce on the internet, you should be able to get a decent list of references from any respectable contractor or supplier; even if a decent portion of their customers value their privacy, there should at least a few glad to say a good word on their behalf. You should also check basic consumer watchdog groups such as the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. Don’t accept every negative word you read as gospel, but be mindful of what the general gist of everything you hear and read adds up to, positive or negative.

These seven traits, together, should add up to quite an impressive company—one well worth your investment of time and money. If you’re going to spend money on overhead garage doors, isn’t it worth taking the time to make sure they’re going to be done right, so you’re not stuck spending even more money months or years down the line to make up for the mistakes of a sub-par supplier? Shop smart, shop careful, and you’ll be satisfied with what you get.

The ins and outs of overhead doors in Houston

Garage doors have a huge impact on homes. They are the largest moving parts. They are the second front doors. They enhance security and energy efficiency for homes. Houston Overhead Door carries the highest quality garage doors and provides the best value for all garage door related services and products. We use only the most dependable parts. At Houston Overhead Door, we are always eager to inform and educate our customers. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service possible, including expert advice for safety and maintenance so that you may enjoy the comfort and appeal of your garage door for a lifetime. Advantages of Houston Overhead Door Garage Doors We provide customers with speed and product longevity.

  • Faster opening speed which increases productivity and hence the reduction in time of opening the door, reducing the loss of conditioned air.
  • Reliable, spring-less operation eliminating the need for counterbalance.
  • A variety of insulation, weather seal, and wind-load options are available to satisfy applications in a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • Universal components in a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • Field-installable accessories such as motion or radio control detectors to match a broad range of application requirements

Easy to operate. Easy to service. Houston Overhead Door gives you everything you need in a high-performance industrial door system including:

  • Advanced diagnostics for fast and easy troubleshooting
  • Advanced performance direct motor with variable frequency drive provides smooth operation

Performance and durability Building owners and operators appreciate Houston Overhead Door products for their speed, and our performance door system has operating controls located at eye level for ease of access control and maintenance. We also feature maximum functionality and performance with minimum requirements for maintenance. Available in 19 colors Choose from a selection of 19 colors to match the aesthetic and design of your projects. Houston Overhead Door products also have an attractive finish and easy-to-clean surfaces. TIPS FOR CHOOSING A GARAGE DOOR What to consider when selecting a door: Style Whether your home is contemporary or classic, Houston Overhead Door offers styles to deliver the best complement to your home’s architecture. For a distinctive, custom look, choose insulated doors from our elegant collections. Safety Our doors provide peace of mind with pitch-resistant panels that help protect your fingers. If you live in an area that is prone to high winds, our doors provide reliable protection against wind damage and offer exceptional craftsmanship, durability, and style. Comfort For people who live in climates with extreme hot or cold temperatures, we recommend the use of well-insulated, thermally-efficient doors to ensure comfort. Some of our collections also feature a steel-backing that lends a finished, clean look to your garage’s interior. GARAGE DOORS SAFETY TIPS Can the largest objects in your house be dangerous? Safety is a concern with any product, and garage doors are no different. Here at Houston Overhead Door, safety is among our top priorities. Since garage doors are large moving objects that many family members interact with, they should have as many safety features as possible.

  • Mount the door of your garage opener control buttons out of reach of young children (at least five feet from the floor) and where adults have a clear view of the garage door.
  • Children should not play with the remote controls of garages. Explanations should be made by parents, guardians or anybody with knowledge of the doors. Teach kids that garage doors are not toys.
  • Guardians, parents and other adults should set good examples for children and discuss safety tips of garages with them, explaining how to operate garage doors safely.
  • The garage doors opener’s reversing mechanisms should be tested on monthly basis by placing 2×4 boards or rolls of paper towels in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the objects, call Houston Overhead Door for professional repairs immediately.
  • Know how to use your garage door openers’ emergency release features. The owner’s manual provides instructions.
  • Visual inspection of  garage doors should be conducted  monthly. Check the pulleys, rollers, cables, and door springs for signs of wear. If any of the mechanism’s components appear damaged, contact us for inspection.
  • Do not attempt to repair cables, springs or anything to which they are attached.  These parts are under high tension and require special tools for adjustment. An attempt to repair, adjust or disconnect can cause serious injuries and damages to the door.
  • Test the force setting on your opener by holding the bottom of the door as it closes. Stand out of the path of the door while you test force settings. Your opener’s owner manual provides instructions for adjusting the force settings. Be sure to re-test the new settings after adjustment. If it does not reverse immediately, the force may be excessive and need adjustment.
  • For prevention of accidents when garage doors are closing,  invest in garage openers that feature photoelectric-eye safety beams, which are mounted a few inches off the floor and send invisible beams across the path of the door. If the invisible beams are broken, the garage doors will automatically reverse to their fully open position. The invisible beams provide added safety to the auto reverse mechanisms, as the doors do not have to contact objects to reverse.
  • When manually opening garage doors, their release mechanisms in the exterior and interior lift handles should be used. You should be able to lift the door with minimal resistance. Performing this task can be a difficult task when the door is out of balance. Call us for adjustment.
  • Do not cover or remove any warning stickers or labels and order new ones if they become unreadable.


Ten Ways Commercial Garage Doors Add Value to Your Business

The garage door industry is big business. Garage door installation is a $5 billion dollar industry that employs about 65,000 people.  These are people who live and breathe garage doors every workday. Odds are, you are not one of them. You probably give your residential garage door little thought. You press a button, the door lifts and you pull your car in or out and press the button again. You may even give the commercial garage doors at your business even less thought. That does not mean you should take them for granted, however. The best value commercial garage doors add value to your business in a variety of ways. They are worth giving some thought because quality doors can add value to your business in multiple ways. Here are ten of them.

  1. They Provide Security. Commercial garage doors may be the last line of defense for your inventory, supplies, equipment and other valuables. Business owners make certain that entrance doors are locked and secured. They may not give near as much thought to the role garage doors play at their business. These large doors need to protect a significant opening from access to people who may want what is inside. Secure, quality, commercial garage doors provide additional security; and that adds value.
  2. Commercial Garage Doors Protect Contents from the Weather. Commercial garage doors are challenged to keep a very large opening or openings, secure from a variety of elements. They battle high winds, rain, even potential tornadoes. In some areas, they need to defend against blowing snow and ice. Commercial garage doors can also protect building contents from damage due to extreme temperatures. A thin, old or corroding commercial garage door will obviously not perform near as well as a modern door with weather seals.
  3. Doors Can Add to your Image. If your commercial garage doors are visible to the public, they will affect the perception of your business. Stylish commercial doors can actually add value by improving your image. Modern commercial garage doors are available in a wide assortment of style, colors, patterns, textures and materials. They can help give your business a contemporary look, or carriage style doors can provide a historic appearance. Unfortunately, if doors are dented, worn, splitting or rusted, they will also affect your image, but in a negative way. Don’t underestimate the value a clean look of stylish quality garage doors can add to your business.
  4. They Provide Easy Access and can Save Time. You’ve heard it before: In business, time is money. If your crew is struggling with old, difficult to operate garage doors from decades ago, discover how new doors that easily glide open and closed can add value. There are even higher speed motors available to help move the process along. Many business owners don’t give this much thought because they generally don’t deal with commercial doors on a daily basis themselves.
  5. They Can Save Energy. Today’s garage doors offer a level of insulation not previously seen. This adds value particularly in workspaces that are heated in the winter and cooled in the summer. An insulated commercial garage door can save considerably on energy costs for your business. It will also create a more comfortable and potentially productive work environment.
  6. Quality Commercial Garage Doors Increase Property Values. Just like they add to your professional image, attractive, professionally installed garage doors absolutely add to the value of a commercial property. Also, just like your image, heavily worn doors will diminish your property’s value. The cost of quality commercial overhead garage doors and their maintenance are an integral part of maintaining a commercial property.
  7. They Can Improve Interior Acoustics. The right commercial garage door can improve acoustics, creating a better work environment. Insulated doors, in particular, provide a buffer for sound, which can reduce that warehouse-echo.
  8. They Can Use Natural Light to Brighten Your Work Areas. Depending on your business, you may choose to use full view commercial garage doors that provide a brighter, more airy atmosphere. Full view garage doors are both worker and customer friendly and are used quite often in auto repair shops. They keep out the elements and provide security while allowing daylight in. They are also attractive and will add value to your business. There are also commercial garage doors that maintain security while providing a way to look outside and allowing some light inside.
  9. They Can Be Customized. Many companies don’t realize the value customized garage doors can add to their business. Roll-up commercial garage doors, for example, can be made to look like wood to provide less of an industrial look. Commercial garage doors can be customized by color, materials, size, windows and many more elements. Customized doors can add value in a variety of ways.
  10. They Provide Peace of Mind. You have enough to worry about when running your business. There are employee issues, sales and inventory issues, and your facility. When you have safe, secure, commercial garage doors that offer greater security, save energy and add value to your business, it is just one less thing to concern yourself with. This is important especially when you are away from your facility.

It may be time to rethink the value of your commercial garage door in Houston. Are you paying enough attention to it? As we’ve seen, commercial garage doors may do more than you realize. They provide security, protection from the weather, and can improve your image. They can save time, save energy, and they can make work areas more acoustically comfortable. Commercial garage doors can bring the sunshine in and be customized to exactly what you need. Perhaps most of all, they can provide peace of mind. It is time to think about your commercial garage doors and what they do for you.

5 Aspects to Consider When Purchasing Overhead Garage Doors in Houston

When you just cannot handle the repairs any longer, it may be time to buy a new garage door. There are many products on the market and making a choice can be very overwhelming even to those who have some experience in this area. When buying overhead garage doors in Houston, property owners need to take into consideration a range of factors including what their specific needs are and what products will provide them with the best long term benefits. There are a few key things to think about before making the purchase. #1: Invest wisely One of the first things to talk about with a door specialist is the quality of the structure. When purchasing overhead garage doors in Houston, buyers need to take into consideration the overall value of the door. Does it add value to the building? Is it durable and long lasting? #2: Efficiency is a factor When buying these doors, do not overlook the value of investing in something that is energy efficient. Think about the fact that these tend to be the largest openings on homes and commercial buildings. As such, they allow (or block out) an incredible amount of cold air during the winter and hot air during the summer months. By installing an efficient model, it is possible for property owners to see a decrease in their energy bills. #3: Think about the opener, too When purchasing a new door, consider this the perfect time to invest in a new garage door opener as well. This will help to encourage a cohesive design and a door that is easily and affordably pulled up and down by the right type of opener for it. #4: Think about the materials of the door Today’s doors are not just aluminum products. Many of them use high quality materials that give you added strength and beauty. Depending on what you need to invest in, you may want to consider a door that fits your needs. For example, wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass are all options that may fit the needs of the user. #5: Always factor in the warranty Not all doors are the same when it comes to durability. One way to ensure you are buying a high quality product is to look for a long warranty. You want something that is 10, 20, or more years in length. You may pay more for this initially, but in the long term it can be well worth the investment. The right overhead garage doors in Houston can add a lot of value to the home. They can make the home look more modern or classic. They can make getting into and out of your home’s garage much easier to do as well. With the right selection, property owners can be confident that their door will work properly.

Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Overhead Door in Houston

When it comes to regular maintenance, even the most conscientious homeowners tend to overlook their garage doors. However, proper maintenance can help your overhead door in Houston to perform better and last years longer than it would otherwise. Just as you get your car and furnace serviced regularly, you should have your garage door checked as well. If you can’t do it yourself, enlist the services of a qualified technician. Remember to use extreme caution when inspecting or working on your garage door, as its spring system and sheer weight can pose a safety hazard. Avoid expensive repairs down the road by adding this list of annual garage door inspection and “tune-up” items to your homeowner duties: 1. Safety check. Do a visual check of your garage door to see if there are any frayed cables, damaged rollers or rusted out bottom brackets. Replace these worn parts as needed. 2. Tighten it up. With the appropriate size socket wrench, tighten any loosened nuts and bolts on your hinges or door tracks. Do not tighten or loosen nuts or bolts with warning tags and/or that are red in color; leave these to a professional garage door company like Overhead Door in Houston. 3. Check the safety reverse function. With the garage door open, place a piece of wood on your garage floor below the opening. Push your wall button to close the door and make sure that when the door touches the wood, it reverses immediately and opens again. If it does not, your door needs service. 4. Maintain your sensors. While closed, use a dry, soft cloth to clean your garage door’s photo sensors. Adjust their positioning carefully as needed if they’re out of alignment. Open the garage door, then close it; as it closes, wave something in front of one of the sensors. The door should reverse; if it does not, have it serviced right away. 5. Do a balance check. With your door closed, pull the release cord to disengage the opener; raise the door manually halfway, then release it gently. If it raises or lowers, it has become out of balance and you should seek out garage door repair in Houston. 6. Keep it moving. Take the time to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door with an approved silicone lubricant spray. (Never use WD-40 or axle grease.) 7. Keep it clean. After you’ve performed these maintenance steps, take a few minutes to clean your garage door. Use a dust rag on the inside, and a sponge and some mild soap and water on the outside. You can rinse off the exterior of your garage using a light spray from a garden hose. Use these tips to keep your garage door in great condition for years to come. If you ever need garage door service or repair, contact Overhead Door in Houston for fast, friendly and professional service.

Commercial Overhead Doors Houston Infographic February 2015

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Top Seven Types of Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston

If you are choosing a design concept for a new building, or upgrading your current garage doors it can be daunting choose from the many types of commercial overhead doors in Houston. At Houston Overhead Garage Doors we offer the best in the market today in overhead door security, style, and dependability.

  1. Sectional Doors Sectional doors are doors that are ideal for frequent use. They come insulated or un-insulated depending on your specific needs. If they are planned for heavy traffic there is a break-away bottom section available to save in repairs in case of collision.
  2. Roll Up Sheet Doors Our sheet doors are sturdy, and durable. They offer convenience, security, and simple installation and repair if needed. You can also choose mini roll up doors for small garages or storage units. These doors come in a variety of weather proof colors.
  3. Rolling Steel Doors These steel doors come in regular or medium duty options. They also come in a variety of weather proof colors to chose from to fit your building’s design. This is a popular choice for commercial overhead doors in Houston.
  4. Full View Doors Our full view door allow light in while keeping your area secure and safe from the elements. You have 60 different glazing options to choose from so you can customize your level of privacy. These doors are great for high traffic commercial locations.
  5. Fire Doors Our fire doors meet current fire protection standards, while looking stylish and offering security and safety for your business. If you run a business with volatile equipment, or supplies our overhead fire doors will increase your peace of mind.
  6. Security Doors These doors allow business to have optimal security while still permitting customers to view inside during off hours. Security doors are ideal for storefronts that are inside a building or otherwise protected from the elements.
  7. High Speed Doors These doors are top notch when it comes to efficiency and speed. They are ideal for climate controlled environments that need to opened and closed quickly, such as a deep freeze. Reducing air exchange can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill.

The best door for your business will depend on your specific needs and taste. At Houston Overhead Doors we can help you choose the best overhead door for your needs. Our professional installers have years of experience and training. We will increase the security and improve the appearance of your business quickly and efficiently. We also install commercial garage door openers in Houston, if you want to upgrade the convenience of your existing overhead doors. We can do fast repairs if your existing doors are damaged, or upgrade an out of date model. Contact us for quality commercial overhead doors in Houston and we will help you decide which model is right for you.

3 Ways Commercial Garage Doors Keep Food Safe

As part of the cold chain, temperature control and reducing the opportunity for air exchange should sit foremost on the mind. If temperatures rise, food borne pathogens spread quickly. Stop unnecessary air exchanges by recognizing these 3 potential hazards. Unsafe transport containers The Center for Disease Control (CDC) oversees the policies and procedures for safe food handling in the United States. A CDC study finds that one in six Americans become ill from a food borne pathogen every year. Outbreaks of food borne illnesses, investigations find, often begin on the farm where food handlers do not wash their hands and the infected product goes in an open crate then to cold transport. The product warms in the crate and begins dripping water infected with the bacteria on the floor. This moisture then moves to other product and continues to spread. The spread of bacteria in under-cooled storage can cause epidemic scale illness. Air exchanges in cold storage can cause bacteria to grow and stopping this starts with the commercial garage doors separating cold from warm. Inconsistent temperature monitoring Outbreaks of salmonella and other food borne pathogens caused by products stored in temperatures above the FDAs guidelines should never happen. Maintaining constant temperatures inside cold storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Systems for temperature monitoring can record hourly temperatures and sound alarms to warn when the room reaches a preset temperature or workers can physically check the temperatures several times a day. When the temperature rises, check the inspection logs for patterns like the opening and closing of doors for shipping or receiving when the fluctuations happened. If the temperatures continue to rise, inspect the overhead garage doors for damage like loose seals or slides coming out of their tracks. Immediately call for garage door repair and we will have the temperatures back to normal quickly. Overhead door air leaks Air exchanges caused by old, slow overhead doors need replaced. Modern, high-speed doors keep air exchanges to the minimum and save on energy costs, too. Food service inspectors who find unsanitary conditions in cold storage facilities can fine or close Houston businesses. Cold storage rooms with separate sections for products that need stored in different temperatures and high speed commercial garage doors keep food the public eats safe from harmful bacteria. Our company installs FasTrax Series High Performance Doors. FasTrax doors are the fastest in the industry (100” per second) and fit almost any space. We can match these high performance doors to almost any interior and reduce air exchange significantly. Replace old, slow commercial garage doors with these fast, easy to maintain high-speed doors.

7 Features to Look for in an Overhead Door in Houston

We help anyone looking for an overhead door in Houston. With so many garage door choices available, we want you to know your options.

The following are top features to look for in garage doors in Houston:

  1. Advanced security technology – All of the cases of people breaking into a home through a garage, published online, clearly indicate a need for the most secure garage door possible. We strongly suggest that your door closes properly and is made from durable materials. We also advise that you acquire the latest opening technology that allows you to enter only with your remote and no one else’s. Having a multi-button versus a single-button remote could help with this.
  2. Construction from solid materials – Many Houston garage doors are made from wood, steel or aluminum. These materials keep out rain and snow and usually are strong enough to prevent break-ins. We also recommend finding a door made of a material that will not easily rust.
  3. Fire-resistant surface – Although you may not be able to always stop a garage fire from spreading to the house, having a fireproof garage door can reduce the possibility of damage. Having fire-resistant walls attached to concrete flooring can also prevent some major disasters.
  4. Style and color coordination with home – For instance, a wood door might look better on some houses, while a metal one would look better on others. It’s also possible to find a model with window or without windows, and sometimes people order customized units for their home.
  5. Durable hardware – One particular overhead door in Houston has a four-layered steel construction. This type swings out, and it is held in place with wrought-iron hardware. Others have locks or handles made from steel or other hard metals.
  6. Rust-proof coating – For instance, an overhead door in Houston is sometimes made from galvanized steel and glazed with a primer. Then, it is covered with an oven-baked silicone polyester topcoat. This protective seal preserves the door for a long time.
  7. Noise-reducing wearstrips – Some models have these installed on corrugated curtains that make up certain doors. This prevents noise that otherwise is noticeable when one metal surface makes contact with another metal surface.

Additional Features

Every door has its own attributes. For instance, one might offer helical torsion springs that are lubricated. This helps prevent friction when opening and closing the door. Other models offer deeply embossed brackets that help provide greater strength for a unit. If you need help finding an overhead door in Houston, please contact Houston Overhead Doors today. We have all the answers you need about finding a garage door for your home.

5 Types Of Commercial Overhead Doors In Houston To Consider

Warehouses and industrial companies are looking for the right commercial overhead doors in Houston that offer security, safety and functionality to their buildings. Whether they need doors to obtain deliveries, store equipment, hold inventory or perform industrial work these doors should benefit the business without halting operations while giving aesthetic beauty. When seeking overhead doors, there are plenty of choices available to commercial businesses depending on the size of the door opening and how you want the door to open. Here are 5 types of commercial overhead doors to check out.

1: Sectional Doors

One of the most popular doors throughout the United States, sectional garage doors are desired for two reasons. These doors offer increased security to prevent thieves and vandals from entering the building. The door is made out of four or more panels that take a large amount of force to break. The other reason is that these doors can come in larger sizes as the doors offer increased clearance for large trucks and forklifts. The door runs on a vertical track that goes up and over along the roofline. So there is less of a chance for the top of vehicles to strike the door when entering.

2: Roller Shutters

Another popular option for industrial and commercial operations is the roller shutters. These commercial overhead doors in Houston are also made out of sectionals as the doors roll up into a holder attached to the top of the garage versus having the door run along the garage roof. Roller shutters are easy to use and can accommodate most standard door sizes as you can optimize the entire space of the garage for operations.

3: Canopy Doors

Canopy doors are ideal for businesses that are worried that equipment and vehicles won’t be able to pass through the door width when utilizing track-based doors. The commercial garage doors is one full door that swings up and over as they are ideal for doors that are made from lighter material or are smaller in size. When using these doors, there must be enough clearance between the door and vehicles so they can be opened to avoid accidents.

4: Retractable Canopy

Retractable canopies are similar to standard canopy doors except they retract into the garage. They rely on rollers and lifting arms to lift and shift the door inside. Retractable canopy doors are more ideal than regular canopy doors when the weight of the door can affect the garage door opener mechanism. The retractable arms attached to the sides will affect the overall width of the door so keep this in mind when driving vehicles or equipment inside.

5: Side Hinged

Side-hinged doors are two doors that can be opened sideways instead of up and over like other traditional garage doors. Ideal for commercial businesses who want a door that is stylish and functional when it opens, side-hinged commercial overhead doors in Houston may be opened inward or outward depending on your company’s preferences.

5 Common Problems With Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston

commercial garage doors in warehouseHaving operational commercial garage door openers in Houston allow for companies to increase work productivity while keeping the garages safe. Most garage doors rely on the weight of the door to be matched to the power of the motor to open the door easily for product deliveries and moving equipment out of the garage. Yet when a problem arises, the malfunctioning opener can cause operations to halt as this issue results in downtime and loss in profits. Understanding the 5 common problems that affect garage door openers can allow you to get the right type of repairs.

1: Door Opens Partially And Then Stops

Sometimes when you are using the remote control, the signal sent to the sensors is interrupted or cannot be read. This problem can often be fixed by re-aligning the sensors. You should also ensure that nothing is blocking the sensor’s eyes such as warehouse boxes, forklifts or other objects. You may also have dirty sensors from an accumulation of dust and dirt. Cleaning the sensor’s eyes can normally fix the issue.

2: Door Opens and Closes By Itself

Almost like the door is possessed by a ghost, it will open and close by itself without anybody holding the remote. There could be several reasons – some are as simple as replacing the remote batteries, and some as difficult as having a short in the circuit board of the opener. If you replace the batteries in the remote and checked the sensors, it is time to call for a professional to check out the system.

3: Door Makes Pops Or Squeaking Noises

Popping and squeaking noises may be caused by worn rollers. Often, regular maintenance of lubricating the rollers can fix this problem without needing to have major repairs. If the popping noise continues, you should contact a professional to obtain Houston garage door repair. The technician can fix the problem as well as show you the correct way to lubricate the rollers to prevent further issues.

4: Door Won’t Open

Garage door openers have several different mechanisms that can malfunction causing the garage doors to not open. The remote control’s batteries may be too weak, the keypad may not work or there might be something wrong with the programming where the garage door isn’t recognizing the signal. You can try changing the batteries to see if this quick fix will help. Contact a professional to check out the keypad or reprogram the system instead of trying to do it yourself.

5: Door Moves Slowly

Springs are a very important function of commercial garage door openers in Houston. Yet they can wear out, break or become warped. When this happens, the motor cannot pull the garage door properly, causing the doors to open slowly. Never try to replace garage door springs on your own as the tension can cause bodily harm. Get an expert technician to come and evaluate the problem.

Contact Halo Overhead Doors for commercial garage door repair. We have over 20 years of experience, and in that time, our technicians have seen it all. You’re in good hands. Contact us today!

Preventing Garage Fires And Using Fire-Rated Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial businesses everywhere want to have the best commercial garage doors for their buildings to keep their warehouses and factories secure while obtaining local deliveries and moving merchandise on shelves. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time in the garage. Spilled gasoline from forklifts and other equipment, oil from dripping machinery, electrical projects and boilers for business operations can cause a fire in a moment’s time. Prevent dangerous garage fires so your operations are not affected by engaging in smart garage practices and investing in fire-rated equipment. Here are a few fire protection tips offered by us here at Houston Overhead Door.

Service Machinery And Equipment Regularly

Spilled gasoline, oil and other chemicals from machinery can be prevented by servicing the equipment and stopping leaks. Have a regular maintenance schedule available for your equipment and vehicles as all repairs should be performed by a professional. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent the chance of a spark lighting the fluid.

Place Flammable Liquids In Recommended Containers In A Safe Area

Never place flammable liquids and other products in containers that are not recommended for them. The liquids may deteriorate the material used to make the container, creating leaks that can catch fire. Only place these liquids in required flame-resistant containers that are properly labeled to indicate what type of fluid is inside them. Also, store containers at a secure location in the garage. Never place flammable liquids near commercial garage doors where the liquid could catch fire and prevent people from exiting out of the building. Most flammable materials should be stored in a dry, cool location away from heat sources.

Ensure Workers Can Exit Through Garage Doors In Case Of Fire

Over 6,000 fires happen in home garages yearly. This figure doesn’t mean that fires can’t happen in a commercial garage which could lead to serious injury or death of workers. If there is an emergency caused by fire, you want to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your building and keep it contained in the garage. You can purchase a garage door opener and fire-rated commercial garage doors that allow for workers to exit safely as well as contain the fire until the fire department arrives. The opener should have several fail-safe motor operations as well as a manual system. The garage door and opener should be reliable, easy to install and easy to service to keep it functioning properly when you need it the most.

Keep Your Commercial Garage Secure From Fire

The best way to reduce the likelihood of fires is to engage in prevention methods to reduce the chances of a fire occurring. Minimizing dangers and risks in the commercial garage will ensure that operations run optimally and the rest of your buildings are safe. So look into the right garage door and opener solutions to reduce fires and injuries happening at your commercial business.

Common Problems With Commercial Overhead Doors In Houston

There are a lot of problems that can occur with commercial overhead doors in Houston. When you become aware of them, it makes it possible to be on the lookout for them and take measures against the problems. A simple repair can ensure that the garage door is functioning again – and can potentially improve the appearance of the door as well. Many people don’t realize that overhead doors are a reflection of their business. When the doors are broken, they can detract from the overall appearance of the building. This can lead to a decline in business because customers become concerned with the expectations of the company. If quality control cannot be executed on the outside of their business, what does that have to say about the output of products and services? You don’t want these negative issues affecting your business. Commercial overhead doors in Houston can break as a result of various problems. This can include damage to springs, pulleys, struts, and other hardware that is used in the up and down movement of the doors. Another common problem has to do with commercial garage door openers in Houston. An opener can break without any kind of notice. This can be a problem regardless of whether the door is open or closed at the time. It can lead to productivity problems if the door won’t open and security problems if the door won’t close. Houston Overhead Door is well versed in the many problems that can occur with commercial overhead doors in Houston. They have trained technicians that are able to diagnose the problem and work quickly to create a solution. The technicians are also able to make suggestions on ways for the overhead doors to be improved in terms of security, appearance, or functionality so that your business can have better doors. When you are made aware of the most common problems, you can be on the lookout for signs that something is going wrong. This can include doors taking longer to open and close, sounds that the doors are making, and various other issues. By identifying these, it is possible to get a repair sooner so that the door never has a chance to break in its entirety. The repairs don’t have to be expensive. When the problem is identified quickly, the repairs are likely to be more affordable because less parts have to be replaced. Maintenance can be scheduled on the doors to avoid issues completely. The technicians can look for the most common problems and address them so that you can go on about your business without giving consumers a reason to question your quality control or anything else. By knowing the problems, you can also avoid anything that can result in a safety or security issue on premises and maintain the appearance of the overhead doors as well.

How To Protect Your Commercial Garage Doors

There are a lot of things that you can do to protect commercial garage doors. You want them to remain as strong as possible and by providing maintenance to them when they show distress and adding automation to provide convenience, you can improve the durability and keep them going for many years to come. When you have commercial overhead doors in Houston, adding an automatic door opener can help to protect the doors from losing their ability to open and close. If your employees have to open and close manually, there are likely going to be problems periodically. It can also cause wear and tear on the chains. If someone pulls too hard, it can also loosen various other hardware that holds the door open and secures the door in the closed position. Regular inspections of the commercial garage doors are also suggested. You don’t want to have your garage door break, whether it is open or closed. This can happen at a moment’s notice and when you least expect it because if a spring snaps, you are done for. There are plenty of warning signs to be on the lookout for so you know when the hardware is beginning to wear. You then have the ability to make replacements before they completely break so you don’t experience a broken garage door. It can be more affordable to deal with a basic repair than it can be to replace the entire garage door. At Houston Overhead Door, they specialize in commercial garage doors, which includes installation, repairs, and adding remote openers to them. This gives you a reliable company to call when an estimate and fast repair is needed. Your commercial doors are going to be put through a lot. They have to open and close multiple times throughout the day. To maintain security, the doors should be kept shut. This means that as soon as someone has arrived or left, the doors need to be shut again. Keeping them open may help to extend the life of the springs, but it is not helping the security of your business. Depending on the material of your garage doors, they may also be affected in different ways by the weather. Wood can weather and warp, metal can rust and become dented. Whatever material you have, there are pros and cons associated with it. It may be possible and necessary to replace the door with a better material so that you have the necessary level of protection. You have to look at protecting your commercial garage doors and this is done by performing routine service and maintenance and getting the repairs the moment the doors show signs of wear and tear. This will ensure you don’t experience a break when it is least expected, which could also turn out to be very expensive.

The Importance Of Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston

You want your business to be as secure as possible. You also want to improve productivity as your employees going in and out of garages. Commercial garage door openers in Houston can be extremely advantageous, as they will allow you to improve security as well as productivity. There are plenty of options available and you will want to know about them all in order to make effective decisions. The look of your business is important. Consumers are going to look at your business as a way of determining what kind of service, you are going to provide. If the front of your business looks professional, they are going to assume that you are professional and can provide a high level of products and services. By installing commercial garage door openers in Houston, you have a way of improving the overall look. The garage doors can be well-built and open with the touch of a button. Automation can give your business a professional image and provide benefits to your employees at the same time. The automation provided by garage door openers can save your employees a lot of time. If they are currently forced to get out of their vehicles, golf carts, or anything else in order to open the garage door by hand, this is wasting valuable time. They could have the ability to press a button and have the door open for them. This allows them to drive in and then secure the door behind them. Security is also something that you need to keep in mind with your business. Commercial garage door openers in Houston can be installed to enhance security. It is not only going to help ensure that the door is closed at all times, but that it will be secured in place. A good opener will be able to lock the doors at the same time. When you can be confident that your commercial garage doors are locked, it provides you with peace of mind. You know that people are not going to be able to get inside and steal any inventory or gain access to the rest of your building. Garage doors can be created in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so there are no limitations as to how you can benefit. Whether you are creating a garage door for employees to walk in and out of or to drive large vehicles in and out of, it is possible to create the doors as well as automated door openers to exist with them. You simply want to find a company that understands your needs. They will be able to guide you through the process and talk to you about the pros and cons of the different openers on the market. From there, you can choose commercial garage door openers in Houston that will work best where the needs of you and your business.

Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston When The Sensors Stop Working

Commercial garage door openers in Houston are designed to open and close when hitting the remote so that truck deliveries can unload shipments and the garage doors can be locked to prevent vandalism and theft. So the worse thing that can happen is to have the garage door only partially close or stop closing all together. When the garage doors stop responding to your remote commands, it can affect your operations as well as cause serious safety concerns if the door closes on someone. Troubleshoot problems early and get maintenance to the garage doors so they are in good working order.
The Problem May Be With The Sensors
The garage door sensors need to function properly so they will detect the commands from the opener remote. If the sensors lose contact, it will cause the commercial garage doors to open partially or not open at all. There are are several types of problems that happen with sensors.
Sensors can lose alignment, causing the lights to blink. First check to see if the sensors have loosened from their place as you can align them again. Also check the wiring for any loose connections.
With the number of deliveries, crates, boxes, containers and equipment being moved into and out of the garage, the problem could be as simple as having some obstruction in front of the sensors. Move objects away from the sensors so there is nothing hampering the sensors line-of-sight.
Commercial garage door openers in Houston can experience problems if they are in direct sunlight. Moving the sensors back and out of the light can get them working again to open and close the doors.
Dirty Eyes
With the amount of dirt and grime that can be created in commercial garages, the sensors can pick up this dust. Then the sensors begin to fail to pick up commands, as you have problems trying to open and close the doors. Cleaning the sensors often will get them working again.
Temporary Glitch
Glitches happen all the time. Sometimes, the sensors may temporarily lose the signal from the remote. Or a power outage affects the sensors from picking up commands from the remote. By simply unplugging the sensors and plugging them back in can reset the sensors. Addressing sensor problems can help to keep your commercial garage door openers in Houston working for a long time. If the sensors are old and faulty, then it may simply be time to get a new garage opener system. If you are considering a new commercial garage door or garage opener, contact Houston Overhead Door. We have the garage products to increase security and safety for your commercial garages. Check out our wide selection for a new system, or receive garage door repair service and maintenance from the expert technicians you can trust.

When To Replace Overhead Garage Doors in Houston

If your residential overhead garage doors in Houston has seen better days, then it may be time to consider replacing your existing door with a newer more attractive one. Over time the wear and tear on residential garage doors can be great. This wear and tear will often manifest through sagging panels, rough rolling motions, and just really falling apart. A worn out garage door is not just an eye sore on your house, though, it can actually be a safety issue. If a garage door has been compromised through age or damage, another access point has been added to your home which could possibly be taken advantage of by intruders. Keeping your garage doors in good working condition and replacing garage doors when needed will add another level of security to your home. Another consideration when purchasing overhead garage doors in Houston, is that replacing an existing garage door can add a new style and attractiveness to the front of your house. Replacing a garage door can be an easy fix to what may have become a boring exterior. Garage doors are generally constructed of wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl or wood composites. The common material for residential garage doors, however is wood or steed. Wood has the classic warm beauty that most people desire when constructing their home, however steel provides a far superior durability with less maintenance. New technology, however brings the lovely appearance of wood with steel construction. In addition to more attractive construction new overhead garage doors in Houston are also bringing better insulating technology and glazing which can save you on energy bills each month. Many of the roll up doors in Houston which are available also have new safety features which can give added peace of mind for parents and pet owners. Garage doors of the past posed certain risks to small pets and animals as there was always the possibility of them getting stuck under or struck by the doors. Many homeowners are not even aware that garage doors and internal rigging can become very outdated and in some instances certain types of garage doors have even been discontinued due to child safety issues. Because garage doors come with a home in most situations, it rarely crosses a homeowner’s mind until the door begins to malfunction, or worse when there is actually an accident. Inspecting your garage door for rust and loose fittings is a very important home safety step especially if there are small children in the home. Children can become trapped beneath a faulty garage door or even more seriously injured if the fitting become loose and the door swings suddenly down striking the child. For these reasons regular garage door maintenance and possible replacement is a wise choice for homeowners.

Selecting an Overhead Door in Houston

There are various companies that can provide you with an overhead door in Houston. Having said this, there are a couple of things that you need to consider before selecting a particular company to do the job for you. You need to find a company that offers original overhead doors from trusted manufacturers. These trusted brands include CLOPAY, AMARR, Ankmar, CHI, Windsor and Wayne Dalton overhead doors’ manufacturers. These brands have met quality standards for all their products and this is the reason you should go for suppliers that offer these products. In addition to this, you need to select a company that offers the specific product you are looking for. There are companies that specialize in residential overhead doors. There are others that specialize in providing commercial overhead doors. There are also several companies that offer both these services plus many more. It is up to you to determine whether the overhead garage door is for residential or commercial purposes. Another criterion you should be looking at is whether overhead garage doors in Houston provider also offers repair and maintenance services. Most companies will be able to offer these services when your overhead door in Houston gets damaged. These companies usually have a 24 hour emergency service. You can call the company at whatever time of day, any day so that you can have your overhead door repaired. In addition, the company should be in a position to offer regular maintenance. This is because overhead doors can be prone to damage if they are not regularly maintained. When looking for an overhead door in Houston, you also have to consider the safety of everyone in your house and/ or office. A proper overhead door provider will be in a position to guarantee your safety when handling an overhead door. This includes educating you on how to ensure your safety. The company should be able to educate you on how to use the release cord in case of an emergency. The right company will always have this kind of information on its website or provide you with a pamphlet on overhead door safety. The other thing you need to consider is the price of the overhead door. You need to find a company that has the most competitive prices. This is because the installation and repair/ maintenance of an overhead door can be a very expensive affair. Therefore, you need to search for a company that offers excellent prices on its products as well as offers discounts. Discounts are a great way to save money.

5 Safety Precautions to Consider When Installing Commercial Overhead Doors

In the modern world, it seems as though there is a gadget for just about everything. One of the best new gadgets to come out in recent years has to be the electric door. If you want to keep your premises safe, you need to get a proper door to do so. While there are many options available to you, you need to make sure that you choose one which suits your unit. Over the past ten years, electronic or mechanical overhead doors have become increasingly popular. Recent advancements in technology mean that this system is more accessible than ever. That means that thousands of businesses across the country have these types of installations. There is no doubt that the doors themselves are convenient and look suave. That in itself is one of the main reasons that they are in such high-demand. Another reason you might want to install an overhead door like this one is because it will protect your stock. You might not think about it all the time, but the things you keep in your unit are worth thousands. People invest thousands and thousands in their companies, which means that they are priceless. When you make an investment of this nature, you need to make sure that you do everything you can to take care of it. If you are considering getting one of these systems for your overhead, you need to think about the safety precautions. The biggest mistake you can ever make is not considering your personal safety and the safety of the people around you. When you deal with a large piece of equipment like an overhead door, it has the power to do an awful lot of damage – both to you and your property. Before you do anything, you need to make sure that you have considered every eventuality. So, what can you do to protect yourself? Well, there are a few ways in which you can make sure that you are safe. Of course, your welfare should always be your top priority, which is why it is so crucial that you pay attention to these tips. #1 Never attempt an installation without the right skills The first thing you have to know is that only professionals can install these doors. These days, it seems as though everybody wants to save money by doing projects themselves. While you might be able to complete minor projects with ease, you need to be aware that this project will be too much for you to handle. People train for years so that they can install mechanical doors in a safe and straightforward manner. If you get even the tiniest aspect of this chore wrong, you could put your health or even your life at risk. For example, if you don’t line the tracking up well, the door will slide off it. That could cause the entire structure to collapse, which would be terrifying and devastating. If you try to install a door yourself, it might look okay at the start. It may even work for a few months with no major problems. Don’t let that deceive you, though, because it will not last. If you have not fitted the door according to industry guidelines, you will find that it breaks. There is no telling the catastrophes it will cause when it breaks, which is why you should avoid this issue. The best course of action is to find an expert who you know you can trust. You can call up an agency and get a quote from them in a matter of minutes. If you choose this avenue, you get the bonus of having a maintenance team at your beck and call. #2 Tend to your mechanical door on a regular basis Once the installation project is complete, you might think that you don’t need to do anything else. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality of the situation is that you still have a duty to check up on the overhead door on a regular basis. If you have chosen a reputable company, you will find that they offer you a maintenance package. That means that, should you have any issues, you can call someone from the company to come and help you. This level of support is integral when it comes to making sure that your overhead door system is always top notch. Most overhead doors consist of polypropylene and heavy duty steel. That means that they are powerful and dense. If your door begins to break, you need to notice as soon as possible. If you miss the vital signs, you could endanger everybody around you. One of the things you need to watch out for is your door becoming stiff. If you have a particularly old system, you will find that it begins to seize up for no reason. You might also notice a few dents and bends in the door itself. When you start to see these signs, you must not ignore them. You might think that the problem will go away, but it won’t. You need to do everything you can to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance of your system. Only then, can you be sure that it is 100% safe to use. #3 Get an expert to repair it after an accident Sometimes, there is no telling when an accident will happen. If you are unfortunate enough to have something crash into your unit, you need to take action as soon as possible. Often, people tend to ignore the dents that these situations cause. Once a car has damaged your overhead door, it will not be as resilient as it once was. The moment the accident happens, your entire system turns into a ticking time bomb. It is only a matter of time before your system stops working altogether. The sooner you take action, the better your chances will be of restoring it to its former glory. In the days following a collision, you need to call up your original installation company. As we have already mentioned, you may have a maintenance package, which means that you have access to expert engineers. Once you speak to a professional, they will give you advice on what you need to do next. If they say you need an engineer, it is vital that you get one fast. The last thing you want is your mechanical door to break or, worse, hurt someone. The sooner you get a repairman to fix it, the better. That way, you can rest assured that your system is in the best possible condition. #4 Make sure that you have the latest system In general terms, when technology advances, it tends to get safer and safer. When you are choosing a new system to install, you need to make sure that it is brand new. Sure, it might cost a little more money to get a super high-tech door. The point is that if you’re going to bother getting a system, you have to get one that you can trust. Don’t think of your overhead door as an extra expense – think of it as an investment. When you choose an excellent system, you are choosing to do the best thing for your business. Before you make any massive decisions, you have to speak to an expert. When you call up to get a quote, you will have the opportunity to ask about the wide variety of systems that are available to you. If you explain what your needs are, you will find that the professional can give you all the advice you need. Remember, you need to make an informed choice. Don’t rush this part of the process or you will regret it. In the same respect, you need to avoid scrimping on this vital technology. Set aside a reasonable budget for your installation. #5 Beware of the door when it’s moving As we already mentioned, most overhead doors are steel. That means that they are excessively heavy. A piece of equipment like this one is not a toy. If you want to keep yourself safe, you ought to give the mechanical door the respect it deserves. When the door begins to move, you need to give it a wide berth. You don’t want to end up in the way of the door itself, or you could cause yourself immense amounts of harm. You should also make your staff aware of how they need to act around the electronic door. As an employer, you have a duty to look out for the well-being of your employees. You could be subject to court cases if you fail in this role. When you get a new system, you must go through the proper procedures with your staff. That way, you will know that they are free from any danger. Getting a brand new door system is one of the most intelligent things you can do. If you want to ensure the security of your premises, you need to find a system that works for you. If you keep these precautions in mind, you should have no problem with your installation.

Invest In Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston To Prevent Burglaries

Commercial garage door openers in Houston can be another line of defense to prevent break-ins and robberies to a company’s inventory. Garage entrances toward the back of a building are less visible to patrol officers and often are not securely latched, allowing a burglar easy access to the building. When a person sees that a lock is broken on the door, or there is no lock visibly present, they are more inclined to take advantage of the situation as the company can suffer thousands of dollars in lost merchandise, equipment and company vehicles. The FBI reported that in 2010 there were a total 495,749 burglaries to non-residences such as stores, offices and other commercial buildings. Of the burglaries committed to these non-residences, over 204,000 were committed at night. The average value of things stolen from businesses was $2,070. While commercial garage doors are often made by sturdier materials, these doors also go through the most abuse. Delivery trucks back into the door to unload merchandise, fork lifts clip the doors when turning about and employees negligently hit the doors with company vehicles. Not only are the doors getting abused, but the commercial garage door openers in Houston businesses will start to malfunction leaving the garage less protected as well as other entrances leading from the garage into the building. Many commercial building owners get away from fixing their garage door opener by installing fake surveillance equipment to scare the would-be burglars into thinking the building is protected. Experienced burglars have come to recognize the cheap equipment versus the real ones as they will continue to break into the building. In addition, many burglaries are committed by employees and delivery people who know that the garage doors are broken and the surveillance equipment doesn’t work. They will slip items underneath the broken garage doors to pick up the items after work, or leave them for their cohorts in crime to retrieve. Delivery people may return later that night with an empty truck to clear out items after dark. Business owners need to ensure commercial garage door openers in Houston businesses are working properly to protect their inventory. Working garage door openers can deter many burglaries as the business owner will be the only person to have control of when the garage doors are open. This tactic can allow them to spot potential theft from the building by employees and delivery people — increasing due diligence practices of building inventory. Outside burglars will have a harder time trying to break into the garage as they will leave to go rob easier targets. So let Houston Overhead Door install or repair the commercial garage door opener. With a working garage door, a business owner won’t experience a loss in profits due to missing inventory or go through all the hassles of reporting the burglary to the insurance company.

How to Keep Your Energy Bill Low on Your Overhead Garage Doors in Houston This Spring and Summer

Overhead garage doors in Houston are a great option. You can choose from a variety of materials for your door, including aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and wood. You can also possibly customize your doors from us according to your own specifications. Most of the time, when customers order an overhead door in Houston, they also opt for one of our overhead remote openers, which allows them easy access to the garage from a distance. As the spring and summer months approach, you may wonder how you can reduce your energy bill. Your garage door, specifically the overhead style, can actually contribute towards the bill in ways that you didn’t think. If your door is old or hasn’t been maintained in a while, it could have gaps that send your cold air from the air conditioner right outside. Instead, hot air comes in and you have to crank up your air conditioner even higher, thus skyrocketing your energy bill. In Houston, where the temperatures can be very hot at times, you really can’t afford to have a high energy bill. If you want to get your garage door ready for the warm months ahead, you can start by ventilating the door. This allows the warm air generated in your garage to filter out naturally instead of getting stuck in the garage and flowing into the house, which then gets heated. Another way to save on your energy bill is by insulating your overhead garage doors in Houston. You have a number of insulation options, including foam board, reflective, and batt insulation. Foam board insulation involves applying polystyrene panels on a foam board with vinyl or aluminum. Reflective insulation uses reflective aluminum foil (hence the name) and polyethylene or cardboard as a backing. Lastly, batt insulation involves using fiberglass with foil or paper backing. The benefits of insulation are multiple. First, any of these techniques above will cool your garage considerably. The cooler that the air inside your garage is, the less chance of any warm air flowing from under the door or from the garage into your house. That also leads to a much lower energy bill. Insulation can also cut down on the rate of outside noise, which is especially useful if your garage is a workshop or recreational space. Lastly, if you notice any air leaks around your garage door, then you can fix these easily. This will prevent any cool air from endlessly getting out and any hot air from unnecessarily getting in. You can replace the door’s weatherstripping, replacing it with stripping made of vinyl, silicone, rubber, felt, or foam. Some of these weatherstripping materials may need to be glued into place. Overhead garage doors in Houston are an attractive and durable garage door option. However, sometimes cool air flows out under the door, letting hot air in. As a result, you have a high energy bill due to excessive air conditioner usage. You can save on your energy bills in the hotter months by adding ventilation or insulation to your garage and repairing any door gaps.

Understanding the Basics of Garage Doors with Overhead Door in Houston

When customers are interested in learning more about garage doors, they know they can turn to Overhead Door in Houston to help them find the perfect product for their home. The garage door is a crucial part of the home. It offers security to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to the home, which would endanger the residents, children, pets, and possessions. The door is also important for protecting anything stored within the home from the elements and weather that might cause damage. When it comes time for maintenance, repair, or to buy a new door, therefore, it is a good idea to understands the basics behind the door to promote communication with the contractor and to make sure that the personal needs are met. Types of doors At Overhead Door in Houston, we stay on top of the latest trends regarding garage door materials. As we often tell customers, there are now a variety of different types of materials available for garage doors. Customers can select wood, but they will have to consider the potential threat of weather or pests. It is best to look for doors that come with warranties. Steel doors are also becoming increasingly popular. They are lightweight, strong, secure, and well insulated, offering protection to everyone within. On the other hand, these doors do have to be well maintained to prevent damage such as rust. Finally, plastic doors are becoming very common as well. They are also strong and secure and lightweight, but without the threat of rust. They are also typically treated to prevent fading in the sun. Plastic doors also commonly come with warranties for twenty years or more, which is an excellent assurance for new buyers. How the doors work Customers looking for garage door repair should try to understand how the door works in the first place. This will help them pinpoint the problem and communicate effectively with the experienced repair professional. For example, many homeowners are surprised to learn that a torsion spring is actually responsible for most of the work of lifting the door itself rather than a motor. There are also three main types of garage door drive mechanics. – Chains, the oldest form of the technology, tend to be loud and are comprised of a chain that resembles a bicycle chain. – The next option would be a belt. The belt is rotated through a gear to pull on the trolley. This option is the quietest but also the most expensive. – The third option is a screw. Although this option requires regular lubrication and can wear out faster than other options, it is quieter than a chain but less expensive than a belt. Customers who are interested in repairing or replacing their garage door should visit Overhead Door in Houston to learn more about the options available and to see what might work for their individual needs. The company would be happy to answer any questions.

Buying Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston

Are you looking for commercial overhead doors in Houston? You should go to Houston Overhead Garage Doors and look at the variety it has to offer. The company offers wooden doors, aluminum doors, sectional doors, and other styles that are idea for business or residential use, making it easy to get the look you want at the price you need. Houston Overhead Garage Doors services Houston and Greater Harris County, so you can get the door you need from a local company. What should you look for in a garage door? There are a few things you can choose from that will make it work for you. The large door used for shutting off the garage can be manual or automatic. Commercial overhead doors in Houston are normally automatic, because that allows the door to be moved with a motor, saving you and your employees time when you need to open the door for semi-trucks unloading of when you need to quickly move your vehicles inside. Commercial overhead doors in Houston come in different designs. You can opt to get one with a garage door opener if you want, or work with a manual entry. There are large doors made with several jointed panels, and there are those that swing horizontally or that slide out of the way. You can even get garage doors that are insulated, making it more heat efficient for your company. You may want to consider sectional garage doors if you don’t have space outside your garage to open a door. These doors will be made of three to eight panels and slide into position overhead. Vehicles can park very close to these types of doors, making it possible to save space in your parking lot or driveway. Additionally, each panel of the door is placed onto the door track separately. That way, it is more likely to stay on the track and to last longer. You can purchase garage doors made with a number of materials. Wood, steel, glass, aluminum, copper, glass, and vinyl are the most common types of doors used today. If you opt to have a roller door, it will most likely be made with corrugated steel. If you don’t need the door to be resistant to strong impacts, you can select from corrugated fiberglass doors and other styles as well. Purchasing a garage door in Houston is simple; you should take the measurements of your garage opening and speak with a company representative about the options you have. You may be able to get custom doors or buy them “off the shelf” if you have a traditional door size.

Commercial Garage Doors Don’t Have to be a Headache

Commercial garage doors are critical for a number of reasons including providing shelter for equipment inside, security for a facility, and the means to move important equipment in and out of facility or garage without worrying about damaging the entrance way. Most will think that such a feature is just a simple manner of having a door. In reality, some very advanced systems require doors so large hydraulics need to be involved to open and close the panels quickly and carefully. A good commercial garage doors system involves good planning from the start. Instead of just slapping on more panels with hinges, a proper commercial door company will take the time to examine the facility, its primary purpose, the equipment moved in and out on a regular basis, and the way that the personnel currently use the existing door system. Observations of use often provide valuable information on what may be causing a current door system to fail or work improperly as well. All of the above allows the commercial door company to then provide a business customer a full evaluation of what the facility needs, how it needs to be used, and the garage door options available to meet those needs. This avoids a customer being stuck with a system that over time becomes apparently mismatched to how the facility actually operates. If your company is looking for reliable commercial overhead doors in Houston, and you need commercial garage doors that actually match your needs instead of seeming like a band-aid solution, then you will want to work with Houston Overhead Door. The company’s analysis for every installation and repair project is produced by trained and experienced technicians. That in turn ensures that a commercial client will be delivered a garage door system that not only replaces and fixes the problem that generated the service call but will also have a door system that can be relied on for years to come without failure. In a modern time when quality and reliability matter tremendously, no one wants to match their facility to a sub-grade garage door system. It literally defeats the function of the building in the first place. Letting a professional like Houston Overhead Doors manage facility projects installing commercial garage doors can likely be the smartest business decision one makes for their business facility. For the financial resources invested into the project, the proper installer choice can ensure the expenditure is well-spent with correct technical work, use of the right parts, a quality training on how to use the doors once installed, and a reliable maintenance service after the fact to keep the door system working.

Maintaining Your Commercial Overhead Doors In Houston

The fact that garage doors are not only constructed for residential purposes is often overlooked, unless you are a business professional using Commercial Overhead Doors In Houston. Many companies depend on them in order to conduct their day-to-day business practices. Therefore, if you are one of these business professionals, it is of the utmost importance that you maintain your commercial garage doors regularly. The Importance of Maintaining Your Commercial Overhead Doors The long-term benefits associated with keeping these doors in proper working order are numerous, among them allowing your business to run efficiently. In addition, you want to cast a good impression upon current and future clientele. If the garage doors are not working properly, this could also make your business a possible target for theft or vandalism. Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston Need Repairs Immediately As soon you notice repairs need to be made to your commercial garage doors are in need of repair, it is at that point that you should be making calls. Not only could a faulty door become a liability issue for clients and employees, but also the resulting injuries could potentially cost your business more money than is affordable. Safety and function should be addressed immediately when looking at maintenance issues with your doors. Bring in the Professionals While some repairs may seem simple enough be handled in-house, it is best to call in a professional repairperson. This is especially true if the door needs extensive repairs or replacement. Reliable companies with expertise in repairing and replacing commercial overhead doors in Houston will come equipped with the tools and knowledge to complete the job the right time the first time. Often times, too, these companies will warrantee their work and the garage doors should any damage occur. This level of professionalism and service is invaluable when you could otherwise be spending that time on other areas of your business. Final Thoughts: Companies using commercial overhead doors in Houston make a big first impression when the business takes pride in how well their doors function and are maintained. This includes how the doors look, how clean they are, and how safe the commercial doors are. If the doors are in need of repair, these issues should be addressed immediately. It is important to call in a professional company for all repairs that are too intensive to be handled in-house. Not only does this protect your client’s safety, but it also protects the safety of your employees as well.

Do You Need High-Speed Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston?

Does your company need high-speed commercial overhead doors in Houston for your loading dock or plant site? There are several benefits to these types of doors, but not every business needs high-speed doors. The following is a simple guide that will help you determine the type of commercial garage doors available and will help you decide if high-speed doors are right for your needs. Types of Commercial Garage Doors There are several types of commercial overhead garage doors in Houston, and each meets a specific business need. Sectional Doors Sectional doors help maintain thermal efficiency, so they are great for small businesses where employees may be working in garage bay areas and need only occasional outside access. Most of these doors are similar to garage doors in homes that operate without undue noise. However, they require significant headroom and are not suitable for high-speed or heavy industrial applications. Rolling Doors Rolling doors provide heavy-duty security and durability. They also fit in tight spaces, making them ideal for spots where traditional sectional doors will not work. Interlocking slats wind around a barrel, making them appropriate choices for counter shutters or security grilles. However, they do not fit the “high speed” category and are not appropriate for heavy industrial use. Fire Doors Fire doors are made to close when the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, or when triggered by a building’s alarm or smoke detector system. They are rated to prevent fire from spreading in the event of an emergency, giving employees time to get out of the building and helping to protect valuable equipment. While fire doors do not fall under the “high speed” category, they are used in areas where they are required by law due to the presence of large numbers of people, such as in theaters. Traffic Doors These doors feature a high-strength fabric rather than metal construction. The light, strong material used in these doors allows for them to achieve a high speed when traveling up or down. The Best High-Speed Doors Operate Smoothly If you believe high-speed commercial overhead doors are the best type for your business, there are specifications you should look for when selecting a door. The FasTrax® Series High Performance Doors are made to last and to meet all high-performance commercial garage door needs. Designed Around a Simple Platform Because FasTrax® doors are designed around a single operational mechanism they can be matched to almost any application. These doors can be fitted to interior, exterior, cooler or freezer applications, allowing businesses to use the same door model throughout the plant site. Designed with Versatile Tracks The track configurations can be fitted to almost any applications with fewer modifications. The flexibility of these tracks makes FasTrax® one of the most cost-effective choices in overhead, high-speed garage doors. FasTrax® has been rated the industry’s safest door due to its many safety features such as thru-beam photo eyes. FasTrax® has also been rated with the industry’s highest operating speeds. Doors can cycle up to 100 times per second, maximizing productivity for workers while keeping them safe and also saving on energy costs. For Houston businesses, high-speed overhead garage doors may be the best choice for security, safety and productivity.

Tips for Protecting Your Commercial Garage Doors This Winter

It is important to take care of commercial garage doors during winter weather. When garage doors are exposed to inclement weather, they tend to warp, buckle and wear unevenly. By protecting commercial garage doors, storage and warehouse owners can extend their investments and save money over the life of the garage doors. What Causes Commercial Garage Doors To Wear During Winter? Winter presents a special type of problem to those who operate or use commercial garage doors. While rain can be damaging over the long term, ice causes much more immediate damage and buckling. Unlike most substances, water expands when it freezes. This means that if water particles are caught in the cracks or seams of a garage door and then freeze, they expand and move outward in all directions. While this would not be a problem for a few drops of water, a great deal of water exerts a powerful force on the garage door. Ice can bend the aluminum or metal frames of garage doors to the point where they do not close properly. Another issue caused by cold weather is sticking from freezing temperatures. It does not take much moisture to create a tight seal between the garage door and the ground or track. When someone tries to open the garage door, that person may find it impossible to break that seal without using a tool. If a tool is used, the garage door may bend or even break under the pressure. What Can Be Done To Prevent Winter Garage Door Damage? There are several ways to prevent ice and other types of damage to commercial garage doors. Some simple steps to take include: Keep Things Lubricated It is very important to perform periodic lubrication on all the moving parts of a garage door, including springs, hinges and rollers. These parts need the protection of a quality lubricant to prevent the formation of rust from moisture and to keep them moving against each other smoothly without undue wear and tear. Lubricants also help keep moisture out by deflecting it, making it more difficult for ice to form. Check Spring Ratings If garage doors are located in an area where freezing is likely, be sure that they are rated to withstand the freezing temperatures that are found in that climate. Replace worn or damaged springs immediately. Close All Ventilation Holes If the garage doors are equipped with vents or windows that open, be sure they are sealed tightly during winter. This not only helps to maintain the temperature gradient on both sides of the door, lessening the likelihood of condensation that can turn to ice, but also maintains a more comfortable interior temperature. Check Rubber Seals Many garage doors have a rubber seal at the bottom. Be sure this seal is working properly and is not allowing cold air to flow at the bottom of the door. Replace the seal if necessary. By taking care of winter commercial garage door maintenance and addressing issues immediately as they arise, those with large garage doors can prevent costly damage. A good garage door company can be a great partner in scheduling and performing winter commercial garage door maintenance.

Durable Commercial Garage Door Openers in Houston

Just like in other parts of the world, many entrepreneurs make use of commercial garage door openers in Houston. This is because there is a great need to enhance the security of the premises in which the business venture is situated. Potential clients are entitled to an unlimited selection of high quality doors. These range from the sectional and full view to the rolling steel doors. These doors are very strong and can greatly withstand weather effects such as corrosion. They are large, hence can comfortably fit in the space that can allow free movement of goods and vehicles. An outstanding feature about these doors is that they are made from different materials. These include steel, vanished wood, as well as composite materials. Commercial garage door openers are installed by experts who know what is required. This ensures that you have the best protective barrier for your premises. These professionals can adjust your doors from the double door variety to a single component. This is necessary where there is need to conserve space. Should your door become malfunctional, the standby experts will be dispatched on time to tackle the arising problem. The professionals can carry out a wide range of repair work such as replacement of faulty hinges and locks. The repair and installation is promptly done within a day. The commercial garage door openers in Houston can be ordered at any time of the day. This provides a convenient opportunity for the clients to make use of the doors when needed. You do not have to use a lot of energy when opening these doors. This is attributed to the fact that they have rollers that are in most cases automated. What of the transportation cost? This is promptly taken care of by the distributers at not extra charge. Users are given a rare chance of repainting the doors according to their preferred colors. This makes them blend well with the surrounding in which they are installed in. Since most of these commercial garage door openers allow maximum penetration of light into the interior of the premises, they are regarded as energy efficient. This is an important aspect to business persons who are always keen on minimizing overhead operational costs. A good garage door in Houston would be the preferred choice of both the upcoming and incumbent entrepreneurs. This would require that such a door is effective and hardly damaged by constant opening and closure common in business locations. Commercial garage door openers in Houston have been in service for several decades. As a result, clients have full confidence thanks to the experience gained during the period. Above all, clients are not subjected to regular maintenance and repair needs. This gives them the opportunity to direct the funds that would have been used in repair to other noble issues that are essential to the growth and profitability of their ventures. Similarly, the resulting benefits outweigh the initial cost of installation.

Overhead Garage Doors In Houston Allow You To Create A Workspace

You may need a workspace all to yourself and this is where overhead garage doors in Houston can help. You need the access in and out of the workspace. When you have garage doors, you can get into your space when you desire and close it up to have the security you demand at the same time. In order to create workspace that is what you want, there are some tips to follow. Before you install overhead garage doors in Houston where everyone can see into your garage, you will need to spend some time on organization. Everything in your garage should have a home. Invest in some shelves, buy a wall organizer, and maybe even some totes. If there’s no need for something in the garage, find a new home for it. Many times, the garage becomes the dumping ground for everything you don’t want in the house. You can simply have a garage sale if there are things you no longer want to keep around. The overhead garage doors in Houston can provide you with more space. The doors go up and down instead of spreading into your space. When the door is open, it’s held above you, so you have more of a workspace. Once you have created the space you need, you can determine what you want to do with it. You can turn the space into a home office, a gym, or even the place where you’re going to restore your old car. Regardless of what you’re going to do with the space, you want to personalize it and make it your own. Since you can now open the doors easily, you can also get fresh air at the same time. It’s important to find the overhead garage doors in Houston that you want. There are wood garage doors in Houston that can enhance the aesthetics of your home. This may be something you want to consider as it will allow you to get a custom look. You can choose the décor on the outside, the size of the door, and even the color. You need to ensure you have the right door for your home. It’s not only going to enhance the look of your home but it’s also going to be the portal for you to access your workspace. If you’re not happy with the door, it may ruin your mojo while you’re working – and this doesn’t have to happen. Before you buy just any overhead door, you need to check out your options. Explore the overhead garage doors in Houston to ensure you can get a custom look. You can then choose to add an automatic door opener and various other features. Creating a workspace is the easy part. Choosing the garage door may be the biggest challenge for you.

Create a Custom Door with Overhead Door in Houston

Do you have an oddly-sized garage door opening or need a particular type of custom garage door that is not readily available from retailers? If you need any type of custom door, you already know that finding the right company to provide you with a quality product at a reasonable price can be difficult. An overhead door in Houston can help you create a custom garage door that meets your particular needs at a price that will fit your budget. What Is An Overhead Garage Door? Garage doors generally open one of two ways. Either they move upward along a track and slide overhead or they open out into the driveway or yard. Doors that open out, such as carriage doors, take up a great deal of room and need a very large profile when opened.Therefore, many homeowners prefer an overhead door in Houston because they take up far less space; in fact, when opened, they take no space at all as they retract above the heads of those entering or leaving the garage. However, older homes or those with non-standard garage door openings may not be the right size for a standard overhead garage door. This can make it difficult to find a garage door that fits the opening in a particular garage without ordering a custom door. The Benefits of Houston Overhead Door The issue associated with ordering a custom door is that many companies do not specialize in these types of garage doors. Houston Overhead Door, on the other hand, understands how to create custom overhead garage doors that work with any type of garage door opening. Houston Overhead Door professionals have fitted custom overhead garage doors to garage door openings of every shape and size. A custom garage door is built to fit a particular type of opening. Details, such as whether the opening has rounded corners or square edges, make a big difference when designing the garage door, so it is critical that those who work with custom garage doors understand exactly how to best build a custom door for the particular type of opening in question. There are other custom overhead garage door issues that must be addressed when fitting a new door into an existing opening, as well. Overhead garage doors are constructed of moveable panels; the size and arrangement of these panels will have an effect on the appearance and function of the door. It is very important when building a custom overhead garage door that the professional who is doing the work understands exactly what the homeowner wants in terms of architectural style and embellishments. A custom overhead garage door can include many extras such as windows, but these extras have to be crafted and fitted as carefully as the door itself to fit a particular opening and type of track system. The track system itself, in some cases, may need to be replaced if a custom garage door is refitted or in order to make the garage door work better. Houston Overhead Door can work with homeowners to design and install the perfect custom overhead garage door for any size or style of garage door opening and can create a door that not only functions well but looks great.

Your Business Depends Upon Your Commercial Garage Doors

Many people often forget that garage doors are not only for residential use. Commercial garage doors are an important aspect of many garage door companies and a necessity for numerous businesses. They provide a variety of benefits to companies of all sizes and industries. Your business may be more dependent on commercial garage doors than you ever believed to be possible. The Importance of Keeping your Doors in Good Condition Keeping commercial garage doors in proper working condition will provide a variety long-term benefits. Often times the garage door can be visible to the client, and a garage door that is not in good condition can give the wrong impression about your business. In addition, a commercial garage door that is in poor condition may attract vandals or invite theft as it may be perceived as easily burglarized. Make Repairs when Necessary There is nothing worse (or dangerous) than a commercial garage door in need of repair. This can become a liability to employees and clients. An injury incurred from a faulty garage door can end up costing a business large amounts of money. It is important to implement repairs when necessary, both for the functionality of the doors as well as your safety and the safety of others. Call a Professional Although you may be able to take on some DIY projects around your commercial building, a garage door that is in need of repair or replacement is best left to a professional garage door company. A reliable company is equipped with the tools and expertise required in order to ensure that any repairs or replacements are done correctly. Many companies offer warranties so you can be sure that your garage door will be protected in the event it becomes damaged. In addition, hiring a professional to repair your commercial garage door will save time that could be spent elsewhere. If you are unsure if your garage door needs repair or what the exact cause of any issue is, you can call a professional garage door company to inspect your garage and the area around it. This can be done at the time any issue is noticed, but it is more effective to have your garage door inspected annually in order to avoid any potential damage from occurring. If your old door is lacking in appearance or has excessive dents or scratches, it is time to contact an installation professional. While a DIY buffer or paint job may be a temporary fix, a professional can offer long-lasting and durable work. Many garage door companies can offer competitive prices and work with any budget. They can discuss your needs, show you what would work best for your building, and help you improve the overall appearance. Your business depends on the functionality and aesthetics of a properly installed commercial garage door. If you find an issue or need a replacement, it would be in your company?s best interest to contact a professional at your earliest convenience. A garage door in good working condition will advertise a comprehensive and well-established business.

You Need to Rely on Your Commercial Garage Door Openers in Houston

When it comes to your commercial garage door openers in Houston, you need to invest in the right model. A quality garage door opener will protect your business. As the garage is where many businesses keep company vehicles, a faulty opener may not protect against a garage door becoming jammed or unable to open. The right door opener will have the security and features you need to keep your garage door functioning properly at all times. Hiring the right company to repair or replace your garage door opener will make a difference in how effective it performs. Here are some things you need to know about what makes a great commercial garage door opener work properly. Value and Quality Talk to professionals about replacing your commercial garage door openers in Houston. Invest in a garage door opener that will last for many years and give you value for your money. There are a number of styles and options to choose from when it comes to investing in the right model. It is wise to consult professionals in order obtain the right opener for the size, weight, and model for your particular commercial garage door. Heavier doors will require larger motors, and they need larger tracks to lift and guide them open. Be sure that all components including the motor, the opener and the trolley are compatible and operate effectively with one another. When you are comparing different commercial garage door opener options, always look for a company that provides a quality warranty for their products. Security Needs When it comes to protecting your business, you need to make sure you garage door opener will offer you adequate security and protection. Many garage door opener models are equipped with a timer that allows you to program a set time that will automatically close the garage door in the event you forget to do it yourself. Another feature that many openers come equipped with is motion detecting technology that will ensure lights automatically turn on when movement is detected. Garage doors also need to be properly secured and opened with chain drives to help protect your assets. Speak to the professionals about your security concerns. Many garage door opener models are also able to handle power outages with back-up batteries that are integrated into the design. Noise Many commercial building owners often find older garage door openers have issues with the amount of noise they produce. If this is the case, speak to professional installers about switching to a quiet motor. There are other installation options you can use that will prevent additional noise from occurring as the door is opening and closing. Screw-drive systems are easy to operate and they are usually quieter from other models. Not only is the garage door opener itself important, but the installation of the opener is critical to how durable it will be. You need to hire the right professionals in the area to install your opener. Houston Overhead Doors is a trusted name in the commercial garage door industry and will be able to provide you with higher-quality, durable garage door openers to suit your company’s needs.

Protect Your Business from Summer Storms with Commercial Overhead Doors in Houston

Severe storms roll through the Houston area more frequently as the temperatures rise. Hurricane season can bring even more damaging storms as tropical storms and hurricanes enter the Gulf of Mexico and wreak havoc. However, businesses can protect their investment with durable commercial overhead doors in Houston. Here are some of the features of overhead doors that allow them to withstand high winds more effectively than swinging doors. The cargo areas protected by overhead doors are often filled with valuable inventory, and a door that fails will leave that inventory unprotected form the storm. Superior Stability Regular doors are held in place with a few hinges on one side and a locking mechanism on the other. The door jambs holding them in place don’t always have the necessary strength, and the high winds and flying debris can force the door open. Commercial overhead doors in Houston fit into track systems on either side of the door. There are more points of connection along the door sides, and that allows them to withstand higher winds. Commercial overhead doors are manufactured using superior steel, stronger rails and better quality hardware for greater stability. More Effective Seals While the temperature may be warm, businesses still want doors that seal effectively to block external temperatures and drafts. Rolling doors come down along the tracks and nestle into place along the front edge of the structure. They create a strong barrier that is resistant to temperatures and wind, so businesses can enjoy greater protection when the summer storms move through the area. The tighter fit and seal also minimizes how much the door from rattles in the tracks to prevent damaging any of the hardware. Keeping the hot temperatures out of the structure also makes it easier for employees to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building. Rolling Steel Doors Businesses who have suffered damage in past storms can benefit from steel service doors. Specially designed doors, they are made to withstand winds of more than 100 miles an hour, and they are also more resistant to damage from flying debris. Choose doors with reinforced steel and multiple layers to ensure that the cargo entrance will be adequately protected when summer storms send branches and other items flying into the sides of the building. Protection from Fire Summer thunderstorms and hurricanes are not the only concern in Houston. Businesses that are out in isolated areas may worry about the dangers of fire. Overhead steel doors are also available in fire-rated options that can keep the flames at bay and offer the business more protection. Protection for Other Areas The beauty of overhead doors is that they aren’t just for cargo areas. They can be used as backup protection for the main doors of a business and even large windows. Pulled down prior to a storm, they will minimize damage and help protect valuable inventory and business fixtures. Business owners throughout the Houston area appreciate the importance of quality rolling doors. Designed to withstand high winds, fire and impacts, they can protect a structure when the hot summer weather stirs up severe storms. They also provide protection from the extreme temperatures, so employees can maintain higher productivity levels. They are a wise investment in any business with large cargo areas, and they will typically pay for themselves after the first severe storm.

Why an Overhead Door Makes Sense for Commercial Garage Doors

Overhead doors are specially designed doors that roll on vertical tracks, allowing the door to slide up and out of the way when opened. Overhead commercial garage doors are used to provide a combination of space-saving convenience and ease of operation. How Do Overhead Doors Work? Overhead doors are made from a series of horizontally aligned panels connected by hinges. This panel configuration enables the door to bend while rolling up or down. The sides of the door panels are fitted with small rollers that rest in tracks. The door is raised and lowered by sliding along the tracks. Overhead doors can be opened manually by lifting a handle, pulling a chain or operating a rolling crank device. Automatic openers may also be installed that operate when a fixed button is pressed or via remote controller. In order to close the door in the event of a power outage, all automatic doors are also equipped with a manual override system. Overhead garage doors made from thin, narrow panels can be rolled into a coil, but the most common method of operation is for the door panels to roll into a position parallel to the ceiling along extensions of the tracks. Overhead commercial garage doors are usually used on openings larger than a standard doorway but can be installed on any size door opening. Although the process is more complicated than on standard doors, exterior overhead doors can be fitted with locks and security alarms to prevent unauthorized entry and protect property. What Are the Advantages of Overhead Doors? Overhead doors offer the ability to easily open a wide doorway to allow movement of standard vehicles, large trucks, heavy equipment and personnel without wasting valuable space inside the building. Exterior space around the building is also saved by using an overhead door rather than a large door that opens to the outside, where it may block windows, other doors, company signs and advertising materials. Overhead doors cannot blow shut in heavy winds. The multiple options for operating an overhead garage door make them easy for anyone to open and close. Can Overhead Doors Be Customized? Each overhead door is custom manufactured to fit the intended opening. Overhead garage doors can be finished to match the exterior of any building and come in a range of styles from utilitarian to architectural. The door panels are manufactured from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass and wood. Glass windows can be added to create an open effect. Decorative hinges, handles or signage can also be added. Depending upon the application, overhead garage doors can be fully insulated and many are made from recycled materials. Is an Overhead Door Right for My Business? Overhead doors are a great choice for businesses. Automobile repair shops, warehouses, shipping and receiving hubs, factories, retail stores and many other types of business can benefit from the installation of convenient overhead doors. Overhead garage doors make receiving large deliveries easy and can facilitate access to a building into which vehicles drive. Warehouse and shipping businesses can get small and large equipment in and out of a building easily using overhead doors. On the surface, overhead garage doors may not sound like an attractive design option, but with so many different styles, colors and finishes, an overhead door is available that can promote easy access to any building while simultaneously complementing any construction style.  

Business Owners Need Superior Commercial Garage Door Openers Houston

Business owners have many things that need to be considered on a daily basis, and one of those thoughts needs to be safety. This safety includes keeping merchandise and machinery safe at all times, and it also means keeping all employees safe. A great way to keep everything and everyone safe is by installing superior commercial garage door openers. Why You Need Great Doors The reason for needing commercial garage door openers will vary based upon the type of business that you have. Many different food service companies have discovered that new garage door openers are the best way to get trucks in and out of warehouses. This makes the process much simpler for everyone involved with the loading and unloading. Another reason is that these mechanized doors are extremely difficult to break into. Some companies are located in remote areas and do not always have access to security cameras and 24 hour protection. The superior garage door openers make the doors practically impenetrable, and the only way to get most of them open is with the opener or some big industrial equipment. The key to the security of your business could be in the building, so it is essential to keep your products safe with a great opener. These high quality doors are also safer for employees to open and close. The automated system takes care of the strength that is needed to use the doors properly, and your employees will be much less likely to get hurt from the door closing down on them. Multiple Sized Doors It does not matter how big or small your commercial door is because there is a garage door opener that can get it open and closed quickly, safely, and efficiently. The larger doors will require an opener that has a greater amount of horsepower, so you need to make certain that you purchase an opener with enough horsepower to handle the size door you have. The openers do also come equipped with manual strings that enable anyone to raise or lower the door without the use of the opener. If you are doing a new installation, you will want to make sure that your garage doors are able to be operated with a great opener. Some of the newer doors may come with recommendations for you in regards to the best opener to buy. Follow the guidelines perfectly, especially when it comes to maximizing horsepower and installing the opener properly. Get the Best Doors When you are putting on new doors to your business, you need them to be reliable and strong. The most superior doors on the market are created with immense amounts of strength. The steel composition makes these doors practically unbreakable. The doors should also be rust and stain resistant. No matter what type of doors you purchase, it is so important to get the strongest safest door on the market. Getting superior commercial garage doors is not a difficult process. The professional door company can assist you with the purchase, and you will have more security involved with your business. You will also notice increased productivity and less time lost due to injuries caused by manually opening heavy doors. You may even notice your business becoming more energy efficient.


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