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How to Prevent and Handle Broken Garage Door Springs

How to Prevent and Handle Broken Garage Door Springs

May 28, 2021

The garage door is one of the first things people notice about a house. Garage doors are not just entryways of ease and convenience, they convey the feel and style of your home. One of the most important aspects of your garage door is the springs. Garage door springs are imperative to lifting and lowering the garage door and ensure the garage door machinations work correctly. Broken garage door springs can result in damage to both your garage door and the motor that raises it. In order to keep your garage door looking good and running well, it is imperative to maintain your garage door springs. 

Why Garage Door Springs Break

Garage door springs break for a multitude of reasons. There are, however, three main reasons garage door springs break. On top of the list is wear and tear. Believe it or not, garage door springs take a beating. Every time someone goes in or out of the garage door the springs endure what is called a cycle of lifting and lowering the garage door.  The type of spring you have will determine the number of cycles the door can endure. Next on the list of causes is rust. Rust can eat away at the components of the springs and the springs themselves. This results in the deterioration of the metal and makes the springs are prone to breakage. Lastly, improper maintenance causes many garage door springs to break. Springs are like any other working part of your home. They require proper maintenance in order to function properly and prevent damage. 

Maintaining Your Garage Door Springs

One of the most important things you can do to prevent your garage door springs from breaking is to maintain the springs. Garage door springs are best maintained by ensuring every component of the springs are lubricated and all nuts and bolts are tightened. In addition, the springs should be adjusted on a routine basis to ensure they are at the correct tightness. Springs that are too loose or too tight can cause springs to break. Many garage door companies offer this service and can ensure your garage door springs are in proper working order and preventing breakage.

What to do if Your Garage Door Springs Break

If your garage door springs should break, the most important thing for you to do is not try to lift the door. Lifting the garage door with broken springs can cause damage to the door and to the machine lifting it. It is important to have a professional come to examine the door to see if any additional components, such as the cables and levers, are damaged. The garage door professional will give guidance on how to properly fix the springs and any other broken parts.

Garage doors are one of the most seen aspects of your home. Your garage door communicates your home’s style to anyone who happens upon it. The garage door springs are an integral part of maintaining your garage door and the look and feel of your home. Garage door springs should be properly maintained to ensure they perform at maximum capacity for the life of the springs. Contact Halo Overhead Doors today!