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5 Materials Used To Construct Commercial Garage Doors

5 Materials Used To Construct Commercial Garage Doors

November 20, 2014

Commercial garage doors come in all shapes and sizes due to the numerous types of garage openings for warehouses, factories and retail store buildings. Yet the size of the door isn’t the only factor in selecting the right one. You must also base your decisions on the materials used in the construction so you have a safe door that can withstand the occasional run in by a forklift or truck without becoming too damaged. Here are 5 materials used in the construction of garage doors.

1: Glass Frame Doors

These doors have glass panels that allow sunlight to enter the building. Glass panel doors are often used on car showrooms and other commercial buildings where seeing outside or inside is preferred for business operations. Because there are numerous glass panels set into an aluminum frame, breaking a pane won’t compromise the overall durability of the garage door.

2: Aluminum Frame Doors

Aluminum frame doors have aluminum panels instead of glass panels. The doors are lightweight yet still offer protection. While aluminum can dent on impact, they usually will not break apart as you can get repairs to the door to pop the dent out. An added bonus is that aluminum will not rust like other metals, as it will continue to maintain its aesthetic beauty.

3: Vinyl Doors

Vinyl commercial doors offer numerous benefits to people looking for sound commercial garage doors that require little maintenance. They are hard to dent, will not rust, and will maintain their beauty if the commercial garage is used by customers to your business. Vinyl doors often have insulation inside for commercial businesses that need to heat the interior of their garages for their operations.

4: Steel Doors

Steel doors are a common material used for industrial garages where heavy operations require a sturdy door. Steel doors combined with commercial garage door openers in Houston can offer a superior product due to the double layer of steel added. Some steel doors also have insulation sandwiched between the layers.

5: Wood and Composite Wood Doors

Wood and composite wood doors aren’t used often for commercial garage doors for industrial companies or warehouses. Yet for outdoor commercial and agricultural businesses, the look of wood brings out a natural beauty that complements the property when drawing customers. Wood garage doors are often made from fir, cedar or redwood. Composite wood doors consist of the frame that is made from wood with fiberboard covering the surface in thin sheets. The fiberboard will have a textured surface with grooves that make it appear as real wood. The type of garage door you select for your commercial business will be based on several factors. If you are having problems deciding on the type of door you need, contact Houston Overhead Door as we can help you pick the right one for your operations.


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