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10 Tips for Finding a Contractor to Install Garage Doors in Houston

10 Tips for Finding a Contractor to Install Garage Doors in Houston

December 31, 2015

Wondering how to gauge contractors, as you look for someone to repair, replace, or install new garage doors in your Houston home or business? Picking the right people for the job can be quite important—whether you’re a business with highly specific needs and a fine attention to detail, or a residential customer looking for fine aesthetics at a reasonable price, you want to know you’re working with the best company in town. Fortunately, spotting a good garage door contractor is easy, if you know what to look for. Consider these 10 points as you research and contact contractors, so you end up with the best possible choice for your home: #1  Easy to contact. It shouldn’t be a hassle to get in contact with a garage door provider under most circumstances—if it is, you’ll want to consider whether you’re willing to work with someone you might not be able to get in contact with if something goes wrong and you need repairs, a change, etc. Imagine a stuck garage door, your vehicles inside, and you can’t get a peep out of your contractor. Work with someone communicative, and you’ll avoid this scenario entirely. #2  Knowledgeable. If you get the impression that a few days of research on the internet made you as or more knowledgeable about your options as the contractor you’re talking to, you might want to move on. A good garage door provider will be able to offer up options and ideas to match your needs with minimal effort. They’ll understand your concerns when you raise them, and allay them with concise, informative answers. You shouldn’t be worried that you might know more about the whole process than the person you’re hiring to do it. #3  Plenty of options. A narrow offering of garage door types, and/or a selection with few or no optional frills to consider, is a bad sign—the best garage door providers can match your needs with the perfect solution. They shouldn’t be trying to fit their square peg into the round hole of your problem; doing so is a sign of either lack of expertise, or laziness, and you don’t want to work with either. Find a company that doesn’t shy away from offering as much as it possibly can, and stick with it. #4  Free quotes. A top-notch garage door installation company isn’t going to make its money off quotes—it’s going to make its money doing the work. So shy away from any contractor who isn’t willing to provide you with a free quote; no quote or a paid quote is a big warning sign saying ‘move on’. There’s plenty of options in the garage door universe, but unusual, budget-destroying difficulties aren’t common. Which means that if they’re not giving you a quote, it’s because they don’t want you doing a bit of comparison shopping after they leave. #5 Testimonials. Anyone who does good work on people’s homes or businesses should have a long, long list of testimonials to provide new prospects. You’re not going to see many garage door installers with zero history in the industry—even if the company is new, the workers won’t be, and they’ll be able to offer testimonials to their skills from previous jobs. If you see not a single peep from satisfied customers in marketing materials, if the contractor isn’t happily providing links to their reviews on Angie’s List, Google Plus, and other sites, move on. #6 Flexibility. Good contractors work with you to get you the garage door you need when you need it, as best they can. A lack of flexibility only makes life easier for the contractor, when the best contractors aim to make life easiest for the customer. That’s not to say the ideal garage door installer can be infinitely flexible with scheduling, because of course they can’t—but you shouldn’t be majorly inconvenienced, because they’re only willing to show up at a very particular time on a very particular day. #7 Professionalism. When you talk to a contractor, you should get a sense of professionalism, of attention to detail. And you should run for the hills if you see signs of unprofessional bearing; if you’re considering hiring someone to fix, replace, or install a garage door, they shouldn’t show up late, slovenly, and rude. At that point, it doesn’t matter if they’re the da Vinci of garage doors, they’re not worth the hassle of putting up with. Move on to someone who knows how to present themselves to their customers. #8 Strong guarantees. The best workers know they can stand by their work without fear—don’t work with a contractor who seems most intent on a) shielding themselves from liability and b) getting your money and getting out of there. Strong guarantees from a contractor are an excellent sign, as it logically follows that a business offering strong guarantees doesn’t expect to be caught out by those guarantees on a regular basis—it would destroy their bottom line, to make such bold promises, then fail to meet them regularly. These aren’t the only traits that add up to making a particular contractor a good or bad choice, but they’re definitely a good place to start your evaluation. Make sure to do your homework, pay attention to the details, and you’re certain to find someone to handle your garage door needs with minimal hassle. — Source:


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