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3 Ways to Check If You Need A Professional Garage Door Repair in Houston

3 Ways to Check If You Need A Professional Garage Door Repair in Houston

July 07, 2014

Garage door maintenance is vital to ensuring a big investment operates as it should. For the value this door adds to your home, and for what you paid, it’s important to keep your garage door operating efficiency. But that obviously won’t always be the case. And you need to know someone affordable and close by. Garage door repair in Houston has never been more accessible. But how will you know if you need to call a professional or not? There are a few ways you can check to see if your garage door or opener are in need of a professional repair when that door stops coming all the way down, or when it’s not operating at the speed it should be. Even though garage door repair in Houston is easy with Overhead, if we can help you with a quick fix, we will! It’s worth noting that even if nothing is wrong with your door, you should still have it periodically checked by a professional (according to when your manual dictates). Here are some easy ways to determine if you need us to come visit or not:

  1. Check your sensor alignment. Sometimes, those little sensors at the bottom of your garage door opener will get crooked. If that alignment is thrown off, if even a little, it could affect the efficiency of your opener. Simply go to it and check, straighten it out if necessary. Also, do make sure the light is still on. If it isn’t, you’ve just successfully solved your problem. Clear any debris or cobwebs that may be obstructing your sensor. While the door won’t come down, it will still go up. If the light if blocked, it will assume something is beneath the door, and therefore will not close.
  2. Check your track. While it may seem obvious, it could be a simple as removing an obstruction that has fallen in your track. Run your hands from the top of your track to the bottom, and be sure to wear gloves when you check; those edges can be sharp. Note that if your track is damaged or bent, that will obviously affect the performance of the garage door, and will probably require a call to us.
  3. Check your wiring. Make sure to check the back of your sensor to ensure those thing wires are connected and rule out any green corrosion. Also, make sure that no wires have been chewed or damaged.

If you find anything wrong by doing the aforementioned steps, remember, Overhead Door has been doing garage door repair in Houston for years. Protect your investment. We’ve been serving the area for a long time and we hope we’ve made garage door service in Houston all the better. We hope we’ve been of some assistance, and please call us if you need to discuss your issue further.