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5 Common Problems With Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston

5 Common Problems With Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston

November 16, 2014

commercial garage doors in warehouseHaving operational commercial garage door openers in Houston allow for companies to increase work productivity while keeping the garages safe. Most garage doors rely on the weight of the door to be matched to the power of the motor to open the door easily for product deliveries and moving equipment out of the garage. Yet when a problem arises, the malfunctioning opener can cause operations to halt as this issue results in downtime and loss in profits. Understanding the 5 common problems that affect garage door openers can allow you to get the right type of repairs.

1: Door Opens Partially And Then Stops

Sometimes when you are using the remote control, the signal sent to the sensors is interrupted or cannot be read. This problem can often be fixed by re-aligning the sensors. You should also ensure that nothing is blocking the sensor’s eyes such as warehouse boxes, forklifts or other objects. You may also have dirty sensors from an accumulation of dust and dirt. Cleaning the sensor’s eyes can normally fix the issue.

2: Door Opens and Closes By Itself

Almost like the door is possessed by a ghost, it will open and close by itself without anybody holding the remote. There could be several reasons – some are as simple as replacing the remote batteries, and some as difficult as having a short in the circuit board of the opener. If you replace the batteries in the remote and checked the sensors, it is time to call for a professional to check out the system.

3: Door Makes Pops Or Squeaking Noises

Popping and squeaking noises may be caused by worn rollers. Often, regular maintenance of lubricating the rollers can fix this problem without needing to have major repairs. If the popping noise continues, you should contact a professional to obtain Houston garage door repair. The technician can fix the problem as well as show you the correct way to lubricate the rollers to prevent further issues.

4: Door Won’t Open

Garage door openers have several different mechanisms that can malfunction causing the garage doors to not open. The remote control’s batteries may be too weak, the keypad may not work or there might be something wrong with the programming where the garage door isn’t recognizing the signal. You can try changing the batteries to see if this quick fix will help. Contact a professional to check out the keypad or reprogram the system instead of trying to do it yourself.

5: Door Moves Slowly

Springs are a very important function of commercial garage door openers in Houston. Yet they can wear out, break or become warped. When this happens, the motor cannot pull the garage door properly, causing the doors to open slowly. Never try to replace garage door springs on your own as the tension can cause bodily harm. Get an expert technician to come and evaluate the problem.

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