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5 Trends in Houston Garage Doors that Can Pay Off with Big Dividends

5 Trends in Houston Garage Doors that Can Pay Off with Big Dividends

February 19, 2015

You might be surprised at just how much the look of Houston garage doors count toward your home’s perceived and overall value. A new garage door can recoup over 75 percent of its price on average, according to real estate experts. However, beyond just dollars and cents, in most homes, the garage door is a large part of your home’s front exterior. Is your current garage door conveying the look, feel and positive first impression you’d like to be making? These five garage door features and trends can immediately add more style, contemporary feel and instant curb appeal while also contributing to a higher market value when it comes time to sell your home: 1. The Carriage Design Carriage-style doors are a style trend in Houston garage doors; they roll up just like a standard door, yet appear to be hinged at the sides as if they can swing outward like old-style carriage house doors. They’re available in different wood grain types and can be stained or painted in custom colors to perfectly complement your home’s decor. Carriage doors are also available in steel and vinyl. 2. Designer Glass Choices Consumers looking for Houston garage doors now have a myriad of choices in designer glass panels to perfectly accent the garage door. Artfully beveled glass as well as windows that are accented with wrought-iron hardware can make your garage door a highlight of your property instead of an afterthought or eyesore. Make your garage the envy of the neighborhood by purchasing a door with designer glass panels. 3. Reinforced Storm Doors If you live in a geographic area with extreme conditions such as winds and storms, you shouldn’t settle for a thin, cheap and flimsy garage door. There are a variety of stylish heavy-duty models available in materials like steel to protect the contents of your garage as well as the door and the value of your home. 4. Can’t Decide? Commission a Custom Design If you just can’t find a garage door in Houston to meet your exact style needs and specifications, a custom door could be the perfect solution for you. A manufacturer can work with your style vision to create the ideal door for your unique garage. You’ll pay a custom charge, but having what you want can be more than worth it. 5. Contemporary Styles In a nutshell, a new door can update the look of your home to this current century. If you have a home with Asian-inspired design, consider an elegant door with chic glass and aluminum and a simplified look. If your style leans more Mediterranean, find a modern door design that emulates the look of hinged French doors. Is your current garage door doing justice to your home? Capitalize on these garage door trends when updating your garage door, and you’ll raise both its aesthetic value as well as its resale value. When you’re ready to bring the look of your garage into the 21st century, contact Houston Overhead Door.


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