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5 Types Of Commercial Overhead Doors In Houston To Consider

5 Types Of Commercial Overhead Doors In Houston To Consider

November 24, 2014

Warehouses and industrial companies are looking for the right commercial overhead doors in Houston that offer security, safety and functionality to their buildings. Whether they need doors to obtain deliveries, store equipment, hold inventory or perform industrial work these doors should benefit the business without halting operations while giving aesthetic beauty. When seeking overhead doors, there are plenty of choices available to commercial businesses depending on the size of the door opening and how you want the door to open. Here are 5 types of commercial overhead doors to check out.

1: Sectional Doors

One of the most popular doors throughout the United States, sectional garage doors are desired for two reasons. These doors offer increased security to prevent thieves and vandals from entering the building. The door is made out of four or more panels that take a large amount of force to break. The other reason is that these doors can come in larger sizes as the doors offer increased clearance for large trucks and forklifts. The door runs on a vertical track that goes up and over along the roofline. So there is less of a chance for the top of vehicles to strike the door when entering.

2: Roller Shutters

Another popular option for industrial and commercial operations is the roller shutters. These commercial overhead doors in Houston are also made out of sectionals as the doors roll up into a holder attached to the top of the garage versus having the door run along the garage roof. Roller shutters are easy to use and can accommodate most standard door sizes as you can optimize the entire space of the garage for operations.

3: Canopy Doors

Canopy doors are ideal for businesses that are worried that equipment and vehicles won’t be able to pass through the door width when utilizing track-based doors. The commercial garage doors is one full door that swings up and over as they are ideal for doors that are made from lighter material or are smaller in size. When using these doors, there must be enough clearance between the door and vehicles so they can be opened to avoid accidents.

4: Retractable Canopy

Retractable canopies are similar to standard canopy doors except they retract into the garage. They rely on rollers and lifting arms to lift and shift the door inside. Retractable canopy doors are more ideal than regular canopy doors when the weight of the door can affect the garage door opener mechanism. The retractable arms attached to the sides will affect the overall width of the door so keep this in mind when driving vehicles or equipment inside.

5: Side Hinged

Side-hinged doors are two doors that can be opened sideways instead of up and over like other traditional garage doors. Ideal for commercial businesses who want a door that is stylish and functional when it opens, side-hinged commercial overhead doors in Houston may be opened inward or outward depending on your company’s preferences.