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7 tips for finding top notch garage door repair

7 tips for finding top notch garage door repair

March 26, 2016

Trying to find the best possible garage door repair shop in your area? Then you need to know these seven tips for making that happen—what to ask, what to look for, what to check, what to expect. With these tips on your side, you can weed out the worst of the worst and sift to find the best of the best—because no one should accept sub-par contractors working on their home or business.  1) Ask questions When you talk to the company you’re considering for your garage door repair company, you need to ask lots of questions. Try to get a firm grasp of how well they understand their business, how easy they’ll be to work with, how confident they are in giving timelines and estimates. The more research you’ve done on the matter beforehand, the more you’ll be able to get out of this process; if you can stump them with some basic question, that’s a red flag. You don’t want someone who’s just going through the motions working on your home. 2) Check references Any contractor worth working with should have a long list of references willing to say a few nice words about the work they’ve done. This goes double if you’re dealing with a business which does commercial garage door work—they should be able to get a few of those businesses to offer a reference, and direct you to a variety of familiar examples of their work in the area. You should also look for naysayers and complaints as best you can, but understand that if you’re looking online, complaints are going to be thicker on the ground than praise, even for a good business; people generally don’t bother seeking out places to say good things about a business, only places to voice grievances. So eye praise and condemnation with a critical eye. 3) Look into material quality It can help immensely to ask a few question about where the company gets its materials; what brands it works with, what suppliers, etc. You may not get as many answers as you like, depending on how transparent the business wants to be, but you should at least get some inkling of whether they’re working with cheap goods and claiming a huge margin or using premium items you’d most want used on your home. This is all dependent on your research into garage door equipment brands and the like, of course, so make sure you put a little attention into the matter to make the effort of pursuing this direction worthwhile. 4) Inspect their warranties and guarantees Good companies make big, bold, consumer-friendly promises because they act as a marketing tool and increase sales and profit margins. Bad companies don’t make those claims, despite all of the advantages they offer, because they’ll end up bankrupt within a year dealing with all the returns, replacements, repairs, and setbacks uncompensated. This makes warranties and guarantees one of the single strongest ways to assess any contractor in any industry. Just make sure the promises say what they seem to say, lest you end up with a ‘great’ warranty full of loopholes and outs for the repair company to slip through. Attention to detail will save you lots of money and headaches here. 5) Choose flexibility When selecting a contractor for your garage door repair, you might want to keep an eye out for businesses that offer more options; more materials, more designs, more brands, more colors. Flexibility and options indicate not only a general versatility more likely to help you end up with the perfect repair or replacement for your garage door, it also lets you confirm that the people working at the place know what they’re doing; they haven’t learned the rough basics of installing a small number of options and used that to build their business. If a company offers a very limited selection of options, and doesn’t want to work with you to get a more perfect, customized fit for your needs and wants, then you probably want to move on. Even the simplest of jobs needs a little flex in it, to give the perfect complete product. 6) Demand professionalism Professionalism on its surface may not have much to do with the quality of the work produced, but do you really want to work with a company staffed by employees that show up to your house late, use rough language in front of your family, leave messes behind, and only put in the bare minimum of effort? Keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs that a company simply doesn’t care about putting out a professional image. In most cases, this sort of startling lack of professionalism will be tied to an equivalent lack of competence and confidence; you’re not going to miss out on some hidden masters of garage door repair because you held their behavior to a decent standard. 7) Think long-term Is the company you’re looking at going to be around the next time you need garage door repair? It might be far better to work with companies that aren’t on the way out, so to speak—not only will a dying company be less capable and less able to keep up with repairs in the future, they might also vanish without a trace leaving you holding an essentially worthless warranty. Look over a company’s history before working with them. If they’ve been around for a decade or two, they’re probably not going anywhere in the near future. History means a lot for this sort of work—so value it appropriately. With these seven factors in mind, you should be far more likely to come out ahead with a superior garage door repair service. After all, you’re talking about a fairly important part of your home or business; it won’t to have a lesser company handle it, when you could have a great one do it.