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Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

August 15, 2018

Glass garage doors have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners and architects, as they combine an appealing look with better access to natural light.

That said, glass also carries certain stereotypes that cause hesitancy amongst customers. One of the top concerns is the door’s potential safety, both when it comes to security and structural integrity. Can you trust it to hold up against intense weather conditions or car accidents? What about strangers who might try to grab a peek into your home?

Whether you’re using your glass door for your garage or another area of your home, Halo Overhead Doors can put those worries to rest with a customized solution that functions just as well as any standard metal or wooden door.

We Offer Tempered Glass

The apparent disadvantage that glass panes hold against metal or synthetic options is their fragility. An accident, either involving your car or other means, will likely shatter your door’s windows, which can hold a higher safety risk than a dented door ever could.

While we can’t necessarily correct that problem, we can minimize its effects by commissioning your door to have tempered glass. This option is not only significantly stronger than standard glass, but it also ensures your panes will shatter into thousands of tiny, evenly-sized pieces in the event of a mishap. Standard options break down into uneven, sharp fragments that pose a significant danger to your well-being and your property.

Smaller fragments make the debris relatively harmless, which can give you peace of mind if you have children running around, or if you operate a business that needs to worry about liability. It also makes cleanup much more manageable.

Choose Frosted Glass for Privacy

People use tints, curtains and blinds for a reason.

While most passersby tend to mind their business, some strangers can’t resist taking a peek into your private spaces, as they might carry malicious intent. More innocuously, you might also be concerned with your friends driving up and witnessing your garage’s cluttered space. Or it might be as simple as wanting a particular look for your glass garage doors.

No matter your desired result, we can apply a wide range of tints that achieve a variety of looks.

Frosted glass and similar variants will significantly obscure your garage’s interior while allowing for light to filter through. If you want to achieve total privacy, we have mirrored glass that reflects that outside world in its entirety. We also have gray and bronze tints, which match multiple styles.

We Have WindCode Available

Hurricane Harvey recently ravaged countless homes throughout our area, as thousands of windows and other glass surfaces met their demise due to the mighty storm’s wind gusts, which reached peaks of nearly 100 miles per hour. High winds can dislodge garage doors and create partial openings, which cause buildups of internal pressure that can severely damage your home’s roof and supporting walls.

With those images in mind, it’s easy to understand why people might be hesitant to trust glass garage doors in those kinds of circumstances. However, our Clopay products can be adjusted to withstand high winds with WindCode technology.

Reinforced struts, heavy-duty railing systems and commercial-grade steel rollers allow you to customize your door based on exposure level and house design without sacrificing safety.

Contact Halo Overhead Doors for Your Glass Garage Doors

As the only Master Dealer for Clopay in Houston, we can assure you our doors will meet every safety standard there is. Not only are glass garage doors safe, but they will also be everything you’re looking for style-wise. Contact us today or give us a call at (713) 224-3667 to learn more about your options.