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Avoid Houston Garage Door Repair By Increasing The Security

Avoid Houston Garage Door Repair By Increasing The Security

September 09, 2014

While most damage caused to your garage door is from running into it with your car, sometimes people will need Houston garage door repair because of thieves and break-ins. Garages can become a prime spot for a burglar to grab tools, possessions inside the car, and the car itself when the homeowner goes on vacation. A garage is also another access point into the house. To avoid paying for additional garage door repairs, you can increase the security of the garage to prevent burglars from trying to break inside. Here are a few tips offered by Houston Overhead Door.
Close, Lock And Repair The Garage Door
More problems happen to garage doors because the person believes they live in a safe neighborhood and the neighbors will keep an eye on their garage. So they won’t close the garage door or even lock it. Other times, they just let the maintenance lapse on the garage door as it only opens partially. Thieves love it when a homeowner makes their job easier, and they won’t hesitate to break open a malfunctioning garage door. Keep your garage door working properly, keep it locked and always keep it close.
Place Frosted Glass On Garage Door Windows
If burglars can’t look inside, they won’t be able to see the items they want to steal. Frosted glass still allows natural light to enter the garage but doesn’t allow people to look through it. Often, burglars will move on to other garages where they can see the items inside and plan on how to steal them.
Don’t Leave The Garage Door Remote In The Car
Many people will have two cars, but only place one in the garage. The other car gets left out on the street. What also gets left out is the garage door remote as thieves can easily spot it sitting up on the dashboard or hanging from the sun visor. Don’t ever leave the garage door opener in the car.
Increase Outdoor Lighting Around The Garage
People will go out of their way to light up the outside of their homes with security lights, but leave their garage in the shadows as a person can walk up and try to break through the door. To deter thieves and avoid Houston garage door repair costs, don’t forget to place security lights on your garage. Motion detector lights also help when you are coming home late and you need light to shine a bright path to the front door.
Be Careful About Altering Your Garage Door Mechanisms
People will always offer tips about changing how the garage door functions to increase the security. From placing zip ties on the emergency release to attaching c-clamps on the door tracks. Be careful about taking such advice. If there is an emergency inside your home — such as a fire — and you are trying to escape through a garage, you may not remember these things are attached to your garage door and opener. Also, you may have to end up breaking the garage door yourself and then paying for Houston garage door repair.


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