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Classic Look with a Modern Feel: Wood Garage Doors of Houston

Classic Look with a Modern Feel: Wood Garage Doors of Houston

January 08, 2013

Written by: Matt Davis The garage door is probably the largest moving part in your home and it is often a source of annoyance and frustration. Such a large area, usually facing the street, is generally plain-looking, utilitarian and can sometimes become dented or damaged. Modern wood garage doors in Houston add beauty, character and value to a home, and work with the same efficiency as plastic or metal doors. They can also provide better insulation than standard garage doors. Quality Levels Wood garage doors in Houston can be standard, semi-custom, or fully custom. Standard garage doors will have the look of a typical garage door, either with raised, flush or recessed panels. These panels will be made of wood, and can be painted or stained. Semi-custom wood garage doors generally have a two-layer construction with wood over polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Several basic designs are available, and various window options and hardware can be customized to fit your home’s style. These will incorporate vintage designs which look less suburban and more timeless. Fully custom doors will likely have at least three-layer construction with an insulating value as high as R-17, and they also provide good noise reduction. These can be made in any design and of any wood which is available. The variety of looks, included windows, panels, opening style and hardware is limited only by the imagination and the homeowner’s budget. Shiplap panels provide good looks and adaptability to weather conditions. Tongue and groove joints will be offered in the highest quality doors. Types of Wood Used Two grades of wood are available. The lower quality is suitable for painting and will usually come pre-primed. The best wood is used in doors which will be stained and finished to show off the natural beauty. The species of woods which can be incorporated into garage doors include birch, hemlock, western red cedar, Douglas fir, knotty alder, extira, meranti, african mahogany, redwood, and more. Types of Operation Except for the most economical, traditional styles, wood garage doors generally look as if they would open outwards like carriage house doors. In fact, they can have smooth-working overhead mechanisms like any modern garage door. For the homeowner who prefers vintage operation as well as looks, wood garage doors can open outward. Another option is for bi-fold doors which require less space for opening. All have been engineered for reliable performance. Styles Wood garage doors can have square or arched tops. Doors with rounded tops are not limited to opening outward, but can also have overhead operation. Even doors which appear as if they are hinged can be made to open upward. Window designs can be incorporated into the door, if desired. Rectangular, craftsman-style, sunburst or frosted panel are all options. Whether you prefer a vintage carriage door look, or a more modern style, a wood garage door is a beautiful long-lasting addition to the investment you are making in your home. Nothing provides warmth and charm like the gleam of polished wood. The elegance of a wood garage door will enhance your wood, stucco or brick home.


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