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Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston When The Sensors Stop Working

Commercial Garage Door Openers In Houston When The Sensors Stop Working

September 21, 2014

Commercial garage door openers in Houston are designed to open and close when hitting the remote so that truck deliveries can unload shipments and the garage doors can be locked to prevent vandalism and theft. So the worse thing that can happen is to have the garage door only partially close or stop closing all together. When the garage doors stop responding to your remote commands, it can affect your operations as well as cause serious safety concerns if the door closes on someone. Troubleshoot problems early and get maintenance to the garage doors so they are in good working order.
The Problem May Be With The Sensors
The garage door sensors need to function properly so they will detect the commands from the opener remote. If the sensors lose contact, it will cause the commercial garage doors to open partially or not open at all. There are are several types of problems that happen with sensors.
Sensors can lose alignment, causing the lights to blink. First check to see if the sensors have loosened from their place as you can align them again. Also check the wiring for any loose connections.
With the number of deliveries, crates, boxes, containers and equipment being moved into and out of the garage, the problem could be as simple as having some obstruction in front of the sensors. Move objects away from the sensors so there is nothing hampering the sensors line-of-sight.
Commercial garage door openers in Houston can experience problems if they are in direct sunlight. Moving the sensors back and out of the light can get them working again to open and close the doors.
Dirty Eyes
With the amount of dirt and grime that can be created in commercial garages, the sensors can pick up this dust. Then the sensors begin to fail to pick up commands, as you have problems trying to open and close the doors. Cleaning the sensors often will get them working again.
Temporary Glitch
Glitches happen all the time. Sometimes, the sensors may temporarily lose the signal from the remote. Or a power outage affects the sensors from picking up commands from the remote. By simply unplugging the sensors and plugging them back in can reset the sensors. Addressing sensor problems can help to keep your commercial garage door openers in Houston working for a long time. If the sensors are old and faulty, then it may simply be time to get a new garage opener system. If you are considering a new commercial garage door or garage opener, contact Houston Overhead Door. We have the garage products to increase security and safety for your commercial garages. Check out our wide selection for a new system, or receive garage door repair service and maintenance from the expert technicians you can trust.


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