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The Most Common Reasons You Need Garage Door Repair in Houston

The Most Common Reasons You Need Garage Door Repair in Houston

December 16, 2012

Written by: Matt Davis

You arrive home after a long day and expect your garage door to open smoothly when you press the button—unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. There are several problems that can prevent your door from working properly. Some are quite serious, and others are surprisingly easy to correct. When you encounter these challenges, call professionals in garage door repair in Houston for help. Broken Springs Powerful springs provide the power to raise the door and the control to lower it slowly. If your door isn’t moving, it could be the result of a broken spring. Fixing a broken spring is not a job for the average homeowner because the springs are dangerous to install. A wrong move could send it flying, and possibly cause serious injury. Broken springs aren’t an arduous garage door repair in Houston. Further, if you have one break, it’s safe to assume the other will not be far behind; calling a garage door repairman could save you time and money if done immediately after detecting a broken spring. Sensors Out of Alignment If your garage door is opening, but not closing, it could mean your sensors are out of alignment. When the door keeps popping up about halfway down, you should suspect the sensors. Check to see if they are still aligned with each other; if they have been moved by accident, reposition them to restore your door. If you cannot quite get them positioned, then call in the professionals to take care of it for you. Check the Safety Lock When the garage door will not open at all, you may worry that your motor is dead or something serious is wrong. Before calling in the professionals, check the safety lock on your garage control pad near the door. If the door has been locked, it won’t work at all. Check this lock and try the door again before calling in repair specialists. The Door Closes on Items New garage door openers feature safety mechanisms that cause the door to open again if they sense pressure. These are designed to avoid crushing injuries or deaths, or damage to property, so you want them to be operational. If your door has started closing on top of toys or even the car, then you should adjust this sensor immediately. This can be controlled by adjusting a lever inside the motor box, or you can call in the professionals to adjust it for you. If the pressure sensor is broken, then you may have to invest in a new opener for safety reasons. The Door Opens Partially One frustrating problem is a door that starts to open and then stops. Whether it starts going up unevenly, comes back down or simply remains at the partial level, you need to determine what the problem is. The track could be bent, or you may have loose hardware. Call for professional garage door services to have this problem diagnosed and fixed. You may need new rails, or a simple repair may be enough to get your door back in working order. You count on the garage door to work, and you don’t have time to deal with unexpected problems when you are trying to get to work or an appointment. With the help of garage door experts, you can quickly uncover the problem, review your options and have the door fixed. Whether you are struggling with a door that won’t close, won’t open, or stopped working completely, call for services to get it running smoothly again.


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