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Are Your Current Houston Garage Doors Reliable?

Are Your Current Houston Garage Doors Reliable?

September 18, 2013

Houston garage doors are an important feature of any Houston home, but most homeowners don’t give them much thought. As long as they are functioning, they are largely forgotten. However, when the doors start to fail, they can become a serious hazard. It is vitally important to enlist the assistance of a trained professional when installing your garage door. Malfunctioning Openers are a Hazard Houston garage doors are heavy, and they can crush items in their path when they aren’t functioning properly. Property owners can avoid tragic accidents and property damage by making sure their openers are equipped with the right safety equipment. Sensors at the floor detect items in the way of the garage door and will prevent it from closing. They are also made to stop closing and return to the open position if something blocks the door from closing completely. Test a garage door by putting an empty cardboard box in the path of the door. If the door closes and crushes the box, then service or a new garage door opener will be needed. Protection from the Weather The garage can help make a home more energy efficient when it has the right features. A garage that is equipped with insulated doors will remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It helps homeowners lower their energy bills by forming a valuable buffer between sections of the home and the outdoors. One way to make the garage more energy efficient is with insulated doors. To determine if doors are insulated, start by looking at them. If the braces are exposed and the front panel of the door has no covering, then the door is doing little more than blocking the wind. If the door bracing is hidden between panels, then people can tap gently on the door to see if it’s insulated. A hollow door will echo and sound hollow, but an insulated one will have a deep, dull sound when it’s tapped. If the existing door is not insulated, homeowners should consider investing in an insulated door that will help them save money in the long run. Avoiding Dents Another benefit of insulated doors is that they’re less likely to dent if a ball or something small strikes them. Hollow doors have no support inside and nothing to prevent the door from denting, but insulated doors are filled with material that provide support and help prevent denting or creasing. Smooth Service and Easy Operation Garage doors should work smoothly and easily. They should rise as one unit with both sides equal, and they should come down without shaking, shuddering or vibrating. Take a moment to raise the door and then lower it. Make sure it’s responsive to the remotes, and check for any problems with the operation. Strange noises or sluggish response should prompt a call for service to have the door adjusted. This will help the door last longer and allow homeowners to avoid costly breakdowns. Garage doors are quite often forgotten, but they’re an important part of any home. They can make a home more energy efficient when they’re insulated and properly installed. They also need regular attention and service to ensure that they will last longer and won’t turn into a hazard. People who have any concerns about the quality or safety of their doors are encouraged to call a professional door company for assistance.


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