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Determining the Right Commercial Garage Doors for You

Determining the Right Commercial Garage Doors for You

December 23, 2012

Written by: Matt Davis If you are shopping for commercial garage doors, it is time to start reviewing all of your options available on the market today. Many property owners choose to replace their old and unappealing doors because they want to add to the resale value of the property. However, adding a commercial garage door also makes the property a safer place to conduct business. Not just any garage door is going to do the job; while residential garage doors do have their benefits, when you own a commercial building you need to make the right investment and purchase a commercial garage door. Insulated Doors for a Cleaner Office Building and a More Energy Efficient Workplace One feature you should look for when you are shopping for commercial garage doors is insulation. One of the most obvious reasons why building owners prefer insulated doors is because they can increase energy efficiency throughout the building. Less warm air can pass through the doors requiring less air conditioning during the summer and less heating during the winter. For energy savings alone, a commercial door with proper insulation will drastically reduce energy loss over time. Quieter Doors Commercial doors are often much quieter when they open and close than residential doors. This is because they are built with high quality materials and driving systems that dampen noise. For businesses who want to operate without worrying about loud interruptions, commercial doors are the right choice. Added Security Commercial garage doors are much stronger than the typical residential product. They come in a variety of different materials that will be cohesive with your building yet still strong enough to withstand wind, impact, and even tampering. Having a garage door with enhanced security features is important, especially when you own a business and store expensive equipment and machinery on the premises. From steel doors that are impenetrable, to composite doors that have a very long lifespan without all of the maintenance, there is a plethora of materials and styles to choose from. Aesthetics If a customer pulls up to a building in need of serious grooming, they might reconsider doing business with a company that does not take pride in their outward appearance. Like it or not, the building you operate in is part of your branding and your image. One way to transform the appearance of your building, aside from slapping on a fresh coat of paint, is to purchase a new and stylish commercial garage door. Depending on the architectural design of your building, you can choose from contemporary, carriage-house, traditional, or extravagant doors that will compliment other features of the building. Choose from a wide selection of designs, and even colors that stand out and blend with your company logo. What Factors Should I Consider when Purchasing a Commercial Garage Door? When you are buying a garage door, there are several different factors you will need to consider. Some of these factors include: cost, materials, required maintenance, building code requirements, exterior design, and insulation. Consider all of the important factors and remember the benefits of commercial garage doors when you are shopping. By making this investment, you will not only improve the appearance of your building, you will also add value to your business.


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