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Don’t Put Off Your Garage Door Repair in Houston Any Longer

Don’t Put Off Your Garage Door Repair in Houston Any Longer

January 15, 2013

Written by: Matt Davis It is only a matter of time before that decorative, weather-blocking garage door has seen its day. However, it is not uncommon for any homeowner to overlook its repair in lieu of other household priorities. Keep in mind, the longer you neglect the garage door, the more costly its repairs. Be sure to pay extra attention to maintaining your garage door, and know when it is time to get your garage door repair in Houston completed. Small Fixes can Save Many Dollars Garage door repair in Houston can address your garage door’s maintenance issues at the first sign of any deterioration. Chipping or fading paint, loose garage door panels or boards, squeaky or faulty garage-door-opening hardware all need immediate attention. It is important to keep the protective paint or stain layer intact, since it gives the door added durability and weatherproofing against seasonal changes. If the door’s outer finish starts to wear away, the underlying material becomes vulnerable to moisture and sun exposure. This leads to warping, rotting, insect infestation, or rusting of the garage door. Maintenance after this fact then becomes more expensive, so prevention is the key to extending the life of your garage door. When a Paint Job is not Enough It is, however, rather common for a garage door to experience extended periods of neglect. In these cases, a coat of exterior paint is not enough to update the appearance of the garage door. Instead, the garage door may need a good, professional sanding, and some of its parts may need replacement. If the paint chips and fades over the surface of the garage door, a light scraping will not work. Instead, remove the existing paint before applying new paint. Otherwise, the new paint will just continue to peel off with the underlying old paint. If there is any damage to the garage door, repair it before applying a new coat of paint. For example, rubber weather-stripping at the garage-door’s base may wear away over time. The garage door’s exposed base then begins to rot or rust from direct contact with rain water on the ground. If left neglected, the homeowner will have to replace the door’s bottom board. When it’s Time for a Replacement Putting off minor repairs only leads to an unavoidable, major garage-door replacement. Wood rot or metal rust causes the garage door’s material to degrade from its original strength. Some wood boards may warp, making it impossible to realign the pieces and repair it. Others may break apart, leaving the security of your garage or home vulnerable to potential animal or human invaders. If a neglected garage door is beyond repair, the only alternative is to replace it. Although many garage doors are available in standard sizes, this is a major home-improvement expense that needs professional installation. Neglected garage doors that afford a breach in its weather-protective role may also lead to structural damage of the surrounding garage walls as well. A house is a big investment for any homeowner, and upholding its decorative and functional features is important in preserving and increasing its value. A decaying garage door can make a standard house look downtrodden. Similarly, an updated or new door adds monetary and aesthetic value to a home. It’s a simple task to keep the garage door in tip-top shape. So, do not put it off any longer, garage door repair is a priority, therefore look for garage door repair Houston area specialists.


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