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Expert Houston Garage Door Repair

Expert Houston Garage Door Repair

March 05, 2014

Houston garage door repair is about more than just curb appeal. The door on your garage acts as a method of security for vehicles, merchandise and even the people inside your building. Your overhead door also provides privacy for your business operations. If your door mechanism stops functioning and the door isn’t able to lift, your company may not be able to receive deliveries or send supplies to your customers. A broken door can severely postpone normal business operations as well as compromise security because anyone can enter the premises. Routine Overhead Door Maintenance and Emergency Repair You might find yourself needing Houston garage door repair for a variety of reasons. A physical accident can cause damage while so can inclement weather. Garage door mechanisms may simply need to be replaced over time. Pulleys, springs and cables may all need to be replaced even if your garage door is still in good condition. The spring is especially easy to diagnose because you’ll typically hear a loud sound before the garage door completely opens. You may be hesitant to call us if your issue seems small. However, a door that won’t open or close all the way can lead to more problems down the line. Similarly, your garage door should close fully when you push the button. Scraping and squeaking sounds are also indicators of something awry with your door system. We advise against a DIY approach when it comes to fixing garage doors because springs are so tightly wound that you can easily injure yourself if you’re not familiar. Instead, we provide safe Houston garage door repair to building owners so you won’t have to worry about the risks. Our company replaces these parts of overhead garage doors:

  • Pulleys
  • Cables
  • Tracks
  • Springs
  • Rollers
  • Bearings
  • Hinges

We also lubricate bearings that may have become dry. You should consider replacing garage door openers every twenty years to keep your door in working order. New Overhead Door Installation In addition to repairs, we install commercial garage door openers in Houston. If your system simply needs an upgrade, our professional technicians can install a new door or add a motorized door to a location where a manual door previously existed. Overhead doors are a must for a variety of companies, including package delivery services, fire departments and auto mechanics. Garage doors haven’t remained the same over the years, either. New technology allows you to close your garage door from an app on your smartphone, and your garage door opener can even control lights within your home. Many companies user doors with keypads to support keyless entry. There are no keys for your staff to misplace, and you can assign individual PINs so you don’t have to change the entire system when someone leaves the company. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade. If you’re unsure whether all or part of your door needs repair or want to improve your building, contact a Houston garage door repair company to inspect your building.


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