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Fall is Here in Houston: Do You Need Garage Door Service?

Fall is Here in Houston: Do You Need Garage Door Service?

October 09, 2013

When seasons change, homeowners begin to take steps to prepare for the changes in temperature and humidity that often accompany the new season. However, many homeowners are unaware that the change in seasons affects garage doors much like it does interior and exterior doors in other areas of the home. With fall approaching, experts recommend several tips so that homeowners may keep their garage doors in working order throughout the fall and winter months. If you notice your garage door is having issues, it might be time to consult garage door service in order to ensure your garage is in working order for the upcoming winter. Check the Weather Stripping One important thing to keep in mind is the weather stripping around the garage door. It should always be clean and lubricated. It is important to never use a petroleum-based lubricant, but choose one that is silicone-based. Petroleum-based lubricants could result in cracking or drying of the weather stripping. If it appears that the weather stripping is too tight or inflexible, a garage door service might be necessary to be sure the door continues operating properly. Proper weather stripping is important as cold air can enter the home through the garage doors just as it can through other doors. Therefore, proper weather stripping is critical to not only keep your home comfortable, but to help the home be more environmentally friendly. Contracting Metal Cold weather causes metal to contract so that parts of the garage door that fit perfectly together during warmer weather now may contract so that they no longer fit together. Alignment and lubrication problems are easily fixed by the average homeowner, but when parts of the door no longer align, it may be necessary to contact a qualified garage door service to repair those parts. Maintenance of the Door Before the cold weather arrives, go over each part of the garage door to be sure there is proper lubrication, especially the hinges, as cold causes lubricant to thicken. If the garage door is noisier in the winter than in the summer, it may be due to thickened lubricant. However, if the noise continues after proper lubrication, it may be an alignment issue. Some homeowners simply deal with the louder door in the colder months, but a garage door service is a better option as they may be able to adjust the alignment and eliminate any noise. Electrical Components Many homeowners report problems with garage door openers in the winter months. In some cases, this is related to the contraction of wiring within the garage door opener or in the wiring of the door. In addition, cold weather can cause wires to crack, also making the garage door opener operate improperly. Electrical components of garage doors should be corrected by a licensed, qualified garage door service as the electrical parts of garage doors and openers are very complex. Although there are simple things homeowners can do to keep their garage doors working properly throughout the winter, it is recommended that a professional garage door company perform a maintenance check during the fall to be sure the unit has no impending problems.


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